Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Try It Again

I'm running way behind today because it is my daughter's 19 BDay and we have been out shopping all morning.

So this week the contestants sang the songs of Elton John.  I wondered how that would go.  Most of these songs are not that easy to sing.  Elton has hundreds of songs out there.  I wondered how many would be on the list and today I have heard that there were only 20 to choose from.  Well, that explains some of last nights problems right there.

I'm just so glad that Idol was able to arrange the EW Fashion Photo Shoot for the contestants.  The girls didn't seem to have any trouble getting into the "Elton mode"  but the guys looked quite tame to me.  I doubt Elton is that bland, ever.

It's so nice that Taio Cruz is writing a song to sing at the finale and he wants the viewers at home to help write the song. Really, Idol couldn't find a former contestant who writes music to offer this opportunity to. Not one contestant from the past nine seasons can write music?  It's so sad.

Well, here is what I thought of the performances last night.

Scotty- Country Comfort-  Definitely a country feel to the song.  Good thinking Scotty.  Grab up that "country" song quick, before Pia turns it into a ballad or Paul turns it in to ... something. That's it Scotty.  Stand your ground.  Don't let those crazy producers talk you out of singing the part that you want to sing.   Sweet, Grandma is in the audience tonight.  Great job staying country, Scotty. P.S. May daughter loves you.  Don't tell her BF though.

Naima- I'm Still Standing- Reggae version-  Well, the girl definitely knows who she is and where she wants to go with it.  I thought that i sounded pretty good myself but I happen to like reggae music and hear a lot of it around Austin.  I'm not sure if the rest of America will like it though.

Paul- Rocket Man- As my daughter so eloquently pointed out to me, "I can't understand a word that he  says."  YUCK is my review.  I think Steven Tyler had the best review. "Are you watering that suit now? It seems to have more flowers on it than the last time we saw it."

Pia- Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me-  Pia, Pia, Pia! You are so disgustingly beautiful. I really want to like you but you are not making this easy. Why did you have to sing that song?  Did TPTB forget to tell you that David Archuleta owns all rights to that song now. Anyone who watched the Battle of the Davids from season 7 knows that DLTSGDOM should not be touched by Idol hands or voices again.  And the Idol choir did not help your cause.

Stefano- Tiny Dancer-  I liked it ok but it just seemed to be missing something. And I really like you, but not that song. I think that you need a good old gospel type of song to connect with.  I hope that you will get another chance next week.  Not too sure about that though.

Lauren- Candle in the Wind-  I agree with Randy that this is a great song, but I'm not sure this was your best performance. It was good and I'm glad that you had a personal connection to the song but it just seemed so old and odd for you, probably because it is old.

James- Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting- James, I know that Randy told you to rock out, but I'm not sure that he meant for you to become hyper and run all over the place.  You were literally all over the place, both physically and vocally.  Flash pots and flaming pianos.  A bit much I think.  Steven said "You brought the rock voice" and he likes it when rockers don't hit all of the notes. In my opinion, the problem is that you are not a rock star yet but an American Idol contestant, and are required to hit all of the notes, at least most of the time.

Thia- Daniel-  Weren't you supposed to find a more relevant song to sing?  OK, your singing to your big brother, but he is not the one voting for you. America might not like the blah interpretation of this classic.

Casey- Your Song-  Ok, who glued Casey to a stool? It must have been Michael Orland, since Casey kept looking at him while he was singing. I actually liked this performance.  It was just tender enough and just rough enough in the right places. And I loved the hair cut and beard trim. It made Casey look slimmer and more together.

Jacob- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word- Ouch seems to be the easiest word for me from this performance.  I thought that Jacob started out in too high a key and just got worse. and I still can't stand the weird faces that he makes when he sings.  He looked like he was in severe pain.  And my ears were in pain.

Haley- Bennie and the Jets-  I thought that she looked and sounded like a lounge singer, sitting on the piano.  Still growling.  Haley, you are so pretty, but your voice is an annoyance to me. I don't know why the judges kept saying that you were the best of the night. I didn't see that at all.

Well, after consultation with my daughter, here is my definitely personal opinion of the rankings from last night.

1.   Lauren
2.   Casey
3.   Scotty
4.   Stefano
5.   James
6.   Haley
7.   Naima
8.   Pia
9.   Thia
10. Jacob
11. Paul

Friday, March 25, 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 11 Become The Top 11?

Well, we didn't see that one coming, did we?  In a night of bizarre begets bizarre, or as my son pointed out, "they spent some money on this show tonight," Idol managed to pull off the biggest surprise of the year in the last seconds of the show.  In my review yesterday of Tuesday night's show, I stated that there was a good chance the "judges save" would be pulled out last night, and I was right.  What I wasn't right about was who would be saved or what that save would mean. 

With idol reporting that over 30 million votes were cast this week, who were these voters and who were they voting for?  Casey and Stefano in the bottom 3 does not make sense.  Maybe they are too technically advanced for the Idol voters.  That's probably the problem.  Listeners have become deaf to actual talent because of all of the auto-tuned garbage produced by the music industry today.  People were all deafened by the Black Eyed Peas appearance last week so they forgot what actual singers sound like. Lady Gaga didn't release a statement saying that they are the next great thing so people decided not to vote for them. Whatever the case, "America" screwed up again. 

The show had an interesting start.  Mr. Jennifer Lopez (Yes, I know that his name is Marc Anthony) dropped by the Idol dome to instruct the contestants on how to use the in-ears (headphones) that were given to the contestants last week since no one had the foggiest idea and everyone was "pitchy" last week.  Thank you Marc for having the brains to realize that people might need instructions on how to properly use these things. Did you notice that the judges didn't tell people that they were "pitchy" this week? Nice job.

The group number dejour this week was Ain't No Mountain High Enough and I actually thought it was ok. It was the perfect song for this group because all of the screamers got to scream.  Nice surprise that Stevie Wonder joined the group on stage for Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  I hope these young people know just how lucky they are for that experience.  I thought it was quite impressive that Stevie then lead the crowd in a Happy Birthday tribute to Steven Tyler.  Steven was speechless- had to be a first. 

The Ford music video of "Recycling in the Rain" was bland.

Lauren, Pia, and Scotty are safe and going on tour.  Well, of course they are safe.  I didn't think that American was asleep on Tuesday night, just confused.

Sugarland was well Sugarland.  That girl is odd, well, both of them are actually.  I like most country music and I like them ok, I just wouldn't pay good money to go to their concert. And I've heard them sing Stuck Like Glue so much better than that.

Back to the Idol contestants.  James is a big wrestling fan and apparently he likes to slam Paul into things. Fun.  What, Paul and James are not safe?  Paul might finally be out of here? No wait, Seacreast is just messing with us. How dare you get my hopes up like that Ryan? Hulk Hogan comes out to tell the guys that they are safe and going on tour, but Ryan is in trouble with the Hulk so he turns and runs like a little girl. Hum.

