Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol 10: 6 Become 5 Or Jimmy Hurts Everyone's Feelings!

So last night American Idol reached a new low for me.  Not only did one of my favorites get sent home, but Jimmy Iovine managed to insult each of the contestants in some way as they were given the results.  Well, actually, most were not given the results, just told to wait longer.  Weird way to chop a contestant.

The night started with the kids celebrating Brit Week, only fitting since Prince William would be married in the morning.  The kids were taken to a party at the British Consulate where they all talked to the famous Fred Willard (not sure what he has to do with Britain, but anyway...).

After this the kids did a medley of Carol King songs, not all of which I know the titles of, but some that I recognized were One Fine Day, Take Good Care of My Baby (which having Casey sing this to Haley now seems very fitting), Go Away Little Girl (Scotty should leave this to Donny Osmond from now on), and It's Too Late.  Maybe Carol King wasn't a good choice for this group after all.

The Ford video to Our House was lame.

Crystal Bowersox was pretty good.  Wasn't my favorite last year, but not too bad now.

Q and A time brought back memories of Season 7 when Ryan would take calls from views.  This time the questions were decent and the responses were pretty good.

Results time.  Well, almost.  It was more like telling two people they were safe, Haley and James, and leaving everyone else in limbo.  And let's not forget the negative reviews from Jimmy, for everyone to mull over all night.  I'm sure they are all hoping that they don't win if they have to look forward to years of working with him to advance their careers.
Here's what he had to say about each contestant.
Haley- She doesn't know who she is.
Scotty- He's sound is too subtle, and he can get lost in the competition.
Lauren- She is too negative and hard on herself.  Lacks confidence.
Casey- He shouldn't growl.  "The family dog doesn't vote."
James- He is much more believable when he sings melodic music than when he sings the Metal that he       prefers to sing.
Jacob- He went to the wrong dressing room, must have been at DWTS, not Idol type of clothes.  And he is on Slippery banana peel status.

Always nice to have such positive comments from your mentor.

Bruno Mars had a taped performance.  Notice all of the "big stars" have to have several takes of their performance recorded so that they can be their best for Idol.  Can't anyone just walk out there and perform. Oh yeah, Kelly Clarkson did.

Well, Jacob is safe again. Why, oh Why!!! Who is voting for this guy?  Scotty is safe, like there was any doubt.  Casey is going home.  Bye Casey.  Go get some rest and get ready for the finale and tour.  You will be happy to know that you do not have to be saddled with Jimmy for the rest of your career as some of these contestants might be.  Casey, I think that alone is reason to rejoice.

Next week the top 5 sing songs from then and now, the 60's and today.  Could be interesting for sure.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 6 Sing Carol King Songbook

This could have been a total fail.  Carol King's songs are iconic.  They are well known by most adults, at least.  And these songs don't sound like any of the stuff being performed today, so the teens voting might hate it all, if they are expecting Kesha-like garbage.  For the most part, the kids did a good job with their song choices.  Jimmy seemed to give some helpful advice for a change and "Babyface" brought a new perspective to the mentoring.  And Will.I.Am was no where to be seen. YEAH.

So, to change up the contest this week, AI had the kids sing a solo and a duet.  Not like they didn't have stress already but this is around the time that they usually start making them sing two songs so it wasn't too different.

Jacob was first up with Oh No Not My Baby.  I have really tried to like Jacob but it just isn't working, and those creepy dance moves are not helping.  And who dressed that boy, Ringling Brothers?  Jacob's singing was just ok.  He had a few pitch problems.  The song just didn't do anything for me.

Lauren sang Where You Lead. Jimmy surprised Lauren by bringing in Miley Cyrus to give her a pep talk and mentor. Must be nice.  Not all of the contestants get to meet and be mentored by their idols.  Just doesn't seem fair, does it.  I thought Lauren did a good job.  She did miss a few notes but she was trying to hit things that she had been shying away from. My only questions with the performance are 1. Why did Lauren grab that guy out of the audience to sing to? (plant) and 2. Who are the blond bimbo backup singers and are those wigs they are wearing?

First duet of the night (and Ryan said he would not give out voting numbers for these performances)  was Casey and Haley singing I Feel the Earth Move.  I think they sound pretty good together.  They even make a cute couple.  They can growl at each other if they get bored.  The duet was nice.