Back to the results.  Jacob is safe (BOO) and Stefano and Thia are in the bottom 3.  OK America is deaf.

Jennifer Hudson returns to the Idol stage and is angry at someone.  I don't think that song will be on any of my playlists anytime soon.  Oh look, she can smile.  And she is a foot taller that Seacrest in those heels. Ok, your done. Back to the results.

Naima is safe and totally shocked.  Haley is ready to go home but here comes the shocker, Casey is in the bottom 3. America was actually asleep Tuesday night. Thia is safe. Can't get rid of her; "this season is about the young ones."  Casey and Stefano: one got the lowest number of votes.  I knew it would be a guy this week, I just didn't think that it would come down to two of my favorites. Casey is singing for his life. Two bars into song the judges stop him.  He doesn't need to sing anymore.  "We know who you are."  "You are going on." Poor Casey probably had to go back to the hospital again last night after all of that.  I thought they were going to have to call the EMT's out on the stage for him.  Now that is one really appreciative guy right there.  HUGS FOR EVERYONE.  And Idol is taking all 11 on tour this summer.  Now THAT is a great idea.  Oh, and by the way, two people will be eliminated next week. But everyone has made the summer tour so I guess that's ok if two go out next week. 

Well, as far as predictions go, I was right that it was time for a guy to be voted off.  I was right that Thia was in the bottom 3.  I was right that the jugdes would use the save.  Everything else I was wrong about.  Oops.

As far as the predictions using twitter followers go, this theory is also way off.  And from what I saw yesterday on line as to who the Idol and entertainment bloggers were saying would leave, Haley or Thia, they were all very wrong. 

Well, can't wait to see what next week's theme is.  Maybe the theme should be "No Theme."  Let the contestants sing something that they really know and then see what America thinks of them.  Let's see what these guys and girls would sound like in the real world.  No way. It will never happen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 11 perform

Another night has come and gone.  Actually, I'm way behind on this entry.  I should have put this up this morning.  Last night was interesting.  Some of the song choices were very familiar to me and some I had never heard, which is odd because I grew up in the sixties and seventies.  I thought most did a decent job on the songs.  I am really having a hard time liking a couple of people though, for some reason.

Casey sang I Heard It Through The Grapevine and although he was definitely not traditional, he wasn't too bad.  I thought he was a little to forced on some of it. A little too gruff a couple of times.  ST really liked it, giving one of his odd quotes again and Jennifer and Randy thought he was original.  I think that's good. You never know if original is ok for Idol or not.

Thia sang Heatwave.  Can we say cold front? Actually she wasn't that bad but I just don't know how she could sing that song and not connect.  The voice is there but I don't think she has any life experiences to draw from to help her feel the songs. That and the fact that I thought that she would kill herself on those shoes so she couldn't move around the stage, made her dull for me.

Jacob sang You're All I Need To Get By.  I am so sorry but I don't care how much the audience and judges clap for him, I just can't stand to look at him or hear him sing.

Lauren sang You Keep Me Hanging On.  I think Lauren has found her sass again.  It was really obvious hat Lauren was feeling better this week.  She looked beautiful and sounded even better.  Great job to those who suggested that song for her.  She put some country in her MoTown and it worked.

Stefano sang Hello. I thought Stefano did a good job.  It wasn't great but it was good.  Solid vocals on a blah song.  I wonder what he had chosen that would not clear? I bet he would have killed on the other song.  Sounds like he is having the same problems that David Archuleta had in Season 7.  Songs won't clear. Come on Idol, pull out the bucks.

Haley sang You Really Got A Hold On Me.  I use to like this song ok.  Haley, your growling is getting on my nerves. Please stop.

Scotty sang For Once In My Life.  Now I understand that Stevie Wonder wrote this song, but I have never considered it to be a MoTown song. I guess I was wrong. It's not a country song either but Scotty tried his hardest and I think he did pretty good.  He definitely "made it his own", what ever that means.  ST called him Glen Campbell, not too bad, and Jennifer said he hit his "Lady Killer Note" so I guess he was a hit with the judges.

Pia sang All In Love Is Fair.  I have never heard of this song. I don't think many others have either.  That is not good. Pia is beautiful and I actually love her voice, I just want to hear her sing something else besides a ballad.  She will be stuck in the "only a ballad singer" category with David A if she is not careful.  And David actually sang things other than ballads when he was on Idol.  Step out of your comfort zone Pia.

Paul sang Tracks of My Tears.  Rod Stewart want-to-be meets MoTown, doesn't work for me. Concept was great.  Paul's voice is like nails on the blackboard for me.

Naima sang Dancing In The Street.  Naima is a gorgeous woman who knows who she is. I love that about her.  She may not be Idol material, and probably won't be on the show much longer, but she has now planted the seeds for a successful career.  I loved that she brought in the African element to the song. The dancing was awesome. The whole performance just made me want to get up and dance, and I am a middle-aged white woman who can't dance.

James sang Living For The City.  Really? That's what you wanted to sing James?  I think the song concept was good but your voice is all wrong for the song.  It just seemed to be too high a key or something.  It just didn't sit well with me.  James, I love you as a person and I totally admire you for fighting through so many obstacles, but please start choosing better songs. I want you to do well.

OK, I guess I will take a stab at ranking these guys. Let's see if I can get even close. I might be a weird week and the judges might need to pull out that save. We will see.

1.  Lauren
2.  Naima
3.  Casey
4.  Scotty
5.  Stefano
6.  Pia
7.  James
8.  Haley
9.  Jacob
10. Thia
11. Paul

I can almost bet that America and I don't agree on this. We will see.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol 10: The Twitter Connection

American Idol and Twitter are two of my favorite things to follow in the entertainment world, only topped by David Archuleta.  I love Twitter.  It's crazy to follow different people around the world and see what is happening in their lives.  And the instant news updates are insane.  I joined Twitter a couple of years ago to keep up with David Archuleta and his fans around the world. Instant info 24 hrs a day, wherever he is. As of today I follow some 566 different people and institutions. Some are local here in Austin, some are musicians how I have seen or wish to see, many are other members of David's fan clubs. Some tweet a lot, some hardly ever. And surprisingly people are following me on twitter also. I have now amassed of simple following of 184.  It's fun to send out a tweet because surprised you or mad you mad, and someone in another town or even the other side of the world responds to you.

When AI announced that the contestants would be allowed to use twitter this year to post messages and respond to fans, I was excited. I wanted to get a little of the behind the scenes info.  What would they be able to say? Who would say the most? Would they actually respond the people, would they be allowed to respond? I had to decide if I wanted to follow all of the contestants accounts or just my favorites. Well, I really don't care what some of them have to say, so I opted to follow my favorites: Casey, Scotty, Stefano, Naima.  I have noticed that Naima usually has something positive/inspiration to say to start each day.  Scotty usually doesn't tweet until late in the day. When Casey is feeling good he tweets all the time. Stefano loves to tweet, a lot, and to respond to his followers too.

I read somewhere last week that some bloggers are predicting the outcome of this season of Idol by the number of followers each contestant has on Twitter.  I started to hear that the guys have a lot more followers than the girls and people are trying to decide each week's results by the number of followers. I decided to see if this theory had any validity so I pulled up the twitter accounts for the Top 13 to see what's up.  Here's what I found today at 1:30 PM CDT.  I have rounded these numbers to closest 100.

1.  Scotty       39,000
2.  Casey       38,100
3.  Paul          32,000
4.  Lauren      28,200
5.  Pia            27,400
6.  Thia          27,150
7.  James        25,750
8.  Stefano      24,500
9.  Jacob         15,900
10. Karen       15,150 eliminated last week
11. Haley       14,300 bottom three both wks so far
12. Naima      12,400 bottom three last wk
13. Ashthon     7,400 first eliminated

Just to compare with contestants who had already been eliminated earlier before the official top 13 twitter accounts opened. these are personal accounts.
Chris Medina      10,800
Tim Halperine     10,800
Julie Zorrilla          3,900
Jovany Barreto      3,200
Brett Loewenstern 2,800
Rachel Zevita        2,000
Lauren Turner       2,000

Looks like Ashthon was not the best save for the top 13 after all.  If America had chosen, Tim should have been the other choice.  Chris Medina had been eliminated before all of the rest of these contestants.

If the votes followed the twitter followers as some are saying, then Karen should not have been eliminated last week.  Both Haley and Naima have fewer followers.  Not all of American Idol voters are on twitter so we need to take that into consideration.  I think both of these ladies could be in trouble this week unless they totally kill their songs. Jacob is the only guy who is in the bottom and it is time for a guy to be eliminated, I just don't see him leaving during MoTown week, unless he picks a classic and butchers it.

Well, we will see how they do tonight and I will post my evaluation tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 18, 2011

American Idol 10: 12 become 11

Well another week is completed on AI X and the world is still intact, almost.  I am sorry to say that the person who I thought would be leaving the show, did.  Of course Karen was not the person that I wanted to see leaving the show.

So how did the show go down? Well, Ryan wasn't as cutting and mean as he was last week.  I bet he caught a lot of flack for the drastic way of named the bottom 3.  This week he worked his way through all of the contestants.  Only seems right.

The top 12 group song was ... bleh.  I did like that Scotty started off singing "Born to Be Wild" but after that ... please.  I noticed when Ryan intro'd the performance that he stressed "LIVE".  That should have been a warning not a disclaimer.  I think Idol needs a few new technicians after last night because someone was sleeping instead of switching on mics for the singers.  It reminded me of the volunteers at my church running the media for the service, sometimes they are behind on the slides with the song lyrics and sometimes they are ahead, but either way, the audience is missing something that is important, the lyrics.  I bet half of the contestants mics were not on when they started their part in the group number.  And I am just so happy that someone found a way to blend "Born to Be Wild" and "Born This Way" into a song for these contestants. NOT. If they could only have included "Born Free" as part of this they could have renamed the song "Born This Way to Be Free And Wild."

Lee Dewyze returned to the Idol stage to premier a new song, or to kiss good bye any chance of that song having a future. Has anyone else notice that over the last couple of years, when an Idol winner or runner-up sings a song on the show, that song doesn't do well.  (Well, except for Lambert who for some reason unbeknownst to me, keeps having hits. Yuck.)   Poor Lee, looked just as uncomfortable as normal on that stage last night as he did all of last season.  I have read that most of the former contestants from Idol are uncomfortable when they appear on the show because they all have flashbacks to when they were contestants.  I was hoping that this year would be different without Simon sitting there but it might just be the situation that causes it.

The Black Eyed Peas Auto-tuned their way around the Idol stage again.  I wish Fergie would go solo again because she is the only member of the group that I can stand.  She doesn't need auto-tune. But what was wrong with her last night?  Why did her face look so round?  Something didn't seem right  with her.  My daughter asked if she is pregnant.  Anyway,  please stop having these people on Idol.  You are looking people who can sing in tune and yet you have auto-tuned terrible singers on as examples. WHY?

Well, Karen didn't give up easily last night.  I don't know why Idol has this silly judges save anyway.  They would only use it on a couple of the contestants and then America will have to vote off two people the next week and will get rid of them anyways.  I thought that Karen showed a lot of class and strength with her rendition of "Hero"  and it looked like JLo didn't want her to leave, but it was Randy who said No.

Bye Karen.  I think that the right people have now seen you perform and you will have a career .  As my daughter said, I wouldn't be surprised to see JLo backing here when this is all said and done.  They connected.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 12 Sing Songs From Birth Year

So last night the AI 10 contestants sang songs from the year they were born.  This can be ok or it can go so wrong.  I think the trick for many of these is to find a great old song that someone did a cover of that particular year and then cover it again.  That's what Stefano did and it worked for him.  "If You Don't Know Me By Now" was originally performed by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes back in 1972 but Stefano used Simply Red's cover from 1989 as his choice. That's what David Archuleta did when he covered Hearts 1990 release of John Farnham's 1987 release "You're The Voice." It is hard to believe that of all of the songs released in 1995 the best choice for Thia was "Colors of the Wind."  Song choice is now the most important factor in how these contestants will fair. We all know that at this point in the competition, they can all sing. What they choose to sing can make or break them. They need to be strong willed and stand up for what they know is right for them.  Like Scotty did, saying that he is sticking to country.  Change it up some but stick to what you live and breathe.

So, with all of that out of my brain, here's what I thought of last night's performances.

Naima-  1984 -  Interesting to hear that her mom is/was a jazz vocalist and used to perform with Naima in a carrier on her back.  Naima sang "What's Love Got to Do With It" by Tina Turner.  She was ok, but not great.  Seemed to struggle with some of it.

Paul-  1984-  After hearing his parents talk, I now see why he is kind of weird.  Paul sang "That's Why They Call It The Blues" by Elton John. Paul, I'm sorry that you are sick, but I don't think that is the only reason this song was awful. Sorry Paul, but I just don't like your voice. Rod Stewart you are not.

Thia-  1995-  Mom and Dad are cute. Interesting to hear Thia wrote a song at 6 yrs old.  Thia sang Vanessa Williams "Color of The Wind" from Disney's Pocahantas.  I really liked the simple accompaniment for this song.  I actually liked this performance the most of any of hers. The judges didn't agree with me though.