Scotty sang one of Carol King's most well known songs, You've Got A Friend. Song had a nice intro. Scotty seemed to really understand what the mentors told him about the song.  He was soft when he needed to be and powerful when he needed to be.  I agreed with Jennifer, he is a great storyteller.  Must be the country boy in him.  And Randy has now ruined his chance of winning by declaring "Scotty's in it to win it."

James was the absolute best of the night with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.  The a cappella opening was fantastic and so was the rest of the song.  This was the perfect song and arrangement for James.  Once again I agree with Jennifer when she said that he was "magical."

The next duet was Up On The Roof from Lauren and Scotty.  After Casey and Haley's rocking jazzy duet, I thought that Lauren and Scotty's duet was a little too subdued, just sitting on the steps singing along in their little twangs.  Don't get me wrong.  I love their twangs.  I'm a Texan.  "Twangs are a good thang." I just wish that they had been given something with a little more "zap and pop" to it. Nice job though.

Casey found the perfect jazz song for himself, Hi Dee Ho.  Casey surprised us with a few bars at the piano before he moved on to kill some major jazz runs and licks.  He worked the stage well too.  I liked the performance.

Haley chose Beautiful. Now Haley is beautiful but I'm not sure that the song was.  It was a little rough at the beginning and had too much growling for my taste.  I'm not a big Haley fan though I do see that she could have a huge following given the right music.

The last duet was the most awkward I think that I have ever witnessed on Idol,  James and Jacob singing I'm Into Something Good.  Sorry guys, it wasn't good.  In fact I thought it was a mess.  Actually I thought it was scary. These voices do not blend at all.

So, before the results show comes on I better give my prediction for who's going home.  This is just my opinion.  Best to worst of the night.

1. James
2. Scotty
3. Casey
4. Lauren
5. Haley
6. Jacob

We'll see what "America" has to say in a couple of hours.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol 10: 7 turns into 6

Well, I was afraid this night would come.  I knew that America and I are not on the same wave length when it comes to musical talent.  Here is my take on the night anyway.

Over 52 million votes this week.  Sounds impressive.

Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob perform Train's Hey, Soul Sister.  And I will go with my daughter Amanda's take on the performance. "Something is just not right there.  Someone is way too high, but I can't decide if it's Haley or Jacob."  I think it was Jacob.  His voice doesn't blend well.

Ford video is interesting.  Desert changing into mountains and streams.  I don't know which cars they were selling this time though.  Trying to hard to figure out the action instead.

Casey, Scotty and James sing Cold Play's Viva La Vida and they are pretty good.  Scotty and Casey don't look as comfortable with the choreography as James does but they sound pretty good together.

Casey and Jacob on the hot seat and Jacob is in the bottom 3, Casey is safe.

David Cook sings his new single, The Last Goodbye.  Cookie- I like Cookie.  Not as much as "the other David" but he is a nice guy who David A respects so I will too.  Song sounds decent.  Hard to be comfortable on that stage once you have been criticized on it.

Lauren, James and Stefano on the hot seat now.  Lauren and James safe.  Stefano in the bottom 3.

Scotty and Haley on the hot seat. Scotty is safe.  Haley in the bottom 3.  No wait, Ryan goes to the stools and saves Haley.

Katy Perry sings her new single, ET with a visit from Kanye.  Katy's part was ok, I don't like Kanye.

Results- Jacob is safe (who in the world is voting for this guy) and Stefano is going home. This does not make me happy.  Stefano is a classy guy and sings like a champ.

Well, next week we have Songs of Carol King for the theme with guest Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox. Wow. Those all fit together so well.  Maybe will be back to help Jimmy mentor the kids.

American Idol 10: Top 7 Sing Songs From the 21st Century ????

So I was worried when I heard this week's theme would be songs from the 21st century.  I was afraid everyone would be handed a list of Black Eyed Pea's songs to choose from.  I mean, has been on the show in some capacity for the last 4 weeks in a row.  They might as well just have all of the kids sing  BEP songs and get it over with.  I am pleased to report that I did not see will or any other members of the Pea's in tonight's show.  Yeah!!!!!

So we started out with all 6 of this years rejects (so far) singing Pink's So What.  The girls sounded ok with it.  Pia, poor thing, was so out of place. And then Paul joined the girls.  Why, oh why????  Paul needs to stop singing for a while now, please.  He needs to go and get his vocal chords fixed before he does permanent damage.

First up, Scotty singing LeeAnn Rhimes' Swingin'.  Definitely different.  I'm with the judges, I think he should have picked something else.  It was fun, but not really something to get excited about. Not good to be mediocre in the first slot of the night. He should be safe though, since all the little girls will vote for him.

Next, James brings us something very different; Muse's Uprising.  Now this is a really unusual for Idol performance.  Made me think of Adam Lambert and all of the stuff they would pull out to pimp him for the win. I'm glad that James told us that he is coming up with this stuff.  I like James.  This is definitely not the music I listen to but I like James as a person and a performer.  I know that he will have an incredible career no matter when/where he leaves Idol.

Haley is up with Adele's Rolling in the Deep . I love the song with Adele, it was ok with Haley.  I think she took a big risk performing something that is on the charts right now.  Too easy to compare the two.  We haven't heard any other artists try the song yet.

Jacob, why oh why are you still in this competition.  Trying to fill really big shoes taking on Luther Vandros' Dance with My Father. I don't even know this song and I can tell that it is too much for Jacob. Sometimes it is not a good idea to take on a song that has an overpowering emotional connection for you,  unless you can separate yourself enough stay in control during the song.  Combine emotions with technical failures and the song is a mess.

Casey is definitely the rebel of the group.  Always going for the songs that don't quite fit with the others. This time it was Maroon 5's Harder to Breath.  I love you Casey, but this was an odd choice and I don't think that America is going to love it as much as you did.  I hope I'm wrong.  It was kind of fun that he ended the song singing right in JLo's face and then kissed her on the cheek.

Stefano was on fire with this performance of Neyo's Closer.  The intro clips portrayed him as a ladies man and he took that theme to the floor for his performance.  He definitely seemed more at ease with this performance.  Dancing and strutting around the stage, he was definitely going for the ladies votes this time.  I like Stefano, but three weeks in the bottom 3 might do him in this time.  I guess it will all depend on how much of the "cougar" votes he gets.

Lauren got the highlight spot this time but I really don't think that this song was a high point for her. Born to Fly by Sarah Evans really didn't seem to have wings.  It should have soared much more than it did.  I think that Lauren has been pushed too much and she is going to burn out before this is all over.  I hope that is not the case.  Be careful Miss Lauren.

My order of finish for this week:
1. James
2. Stefano
3. Scotty
4. Casey
5. Lauren
6. Haley
7. Jacob

This was a difficult week to rate.  We'll see what happens tonight.

Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 8 Results - "It's America's Choice!"

"It's America's choice" have got to be the most logical words spoken by the judges so far this season.  Thank you Ms. Lopez for reminding everyone that America picks the winner. (Or at least we are supposed to think that's what happens.)  Ryan tells us that over 53 million votes were cast in this round of the eliminations.  That would be really impressive if it meant that 53 million people voted, but we all know that's not even close to accurate.

Group sing this week is small-group sing, which I happen to like better for these contestants.  First up, our favorite country duo, Scotty and Lauren with Lady A's American Honey. The perfect song for these kids.  They look and sound so good and cute together.  Will this be an all-country finale this year?  Oh, I doubt it, but maybe. 

The Ford video got two spots this week; how it was made and the actual video.  I liked the zombie theme.  It seemed that they all had fun making the video. Nice song choice; Animal by Neon Trees. They should have saved this for next week though when the theme is Songs of the 21st century. 

Another duet. Haley and Casey, the rumored "couple" of the show. Maybe the rumor is true; Casey's eyes are really glowing looking at Haley this week.  Anyway, they sang  Moanin'  and it was fantastic. They seemed to work together really well.  I can see this being something that could last for a while. They seemed to double their talent and likability by performing together. Oh, and SCATTING FTW!

Scotty, Lauren and Casey are SAFE.  Haley is in the bottom 3.

Rob Reiner gives advise to the contestants because he uses music in his movies.  WOW, what a revolutionary idea; music in movies. 

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldine perform their duet and it sounds great.  The original American Idol winner shows the new kids how to make an impact. I loved it when the cameras panned over to the contestants at the couches and we could see Scotty and Lauren on their feet during the whole performance, clapping and singing along. They know talent when they see it.  Nothing offensive, no auto tune, just good ol' singing.