James-  1989-  Poor James was definitely embarrassed by what his mom said about dolls.  James decided to sing a song that he should not have taken on- Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You." Not a good choice.  I didn't think his voice and style were suited for this song. And I really thought the flash pots at the end of the song were totally unnecessary and over the top wrong.

Haley-  1990-  Both of her parents are in a band and mom is the lead singer.  Good thing Haley isn't the lead, they might not get many gigs.  Haley sang "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston. What? Why? Please stop this insanity. Haley sounded like a growling baby.

Stefano-  1989-  Grandfather owned a music store and Dad is his biggest musical influence.  Stefano sang "If You Don't Know Me By Now" Simply Red's cover of Harold Melvin's 1972 tune. Very nice.  Lost at a little a couple of times but stayed with it.  Very powerful.  Best of the night.

Pia-  1988-  Pia was a little diva as a child.  So what should a diva sing on AI, Whitney Houston. Pia sang "Where Do Broken heart Go."  This is a little uptempo from the ballads but I didn't like it as much.

Scotty-  1993-  Scotty has always been fascinated with Elvis and an Elvis impersonator.  That's funny.  I loved the pics of him dressed as Elvis at many different ages.  Scotty sang Travis Tritt's  "Can I Trust You With My Heart"  and I thought he did a great job.  Those higher notes were definitely stretching him but they sounded great.  He will be an excellent country star on day.

Karen-  1989-  Mom is a definite sweetie.  Interesting to learn that she wanted to be a singer.   All of her dreams are now with Karen.  Karen sang "Love Will Lead You Back" by Taylor Dayne.  I had never heard this before. I think it wasn't the best for Karen.  Sorry Karen, but you might be leaving tonight.

Casey-  1991-  His parents are a total hoot.  Older that average, they waited until they were in their 40's to have Casey. I think that's what has given Casey his diverse music taste. Good job parents.  Casey, you are totally crazy to sing Nirvana on Idol.  That being said "Smells Like Teen Spirit" wasn't too bad.  Even my husband, who hates Idol for being Karaoke, and was a huge fan of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, thought that the performance wasn't bad. How did you have enough time to perfect that song while in the hospital. Amazing if you ask me.

Lauren-  1994-  Yes, the year my son was born too.  Lauren's parent are the opposite of Casey's.  It looks like they were 15 when Lauren was born. (Don't quote me on that.  I have no idea when they were born.)  Lauren has the flu as do several of the contestants.  that's why the group house living situation is a bad idea.  Lauren sang Melissa Ethridge's "I'm The Only One."  Beside cracking a few notes from the flu, not bad.  I think that she would have nailed it without the flu.

Jacob- 1987-  Mom "thinks" she can sing, sort of like Jacob thinks he is great.  Sorry, I'm sure he is a wonderful person but I just don't like him as an Idol contestant.  Gospel singer, Yes; Idol contestant, No.
Jacob sang "Alone" by Heart.  I liked this song, until now.  Husband has always had a thing for Heart and had to leave the room when he heard this song.  "Bad Karaoke" was all that he could say.  I say please stop.

So, here is my list in preference order:  Remember, these are just my opinion.
1.  Stefano
2.  Scotty
3.  Casey
4.  Pia
5.  Lauren
6.  James
7.  Thia
8.  Jacob
9.  Naima
10. Karen
11. Haley
12. Paul

Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol 10: Down to 12

Well, they are down to 12 contestants on American idol now.  Did anyone else think that Ryan Seacrest was exceptionally mean last night?  Drama is one thing, but Ryan was over the top for me.  I'm glad that America (or the producers of the show) saved Karen.  I like her.  I think that she needs to move away from tributes to Selena and JLo from now on, but I do like her.  And I'm not heartbroken that Ashthon is gone. The bottom three was and wasn't surprising. I had Ashthon in the bottom of my list as well as Haley.  I still don't see what people like about Paul, but I am not an authority on any of this, only on what I personally like.

Next week the contestants get to sing songs from the year they were born.  So much fun.  We will have songs from 1984 to 1995. I wonder what they will pick. Scotty should be fine and I bet that James can find a good rock number from his year. I wonder if Rod Stewart put out an album the year Paul was born? I guess we'll see.

I do hope and pray that Casey is back for the show and that his medical condition that keeps sending him to the hospital is resolved soon. He is so talented.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 13 Performances

Another performance show has come and gone last night, so tonight we send someone home.   I really liked some of the performances of the Top 13 and I really disliked some also.  Here's my take on the contestants in order of preference best to worst.

1. Casey- I love how different Casey is and I love the song he sang last night.  The back up singers added to the performance, which is unusual for the Idol choirs, in my opinion.  Nice job Casey. Please stay healthy and continue to amaze us.  What other instruments can you play? Surprise us.

2. Scotty- I love this country kid.  His voice is perfect for this kind of music.  He did have a turning-point performance last night.  It was as if all of a sudden he looked out at the audience and saw them really getting into the song and he just opened up. The whole expression on his face seemed to change. His body language changed and he soared.  I was glad that he was able to speak up and tell the producers that he did not want to change up the song.  As Randy said; "If it ain't broke, don't even think about fixin' it."

3. Stefano-  This guy has some potential.  I like his voice. He has personality in his voice. When I heard he was singing Stevie Wonder, I was worried. Not many can pull off Stevie songs but I think he did a good job.  I didn't like the dance version tempo change.  Are the producers purposely trying to mess with some of these contestants?  Not every song needs to be changed for it to be good.  Stick with what you know Stefano. Last week proved that you know what we like.

4. James-  Although I admire James immensely, I have not been a fan of his recent performances until tonight.  Between the more tamed song and the makeover that he received, the whole performance was something that I could actually watch and enjoy. "Maybe I'm Amazed" is a great song that I have been wishing to hear David Archuleta cover. So far we have only had a small sampling of it from him.  James had a good cover of it.  No major shouting (thank you) and the producers didn't try to change it into something else.

5. Naima- I have liked this girl from the start.  She is different and fun and passionate. I liked that she wanted to tackle something different for the show and she did a good job, but I am not a Rhiana fan or an "Umbrella" fan.  At least Naima sounded better with this than Rhiana does. IMO.

6. Lauren Alaina- Why?  Don't get me wrong, I like the girl.  She is immensely talented but why such a blah song. When I said that I didn't want to hear her sucking up to ST any more, I didn't mean that she should put us to sleep either.  Where was her spark and spunk?  Come back Lauren.