Stefano, Paul, James and Jacob get to sing together this time.  They have songs from the movie The Graduate:  Mrs Robinson ,and one of my all time favorite songs, Sounds of Silence. The sad part is that, after they started singing, I wished for silence.  I loved Stefano's voice on these songs and James sounded great too, but please, no more Simon and Garfunkle tunes for Jacob and no more singing(?) from Paul, period. It's time to give his voice a rest and a trip to the ENT.  Idol has a good one on call, David Archuleta used him for his vocal chord problems.  Paul needs him now.  Funny thing about this performance, Stefano seemed so relaxed and loose up there singing those songs. I hope that he can keep that persona going into next weeks competition, he needs it.

James and Jacob are SAFE. Boo, there goes my bottom 3 prediction. Stefano and Paul are in the bottom 3.

Rhianna performs her latest single, California King Bed, and it's not totally terrible.

Results:  Haley is SAFE.  Stefano is SAFE!!! Paul is "the first guy to leave the Idol stage" this season, and he seems alright with it.  Now he can work on fixing his medical problems before the summer tour.  He sings us out with Maggie May.   Hey, I just realized that he has been wearing a Grand Magnolas' T-shirt all night.  HAHA.

Next week: Songs from the 21st Century?  Is that even possible with Idol?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 8 Take On Songs From the Movies

Well, when I heard that the theme for this week was songs from the movies, I was worried that we would have some terrible song choices.  I was pleasantly surprised last night with some of the songs and thrilled that a couple of the contestants stuck to their guns and went with their own ideas instead of Jimmy's ideas.  I was not thrilled to see glued to Jimmy's side again.  What's with these two?  Must we have two unwanted voices "mentoring" the contestants. 

Here's what I thought of the performances.
Paul- Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seager.  I like the song.  I think that it was a good choice for Paul. It sounds like him. That being said, I still did not like the performance.  The singing part was fine, it's the running and jumping erratically all over the stage that bothers me.  He looks like someone who forgot to take his ADHD meds.  I'm not trying the be mean.  I say this with 10 yrs experience teaching experience. Paul is all over the place and it is very distracting to me.  And to top it all off, I didn't know that the estate was selling off all of Porter Wagner's old suits.

Lauren- The Climb by Miley Cyrus.  Lauren looked absolutely beautiful.  No more creepy makeovers from Gwen Stefani, please.  It was hilarious when Jimmy told Lauren that she has a much better voice that Miley.  Poor Lauren, she will have all of the Hannah fans out to get her before she even has a career.  Fortunately for Lauren, she killed the song.  it was definitely better than I have heard from Miley.  My daughter happens to love that song and thought that Lauren was fantastic also. 

Stefano- End of the Road by Boys to Men.  Well, I had never heard this song before.  I don't follow BTM and I did not see the movie it was in. I thought that Stefano did a great job with it but I am worried that most of the Idol audience is like me and doesn't know the song.  I think that can go either way with the audience.  Either people will love the idea of an unfamiliar song and vote for Stefano and they will hate the unfamiliar song and vote against Stefano (or not vote at all). I don't think Idol voters like to hear unfamiliar songs on the show.  The good news is that Stefano received high praise from all of the judges so the votes might lean more towards voting for Stefano because of it. But we saw how much praise helped Pia last week, didn't we.

Scotty- Cross My Heart by George Strait from the movie Pure Country.  Oh no, Jimmy doesn't want him to sing this song.  He likes first choice better. For someone so young, Scotty is really confident and holds his ground. America like that I'm sure.  I liked the song.  Not as good as George but George doesn't have to deal with the Idol choir drowning him out either.  You would think that Scotty could just sing without the backups mics cranked up.  Not his best performance, but he will be fine.

Casey- Nature Boy by Nat King Cole.  Very brave performance from Casey.  Jimmy really didn't like the choice or the fact that Casey said he was going to perform it anyway.  Absolutely fantastic Jazz piece.  Just the right amount of accompaniment. Randy said "The world can not live by pop stars alone."

Haley- Call Me by Blondie.  Oh my!  Dress is way too short and the camera angles from the floor are exposing way too much.  Please stop making this into something on MTV. This is supposed to be family friendly. Haley, I try to like you but it just isn't working. The song choice is all wrong for Idol and you are off at the beginning.  Even the judges didn't like the performance.