7. Pia-  I have seen reviews today where everyone is just giving such high praise to Pia for this performance of "All By Myself" but I didn't think it was that good. Yes, it is a difficult song and yes, she does have a great voice.  I thought that her technique on the high notes was all wrong and, to me, she seemed to be screechy on those upper notes when she threw her head back to hit them. Not a terrible performance by any means, but not her best for me. Oh, and I did not know that Celine sang this song, I only remember Eric Carmen singing it.

8. Karen- Oh, Karen.  I had such high hopes for this song. I have thought all along that you look like Selena and then to see that you are going to sing Selena, well, I just knew that you would kill the song. Maybe not.  Was I expecting too much?  Have you been sick? What happened to your fire?  What fool talked you into singing only in English? To me, part of your appeal is that you can sing in Spanish also. Please do that again, especially if you are performing music of your Idol who sang for the largest part in Spanish.

9. Thia-  Poor Thia.  She had the song all mastered until some fool decided to change it to a jazz version and then it totally owned her instead of her owning it.  I like Thia's voice and will concede that she is trained in excellent vocal techniques, but the girl does not have a personality. Please do something to endear yourself to the American public or you will be gone, talented or not.

10. Haley- You are not LeeAnn or Patsy. Please do not sing that song again.  That is all.

11. Jacob- Your bizarre facial expressions are killing me.  I can not watch you sing. As everyone on twitter was talking about you last night, all I could say about your performance of "I Believe I Can Fly" was Then Please Fly Away.

12. Ashthon- I have 6 words for you; Ashthon, You Are Not Diana Ross.

13. Paul- After that performance, no one will be interested to learn more about Ryan Adams. You did him a disservice by singing his song. YUCK.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

158 Ways You Drive Me Crazy

Okay, I Surrender.  I started this project with One goal in mind; to write a fictional short story incorporating the titles of all of the songs from David Archuleta's three albums into it. I wanted this story to be a tribute to my Hero, the one with the Bubbly personality, the one who said Don't Stop Believing that Things Are Gonna Get Better

As I "pondered" what I wanted this story to be about, I ran into several Barriers in my mind, the first being that there's Gotta Be many really Joyful, Joyful songs that David has covered that don't appear on his albums that I should also include in this story. Well, at A Moment Like This, what's a "go-getter" fan to do? I immediately went to my computer in a Desperate attempt to search my iTunes account to see how many songs I had there. That's when it hit me.  Most of my songs weren't on iTunes because my old player was an off-brand MP3 player that didn't play iTunes formated songs. Most of my "David music" was stored on my computer. The sad part is, last year my PC crashed and took most of my music with it, And I Am Telling You, I had a lot of MP3's stored on that machine.  I felt like I was in an Elevator that was Falling and when it hit, it would Crush my spirit. I wanted to Shout To The Lord, but I knew David wouldn't approve of this. This discovery, that so many of my treasured memories of the past three years had Fallin' prey to a Senseless computer virus, left me with No Air and Waiting For Yesterday.

Well, it's no use Stomping The Roses. Even though I'm A Little Too Not Over You, computer, I decided to Let It Be. It wouldn't help to Complain anymore.  I had to come up with a new plan of action, one that Works For Me.  You see, David has taught us that When You Believe in something and when others Stand By Me and you Don't Let Go of dreams, then You Can accomplish anything, you can Dream Sky High  and even visit a Castle On A Cloud.

And So It Goes that I turned to my youtube account to check my "favorites" to see what I could add to my list.  I discovered that I like to hear David sing about Angels From The Realms Of Glory and America The Beautiful and, even though he says he doesn't really have a Love Song, my heart melts when I hear When You Say You Love Me. And then there is always the undeniably fantastic Love Me Tender. Oh, Be Still My Soul. Ah, I found some of my favorite songs; It looks like I might have Another Day In Paradise after all.  I'm in Heaven.  But Heaven Can Wait because  --Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me --Wait, I need to stop breaking into song and concentrate on the "task" at hand. Ok, lets see what other songs I have on here. Oh, Neil Diamond week group song.  Jason, Cookie, Brookie, Somebody, Craklin' Rosie, and DAVID.  Sing it David- Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show- Hallelujah. I Saw The Light! Wow! That was One Sweet Day.  Man, I've been Reelin' In The Years but I Can't Buy Me Love While My Guitar Gently Weeps  over Smoky Mountain Memories. Well, I think we can Check Yes, Juliet, I am losing my mind. 

Well, there Ain't No Stopping Us Now.  I'm ready to start my story. Get Ready cause here I come. Wait, I see another problem; one of David's three albums features many Melodies of Christmas. My mind is Running in circles.  Sweet Caroline, I'll Be Crazy before I figure out how to work in all of those songs. I mean, I want to be able to bring Joy To The World of David's fans by writing this story but, Hey Soul Sister, how will I ever find a way to work Angels We Have Heard On High into a story unless I talk about a group of fans listening to David sing on a rooftop somewhere. That would be like Waiting On The World To Change, it may never happen.

I need a break from this story thing. These Words just aren't coming to me. Since I have Nothing Else Better To Do, maybe I should go Shop Around at the mall. On second thought, I think I will head to the internet and Look Around some of my favorite fan sites and see what everyone else is up to.  First stop, Fans of David. Oh, Jenny has a new post up.  I like her coverage of all things David.  Let Me Go there first and catch up.  Oh, look, one of my favorite songs has a new, old video of it posted. I like Angels.  Hum, what else.  It seems that David is having writing problems also. Maybe I'm Amazed at this development but it's ok David. All I Ask Of You is that you Please Don't Stop The Music and In This Moment of indecision please know that you can Lean On Me and all of your fans.  We Can Work It Out With You and, knowing How Great Thou Art, you can Climb Every Mountain in your way and Get There wherever you want to be, what ever you want for A Daily AnthemO Come All Ye Faithful fans of David and take My Hands so that we can show David that we will still be here The Day After Tomorrow, as America, and the world, awaits the return of our Nature Boy.

I see Jenny has information about this season of American Idol. I know all about this stuff.  My Girl, Amanda, and I are watching it this year. Some of the talent is decent, but it will never be as great as season 7, when David took us down The Long and Winding Road before he, in no uncertain terms, declared Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Don't worry about that David; it won't happen. There's a Star Spangled Banner hanging above your head. Even Angels in the Alleyway would travel A Thousand Miles to answer The Prayer Of The Children and Save The Day, if you needed them.  You're The Voice that inspires your fans to look to The Other Side Of Down.  Hum! It looks like some of this year's Idol contestants really admire David. Imagine that. Idol hopefuls trying to emulate David, singing songs that David has already claimed as his own, some even when he was much younger, like A House Is Not A Home. Hum, this is different.  I Thought I'd Seen Everything but one of the contestants said that David can sing a soupcan label. I wonder if that would sound anything like Pat-a-Pan or Riu Riu Chiu.  You never know with David,  the phonebook thing was pretty good. Well, here's hoping that this year's crop of Idol hopefuls aren't next year's Falling Stars.