Jacob- Bridge Over Troubled Water. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I have been wishing to hear my all-time favorite singer perform it, but that person is definitely not Jacob. It was just ok for me, as Randy would say.  I think one problem that Jacob might have from this performance is that he did not stand his ground with Jimmy.  Jacob had two other songs that he had chosen but went with what Jimmy wanted.  It is a great song, but Jacob needs to choose for himself, in my opinion.

James- Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar.  While I doubt that many Idol fans are fans of Heavy Metal music, I believe that they are fans of artists that stand up for themselves and perform what they like and want.  James was totally in Jimmy's face with "this is what I want to do and will do".  Bravo James.  Not everything in this show has to be about what Jimmy wants. I love the fact that James was accompanied by an actual heavy metal guitarist, Zakk Wylde.  Both audience members and judges loved the performance.

This is a hard one to predict. After last week, no one is totally safe, except maybe Scotty.
Here's how I rate them.
1.  Casey
2.  Lauren
3.  Scotty
4.  James
5.  Stefano
6.  Jacob
7.  Paul
8.  Haley

Of course, I could be totally wrong again.

Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol 10: 9 Turns into 8 and the Idol World Explodes

I don't know what everyone is so upset about. Isn't this exactly what always happens on Idol.  Some extremely talented contestant is voted off too early every year.  Rarely does the most talented "singer" actually win the competition.  It might have started out that way in season 1, I don't know since I didn't watch that year, but it has definitely been true in recent years.  If you think that the voting public wants talent, you haven't been listening to music these days.  Auto-tuned freaks are all the rage these days.  People who couldn't sing in key if their life depended on it, abound at the tops of the charts.  Singers who can sing anything and make you melt, can't get on the radio. People who dress like trash and sing about trash with trashy lyrics make the big bucks. The music industry has gone to hell in a handbasket, if you ask me. 

And how are any of these contestants supposed to improve if the mentor for the whole season is the same person.  And all he is worried about in the long run is who he will get to sign to his label and make big bucks off of. So he gives stupid advise or no advise to the kids who don't fit in his mold.  Why else would he bring on, from his label, to give incoherent advise to the kids.  Why would they tell the gospel singer that he should sing about sex, the diva to sing only diva ballads when it is clear that diva ballads are not popular now, the country boy to go outside of country, the funky jazz guy to do Nirvana.  Jimmy Iovine is in it for himself, not the contestants.

Hey, I have a fantastic idea on a way to choose that next American Idol.  Let's have all of the contestants go into a sound proof room one at a time to perform one "unknown until it is performed" song a cappella.  Then we will know who can sing and who can't.  What one song would I like for them to sing? Our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, of course.  If they can sing that song with out prompting and stay on key and hit all of the notes, they win.

Rant over!!!

The elimination show was so painful to watch and that was before Pia was voted off.  I wondered who would be the guest performer besides Constantine. I thought that Idol would have some impressive artists since the last two weeks had been so good.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has some incredible artists inducted in it and Idol was bound to be able to surprise us with someone great.

What were they thinking?????  Iggy Pop was disgusting in appearance and performance. Anyone that needs to have the lyrics bleeped out should not be appearing on the show.  Isn't this family friendly? Don't they claim to have millions of teen viewers voting each week?

TMZ is not an appropriate media outlet to counsel the contestants in how to react.  They want the contestants to screw up so they can make ugly comments about them.  What a waste of every one's time.

And since when does Russell Brand qualify as a "charisma coach" for anyone?  he can mentor singers because he is married to one, I guess.  Stupid promo for his new movie is all I got out of it. 

And Gwen Stefani helped ruin the looks of the beautiful girls left in the competition this week.  She took each contestant two of her personally designed outfits to try out for the show; one total fail outfit and one still pretty bad but had to be worn on the show because it was from her. Please let these girls dress themselves. They are beautiful without help.

Constantine looked good up there on stage but he also ruined one of my favorite songs, Unchained Melody. He was there to promo his Rock of Ages tour.

So I won't go through all of the actual stuff about who was eliminated. It all boils down to Pia is a fantastic singer who does not fit the mold of who TPTB want to win this year so they did not do enough to help her go farther in the competition. Yes, she needs to work on her stage presence and get more comfortable out there. But Pia is talented and beautiful and, with the right mentoring, will have a wonderful career in music. She will survive this Idol elimination.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 9 Rock & Roll All Night

So last night the Top 9 performed songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it was interesting to say the least.  Since this was a wide open category with too many songs and artists to even consider, I didn't really try to guess which songs the contestants would choose.  I did have songs that I hoped no one would attempt/ butcher; Elvis' Love Me Tender, Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line, and John Lennon's Imagine were the three that I really didn't want to hear from these guys.  I am happy to report that they were not used this time around.  I figured that James would do While My Guitar Gently Weeps  and I was hoping that it wouldn't happen but wasn't surprised when Scotty covered Elvis.  At least he chose a song that isn't used as much on Idol.  I thought that someone would cover MJ and hoped that someone would cover Credence Clearwater Revival. All in all, they did a pretty good job. Here's what I thought of the show.