Oh, wow!  Don't Tell Me, Jenny, you are My Kind Of Perfect. You posted a song that I don't have on my list. And it sounds wonderful. I wonder what else she has in this "Mediafire warehouse"?  Oh, my goodness Happy Birthday and A Merry Christmas To Me. There are all kinds of songs on this list and The Most Beautiful Part of This is a lot of them I haven't heard before. Well, Somebody Out There is looking out for me today.  I Could Not Ask For More than this; it is almost as exciting  as God Bless America and The First Noel all rolled into one. (I think I have been listening to Steven Tyler's strange sayings too much lately.) Well, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, indeed.  And it looks like my story is going to get a lot Longer.

Oh, here is that awesome article about inspirational albums that I retweeted about on Sunday. The author really gets David.  That is so awesome. I wonder if she was lucky enough to be at the VIP when David sang the verse of You Raise Me Up. Now that would be inspirational for sure. I would give anything to hear him sing that. I'm usually not lucky like that. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to hear David sing something is Spanish during his first tour. I was in San Antonio when David reluctantly sang those first few lines of Como La Flor, and the crowd went wild. Since then he has proven that, even though he says he can't speak Spanish, he definitely can sing Spanish; es muy bonita (or is that bonito. I never could get all of the ending changes straight).  I think we were all floored when we heard him sing Contigo en la Distancia for the first time on the Alma Awards. People who had no idea what he was saying proclaimed "I Will Always Love You" when that song ended. How did he do that?  And then he goes and totally blows away all of the audience at the Tejano Music Awards with No Me Queda Mas. I beg to differ, David.  I think that you have a lot more Spanish language hiding in you than you let on.   Aqui Estoy Yo, waiting for you to unleash some major Latin fire on us. Somos amor, Somos El Mundo  and we wait for you as you sing of pain, A Puro Dolor, and Shepards, Los Pastores a Belen, and Christmas. Feliz Navidad to you too.  David, I think that you have "inspired" me to brush up on my Spanish so I'll be ready for that Spanish album when it comes out.

Oh, The Christmas Song! I better get back to my story before I forget Who I Am and what I am writing about.  I was trying to decide how to work song titles like The Cat And Mouse Carol into a story. I just don't see that happening. The Riddle that I am trying to transform into a story has me begging that God Bless The Broken Road and the Fields of Gold.  I think I will call a friend and see if she can help me with my problems.  I think I'll try the Amazing Grace first.  She isn't a big fan but she is a good writer. Maybe she can give me a few ideas.  "Grace, how do I make all of these titles work in one story?" "Well, you need to pick a topic to go with each paragraph.  He sings Something 'Bout Love, doesn't he? Pick out all of the love songs and Let's Talk About Love. That way you can say You're All I Need and I Want To Know You and stuff like that." "Grace, you know I'm Not A Very Good Liar so I don't think that I can actually say those things is a story about David. It would be like saying I want To Be With You which would be kind of gross since I'm older than his mother."  "What Child Is This that your talking about?  David is a grown man now and You're Eyes Don't Lie when I see you looking at all those pictures you have saved on your computer. Didn't you just get in trouble with your husband for accidentally downloading 75 pictures of David on his new iPhone?"  "That was not my fault.  I was going to make a slideshow for Valentine's Day with the Seasons of Love, and I forgot to remove the pics from iPhoto.  And besides, he should have looked at what he was loading on that thing. You're not much help today. I hope you have a lovely Silent Night without that new puppy driving you crazy.  Talk to you later."

Well, Grace wasn't much help. I guess I'll call a friend that is a better fan. "Hello, Mary Did You Know that I am writing a story using all of David's song titles. Yeah, and there are a lot of them. At last count I had 158 songs listed. I know, If I Could Only Be sure that I have all of the songs, then I could write a really great story. Maybe I could write to a fan site and ask other fans for their input. I know that there are some people out there that are more  'enthusiastic' than I am. Yes, I know you think that is impossible but there really are. I bet some people would use Parachutes and Airplanes to get to David, if they had too. Well, until I get more song titles to include, I need your help with these. I'm having trouble working some of the titles into the story line. Yeah, I called Grace. And She's Not You. She gave me the typical old Love Lockdown song angle where the writer is just in your face with I'm Yours but David doesn't have that many songs about love and they are definitely not like that. Most of his are more like Touch My Hand or you make me feel light headed, like I'm in Zero Gravity. I guess I'm just not in a Good Place right now.  I just can't get my brain to work. Oh, you have to go.  Ok. Think Of Me later, while you are out basking in the sun and I am stuck here at my computer. Yeah, I really do need to find a regular 9 to 5 job. This surfing the net all day long isn't paying off too great. I'm really Proud Mary of the new job you got, but it makes me sad Everytime You Walk Into The Room wearing something new. I feel like I need a job so I can buy stuff too.  Well, I better go. I need to get this story completed before the hubby gets home or I'll feel like I'm Walking On Broken Glass trying to sneek onto the computer some more.  Oh yeah, your party on Saturday. Of course I'll Be There."

Well, I know that there are some people out there on Needles and Pins waiting to see how this story comes out. I do need to Apologize to you though.  I was not able to find an appropriate way to work in two of my favorite songs, O Holy Night and Ave Maria, without disrespecting the importance of them and we all know that David doesn't want us to disrespect.

Oh, and by the way, if you think of any more song titles, use them to write your own story. Mine's long enough.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Songs David Archuleta Has Recorded and/or Performed

EDIT 11:
              Covers of Filipino OPMs on Forevermore Album



I'll Never Go

You Are My Song

Hold On


Tell Me

Reaching Out

EDIT 10:
               Singapore Appearance for Idol promotion (fan blog chat)

A Whole New World

             Phillipines trip for Nandito Ako Filming

Nandito Ako

Wherever You Are

            My Kind of Christams Tour

Fa La La La La

I Am A Child of God

I Need A Silent Night

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus

Little Drummer Boy

Man In The Mirror

This Christmas

           Interview in Manila (TOSOD Asia tour)

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

          Good Morning America at the opening of American Idol Experience at Disney World

Life is a Highway 

          New singles for Asian Tour.

Everything and More

Love Don't Hate

Notice Me


          Stadium of Fire

My Country Tis Of Thee

          Newest additions, from Invisilbe Children benefit and Myrtle Beach Freedom Fest. 


Everybody WantsTo Rule The World

Gotta Get Through This

Sound of Silence

          New addition to list. At dinner after Duffy's Hope and then again on vlog.

Ribbon In The Sky

          Since I posted this list and then my story containing 158 song titles, more have surfaced.
Ain't No Sunshine

Live Your Life

Wind Beneath My Wings

Ok everyone. I am on a mission. I am trying to make a list of the titles of all of the songs or parts of songs that we fans have heard David sing. I have 129 on my list so far but I know I am missing some. For sure, I know I am missing some of the group numbers from American Idol and I probably don't have all of the pre-idol songs either. Of course, there are probably songs that he has done snippets of at Meet and Greets that I have forgotten also. If you know of a song that I have not included in this list please leave that title in my comments section of my blog.  There is a reason for this madness. I'm writing a short story (not looking short at all) that will include all of the titles (I hope, somehow) in it.  For an example of this kind of writing please refer to my blog of September 17, 2010.

So, here are the song titles that I have so far:

9 to 5

A Daily Anthem

A House is Not a Home

A Little Too Not Over You

A Merry Christmas To Me

A Moment Like This

A Thousand Miles

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

All I Ask Of You

Amazing Grace


America The Beautiful

And I Am Telling You

And So It Goes


Angels From The Realms of Glory

Angels In The Alleyway

Angels We Have Heard On High

Another Day In Paradise


A Puro Dolor

Aqui Estoy Yo

Ave Maria


Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me

Be Still My Soul

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show


Can't Buy Me Love

Castle On A Cloud

Check Yes Juliet

Climb Every Mountain

Como La Flor


Contigo en la Distancia

Craklin' Rosie




Don't Let Go

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Don't Stop Believing

Don't Tell Me

Dream Sky High


Everytime You Walk Into The Room



Falling Stars

Feliz Navidad

Fields of Gold

Get Ready

Get There

God Bless America

God Bless The Broken Road

Good Place

Gotta Be   watch

Happy Birthday

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Heaven Can Wait


Hey Soul Sister    watch

How Great Thou Art

I Could Not Ask For More

I Thought I'd Seen Everything

I Saw The Light

I Surrender

I Want To Know You

I Will Always Love You

If I Could Only Be   watch

I'll Be

I'll Be There

I'm Yours


In This Moment

Joy To The World

Joyful, Joyful    watch

Lean On Me

Let It Be

Let Me Go

Let's Talk About Love


Look Around

Los Pastores a Belen

Love Lockdown    watch

Love Me Tender

Love Song

Mary Did You Know

Maybe I'm Amazed

Melodies of Christmas

My Girl

My Hands

My Kind of Perfect

Nature Boy    watch/listen

Needles and Pins

No Air

No Me Quedas Mas    watch

Not A Very Good Liar

Nothing Else Better to Do

O Come All Ye Faithful

O Holy Night


One Sweet Day

Parachutes and Airplanes


Please Don't Stop the Music

Prayer of the Children

Proud Mary

Reelin' In The Years

Riu Riu Chiu


Save the Day

Seasons of Love


She's Not You

Shop Around

Shout to the Lord

Silent Night

Smoky Mountain Memories


Somebody Out There

Something Bout Love

Somos El Mundo

Stand By Me

Star Spangled Banner

Stomping the Roses

Sweet Caroline

The Cat and Mouse Carol

The Christmas Song

The Day After Tomorrow

The First Noel

The Long and Winding Road

The Most Beautiful Part of This

The Other Side of Down

The Riddle

These Words    watch

Things Are Gonna Get Better

Think of Me

To Be With You

Touch My Hand

Waiting For Yesterday

Waiting On The World To Change

Walking On Broken Glass

We Can Work it Out

What Child Is This

When You Believe

When You Say You Love Me

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Who I Am

With You

Works For Me

You Can

You Raise Me Up

You're All I Need

You're the Voice

Your Eyes Don't Lie

Zero Gravity

Well, that is a huge list but I can bet money that some of you out there know a few more.  Thanks for your help.  I'll let you know when the story is completed.

Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 24 cut to Top 13

Wow!  What an intense show that was last night.  The fact that we did not know exactly how the night would play out, how the wild cards would be picked, kept us all on the edges of our seats.  Of course, in true Idol fashion, the whole thing was drawn out to be twice as long as it needed to be, but that's what makes great TV: Drama!!!!  The 6 contestants asked to sing for their lives, as a whole, really poured themselves into the songs. I was amazed by Stefano and the intensity and power of his selection. I was saddened by Jovany not doing better with his choice, but I don't think he had a chance after Stefano sang. I loved the song that Robbie sang but I think that it was a little too subdued for the moment. I wish that they would have given Julie another chance but I am glad that Naima was chosen . It's a mixed bag. I knew that all of my favorites would not make it through. It can't be that easy or no one would watch the show. I was pretty happy with how it all went down in the end.  America and I agreed on most of the choices.  In fact, we only disagreed on one of the guys and one of the girls in the top 10, so I guess I did pretty good.  Actually, I guesstimated I would be 75% accurate and I was close.

The guys that I chose yesterday as my top 6 were:
1. Casey
2. Scotty
3. Stefano
4. Jacob
5. Jovany
6. James

The guys that America chose as the top 5 plus one judges' wild card were:
1. Scotty
2. Jacob
3. Casey
4. Paul
5. James
6. Stefano *wild card

The girls that I chose yesterday as my top 7 (since that's how many were picked) were:
1. Pia
2. Karen
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Naima
5. Thia
6. Ashton
7. Julie

The girls America chose as the top 5 plus 2 judges' wild cards:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. Pia
3. Karen
4. Thia
5. Haley
6. Ashthon *wild card
7. Naima *wild card

So, out of the 13 contestants who are advancing in the competition, I actually had 11 correct. That's amazing, 84.6% correct.  While I am thrilled that I agreed with most of America, I am still sad that Robbie and Julie messed up on their songs this week and Julie did not get a chance to redeem herself for a wild card spot. They had been two of my favorites since the audition rounds. But they are both still young and they should be able to still make it in the business without Idol. 

Well, that's it for this week of Idol.  I can't wait to see what they all sing next week.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 24 results

OK, tonight's the night. It's time for the Idol powers to do their magic and dash the dreams of half of these young people. I don't like the way that this has been set up this year.  Top 24 down to the Top 12 is really drastic. Now I hear that they will be inviting back some of the contestants next week to sing for their lives. They will pick some number of wild cards next week.  Let's just mess with their minds a little more.

I have watched all of the contestants from both of this weeks shows over again and this is how I rank them:
1. Casey
2. Scotty
3. Stefano
4. Jacob
5. Jovany
6. James
7. Brett
8. Robbie
9. Paul
10. Tim
11. Clint
12. Jordan

1. Pia
2. Karen
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Naima
5. Thia
6. Ashton
7. Julie
8. Kendra
9. Lauren T.
10. Rachel
11. Haley
12. Tatynsia

It hurts to say it but a couple of my favorites going into this week did not do well.  Bad song choices and bad arrangements of bad song choices did not help them. Maybe they can redeem themselves and capture next weeks wild card slot(s).  I hope so.