First off, let's just get these two things out of the way and not mention them again.
1. Let's not ever have Gwen Stefani style the girls again.  All three of these young ladies are beautiful and know how to present themselves.  They don't need a platinum blond in weird clothes to tell them what to do with their hair or to choose their clothes for them.  They have looked just fine until tonight.  Lauren, please go back to being you. Pia, you are a pro at this already and Haley, even though your singing is not my style, you are absolutely beautiful.  Please don't listen to anyone who says that y'all should change.

2. Please, Idol producers, we have had enough of  Period.  NO MAS.  Nada.  While Jimmy has a grating personality, Will just sounded plain dumb and confusing.  Three weeks of this man is enough. Thank you.

Jacob- I am so happy with Jacob for sticking to his morals and knowing when to say NO, I will not sing that. Good for you Jacob.  You may not be my favorite singer in this competition but you gained many points with me and America by saying no to something you didn't want to sing about.  Take a page from David Archuleta and sing lyrics that will present positive messages not sex. Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror was a great choice for him this week.  I actually like this performance, as long as I wasn't looking at the TV.  Sorry Jacob, I can't watch you sing. But you sounded good this week.

Haley- Girl, I really want to see what the judges are seeing but it just isn't happening for me.  Janis Joplin was a icon here in Austin, Tx and I know her music well. I have never thought that you sound like Janis and I still don't.  Piece of My Heart was just too screamy, too growly for me.

Casey- I love CCR and Have You Ever Seen The Rain and I am so happy that it was Casey who tackled this song. Simple acoustic accompaniment, upright bass and was that a mandolin?, for a beautiful song.  Little expertly place growls and sneers worked into the song. Very nice job.  Not all rock and roll needs to be screamed.

Lauren-  Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman is not an  easy song but you did pretty good with it. I thought that you could have gone a little more over the top, a little more power here and there.  But how could you possibly go wrong following's stellar advise: country + soul = countrol.

James- After he interview where you said that you want to sing this song, I knew that this was coming; George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  I thought the beginning was a little rough but it was easy to see your passion for this song and that made up for any imperfections that might have been there. I could have done without the Idol string section, but at least they are not as bad as the Idol choir.

Scotty-  I hoped that Elvis would be avoided but somehow I knew that Scotty would need to cover him.  I'm so glad that it was not Love Me Tender but instead That's Alright Mama.  It sounded good but Scotty, don't make weird facial expressions when you sing.  And why are you holding the mic like that?
That was cute when the girls ran up on the stage to hug him but it shouldn't happen again.  Fun song.

Pia- Tina Turner's River Deep, Mountain High was a gutsy choice.  I thought it started out too soft but the power finally kicked in.  I have no questions about your singing ability but you really need to loosen up on the stage.  You still looked scared.  You need to relax more and not be so stiff. I know it has to be incredibly nerve racking to be on that stage, but find a way to calm yourself. Oh, and please don't let them use flash pots with your songs again.

Stefano-  Percy Sledges' When A Man Loves A Woman was not what I would have liked to hear from you but I still think you did a good job.  I wished for something more like Santana's Black Magic Woman or Elvis's Suspicious Minds or even Simon and Garfunkle's Bridge Over Troubled Water .  This was a nice song, tender, passionate, and powerful.  You did a good job even though it looked like Will and Jimmy wasted your time with their terrible mentoring.  I guess that Ryan Tedder helped more.  Too bad we didn't get to see more of his time with you.

Paul-  Of all of the songs in the world, I would never have picked Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.  In their true mentor style, Will and Jimmy said just be crazy with it.  Johnny Cash might have been bigger than life and out of control at times but I don't ever remember hearing anyone refer to his music as crazy, unless they said it was crazy good.  Sorry Paul, I didn't like this song at all. Paul made it sound like whinny Johnny.  And this a singing competition, not a guitar pros jam, so why is there this long guitar interlude in the middle of the song. Sorry, I didn't like it at all.