Well, 13 hours from now I will know how right or wrong I am with my predictions.  I'll estimate that I will get 75% correct.

American Idol 10 Top 12 Girls

Tonight we get to here from the girls on American Idol.  So far I am not impressed with them. Hopefully some of them can step it up tonight and seem like they might want to win.

Here's what I think about the top 12 girls so far:
Ashton seems to have a good voice but she is lacking in stage presence.  Haley is pretty and pretty loud.  Actually, she is ok but not a favorite.  Julie has the best chance of making it into the top 5. I like her the most of the girls. Karen seems to be pretty good.  I hope that she can bring something together tonight. Kendra has not been seen enough air time to make an impact.  She will really need to have a fantastic night to be noticed. Lauren Alaina is pretty and has a good voice but I really am tired of her flirting with ST.  I also hope that she can find some new music to sing. Lauren Turner is supposed to be pretty good but I haven't seen enough of her to make a call. Naima is one on my favorites.  She is unique and talented. Pia is very pretty and has sounded ok on the limited air time. Hopefully she can step it up tonight. Rachel is not my favorite at all.  I don't seem to hear the same thing that the judges are hearing when it comes to her.  Tatynsia has had almost no screen time so I doubt that she will have much of a chance tonight.  She would have to totally blow everyone else out of the water to advance. Thia still reminds me of Charice. She seems too polished, too stiff, too "David Foster" to make it on Idol.

Well, here are my favs going into tonight:
3)Lauren Alaina


Well, the girls did better than I expected for the most part although one of my favs actually did a lot worse.

Tatynsia- I didn't like this performance at all. Yuck
Naima- Wow! I think she nailed it. Sassy, powerful.  She looked like a star up there.
Kendra- She looked pretty and the singing was pretty good. Not fav song choice
Rachel- What was she thinking? What was that song? Why is she still there?
Karen- Great job.  Loved the song choice, especially sung in  Spanish and English.
Lauren Turner- OK, what are the judges seeing that I'm not?  Weird faces distract from her singing.
Ashton- We have found our "sassy, black diva chick" for the season. Nice job.
Julie- Oh, Julie. Why oh why? What made you sing Breakaway? Not good. I'm sad.
Haley- Please stop growling at me and go home.
Thia- I'll have to admit, she sounded pretty good but I still don't see much personality in her. Dull.
Lauren Alaina- Yes. Thank you for singing country. You needed a good Reba song. Much better.
Pia- So pretty and now finally a voice to go with that face. Awesome.

Looking forward to tonight's show to see what the Idol powers do to us this time. I hear rumors that next week they will bring back several contestants to see who get to be the wild card(s).  Always throwing something at us.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30-day Song Challenge- David Style

Day 01- Your favorite David song

My Kind of Perfect-  That's what I hope for my kids, that they can find their kind of perfect. 

Day 02- Your least favorite David song
With You- Sang on Idol. Sorry David but that song just did not fit you at the time. I bet you could pull off an epic version of it now though.

Day 03- A David song that makes you happy
Zero Gravity- The second the opening lines start to play my entire body starts to come alive.

Day 04- A David song that makes you sad
Falling- It reminds me of a family friend who OD'd and killed himself.

Day 05- A David song that reminds you of someone
Falling- It reminds me of a family friend who died from a drug overdose. We tried to reach out and help but it was never enough. He died two months after his dad died of cancer.

Day 06- A David song that reminds you of somewhere
Como La Flor- First time David sang this was in San Antonio on March 12, 2009- I was there, 

Day 07- A David song that reminds you of a certain event
Somebody Out There- David's trip to India

Day 08- A David song that you know all of the words to
To Be With You and You Can- Actually, I know the words to most of the songs that David sings and all of those he has recorded.

Day 09- A David song that you can dance to
You Can- a nice slow dance.

Day 10- A David song that makes you fall asleep
Contigo en la Distancia- It's not boring, it relaxes me.  I love the sound of his voice singing in Spanish.

Day 11- A David song with a lyric that you love
Somebody Out There- There's somebody out there, somebody somewhere to show you the                       tenderness you need.

Day 12- A David song with a lyric that you hate
Running- Not that I hate the lyrics, I just don't like the whole song.

Day 13- A David song that is a guilty pleasure
Contigo en la Distancia- It makes me melt inside.

Day 14- A David song that no one would expect you to love
Somos el Mundo-  People would not expect to find me singing along to a song in Spanish since I am not a Spanish speaker but I grew up in San Antonio and have always loved how beautiful this language can be when sung. I think this song is incredible with the vast array of gifted performers that came together to give of themselves. Oh, and David es muy perfecto on this too.

Day 15- A David song that describes you
Works For Me   

Day 16- A David song that you used to love but now don't
No Such Thing- I love them all.

Day 17- A David song that you hear often on the radio
No such animal- David is never heard on any stations here in Austin. I do hear some of the songs that he has covered, most notably I'll Be, Edwin McCain and I'm Yours, Jason Mraz. 

Day 18- A David song that you wish you heard on the radio
Any and All- Our stations only played Crush right after it came out and then only rarely.

Day 19- A David song from your favorite album
O Holy Night- My favorite Christmas song ever sung by my favorite singer ever.

Day 20- A David song you listen to when your angry   
Be Still My Soul- Self explanatory. 

Day 21- A David song that you listen to when your driving
The Other Side of Down (actually any) 

Day 22- A David song that you work out to
Zero Gravity- It makes me want to move.

Day 23- A David song you want to play at your wedding
You Can- Actually, I've been married 20 years all ready but I would have liked this song.  This would be a great song for my daughter's wedding though.

Day 24- A David song you want to play at your funeral
Amazing Grace- So far we have only heard this when David sang it with David Osmond and his brothers? at a show it Utah.  Just a small clip, but very powerful. Please sing the complete song a capella for us sometime, David. 

Day 25- A David song that makes you laugh
Elevator- It seems like such a silly song and first glance but when you really look at the words and think, it is very interesting.

Day 26- A David song that you can play on an instrument
The First Noel (kind of, hunt and peck method) on keyboard.

Day 27- A David song that you wish you could play
A Thousand Miles- it would be awesome to take lessons and be able to play like that.   

Day 28- A David song that makes you feel guilty
Somebody Out There- It makes me wish I could do more to help others.

Day 29- A David song from your childhood (One that he covered)
Love Me Tender- (I'm old) My grandmother and I both loved Elvis and Love Me Tender was my favorite song of his.

Day 30- Your favorite David song at this time last year
Zero Gravity- It's still my alarm tone on my cell.