So, here is my non-scientific order of finish for the night.  Just so you know, I have not read any of the reviews from last night to see what others think about the performances.  This is just my thoughts.
1.   Scotty
2.   Casey
3.   James
4.   Lauren
5.   Pia
6.   Stefano
7.   Jacob
8.   Haley
9.   Paul

Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol 10: 11 to 9, Girls Can't Catch a Break

Another one bites the dust. No wait, that's two for the road.  What I am trying to say is two got voted off of Idol last night.  And here is what I thought about the whole ordeal.

Jennifer looks gorgeous as usual. Seacrest does not descend from his mighty throne and walk the stairs, but instead follows the judges through the sliding doors of doom.

Over 55 million votes cast for this elimination. Hum!  That's a lot of votes. I thought that I read that the viewing percentage was down for Wednesday night. I guess people didn't have anything else to do.

Group songs have been changed and we will see small groups this week.

First up Lauren and Scotty singing I Told You So and man do they sound good together. And they look cute together.  I asked my daughter if she thought that Lauren and Scotty would become a couple and she said no because Lauren is too sassy for Scotty.  I still think there might be something there in the future.  We'll see.  this song was perfect for them to sing and they are so safe.

I really like to watch the other contestants on the side as the results are announced. Interesting to see the reactions.  For this first group, the girls are all smiles. The contestant clapping the most is Stefano.  As Lauren and Scotty return to the couches, Stefano is on his feet and greeting both L and S.  Casey is also up and congratulating his friends.  The other guys, maybe not as happy.

Talking about gifts sent to the contestants.  Someone sent James a custom-made replica of a WWF Championship belt with Crazy James engraved on it.  OK.

Naima and Jacob sing Solid which is kind of funny since I feel that they are both on shaky ground.  I love Naima's voice but I hate Jacob's voice.  Well, that didn't go well.  Naima is in the bottom 3 but Jacob is safe. Sorry Naima, America doesn't really like reggae much, ask Jason Castro.

OMG!  Season 3 winner, Fantasia, is in the house.  She is singing her new single Collard Greens and Cornbread.  Really??? I guess the title says it all. And Fantasia looks scary.  She does have good advise for the newbies though, "It's not always peaches and cream. Keep good people around you who will tell you the truth."

Pia, Thia, and Haley sing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.  I learned something with that performance, I hate that song no matter who is singing it.

Thia in the bottom 3.  Well that's not a surprise.

Awe, cutie Kris Allen and his wife are in the audience tonight.  When will David Archuleta be there guys?

Wow, a clip about living the rock star lifestyle.  I'm sure all rock stars have leaky ceilings and have to move out of their mansions.  "Ouch" on Lauren falling on the stairs. That's not funny and shouldn't have been shown.

Last group performance; Stefano, Casey, Paul, and James singing Band on the Run.  These guys actually sound pretty good together. Stefano on keyboards, James and Paul on acoustic and Casey - what is Casey playing?- it doesn't look like a bass to me. Steven Tyler says they can open for Aerosmith on their next tour. I bet he is kidding, at least I hope he is.  It might sound fun, but aren't these guys trying to be looking for peeps to open for them?

Well, it seems that Casey would be very proud of himself if he knew how many of the 55 million votes he got this time, or so Ryan says.  Casey is SAFE.  James is SAFE.  Stefano is SAFE.  (I feel like I'm calling a baseball game tonight.)  Paul in the bottom 3.

Wil.I.Am. and Jamie Fox have dropped by to plug a new Fox movie, Rio.  It's animated and about parrots. I guess that's why we have a drum corps and brightly dressed dances on the stage. Wow, is this a bad performance of a bad song or what? Apparently these two guys will sing anything if you give them enough money. Wait, don't go drummers.  In fact, play louder so the you drown out the auto-tuned dredge that these two think we want to hear.  Wow. I will have to miss that movie.

So the bottom 3 are Naima, Thia, and Paul.  I got 2 out of 3 right. America and I haven't agreed on this much in a long time. And the two leaving the competition, Naima and Thia. NO.!!! I don't want to listen to Paul sing again. I demand a recount. And Lauren is crying her eyes out on the sidelines. BOOHOO!
Bye Naima, and I hope to see you here in Austin singing some reggae soon, Please.