Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost There

Last weekend, one of my favorite David Archuleta fansites,, posted a wonderful fan-made graphic picture made by Juan Morales.  Juan is an extremely talented fan who is always contributing new inspirational work to the fandom of David. This picture was entitled "Almost There" and is part of a fictional album Juan is designing centered around "the journey home" theme.  Fans were encouraged to to try their hand at writing lyrics for this graphic so I gave it a try.  I felt an interesting connection to this photo, so it didn't take long to come up with the words.  I don't claim to be a lyricist, or that these words could even be used in a song, but I do feel that they convey the idea of the graphic as I see it. 

Almost There
by Margy

This life is tough, it moves so fast;
Decisions rushed, and dreams don’t last.
Goals that most regard so high
Now make me want to say goodbye.

This craziness that I’ve been living,
Has asked too much; I can’t keep giving.
I long to know the peace I feel
Inside of me is true and real.

I need to see the land I love,
The mountains rise, the sky above.
I need to breathe that air so clear,
Bring back my life, push out this fear.

I won’t look back, can’t make it right,
The past is dark but my future’s bright.
It’s within my reach, I won’t despair.
I’m going home. I’m almost there.

American Idol 10: The Finale Rocks and Country Rules

Well another season of American Idol has come and gone.  Some moments were incredible and many were excruciating, but in the end, I think the right contestant won.

Ryan started us out telling us that they received over 122 million votes for the finale and almost three quarters of a billion votes on the season.  Sound crazy and impressive.

First performance, all of the Top 13 singing Gaga's Born This Way.  This is actually the first time I have liked this song.  They all sounded great together. That's weird.  All are dressed in white.  Scotty and Lauren look happy, Stefan looks "hot" and Jacob looks scary.  Put your hand somewhere else boy.

James sings with his idols, Judas Priest and they are awesome.  This is not my normal type of music but I like these guys together.  Black leather and metal spikes FTW.  James is totally in his element.  Awesome.

First judges' tribute is for Randy, "Our Dawg."  Ryan says "we need to get you a new writer."

Jacob sings with Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight.  Interesting.  I like Kirk and love Gladys but Jacob I could do without.  Thank goodness the choir drowned him out after a while.

Casey gets his dream duet with Jack Black.  It is funny and awesome at the same time.

Top 13 ladies minus Lauren come out in red and black and perform a Beyonce medley.  They sound pretty good on this.  Beyonce joins them with her dancers and I notice that there is more flesh showing on the stage than costumes.  Just my opinion.

Second judges' tribute goes to Steven Tyler, "The Loose Cannon."  Ryan says he's "too much to handle."

Haley has the best performance of her run on Idol with a fabulous duet with the legendary, Tony Bennet. They sing Steppin' Out With My Baby and he really seems to enjoy singing with Haley.  She looks beautiful as always. What an honor to get to sing and dance with a legend who is about to turn 85.  Wow!

Third judges' tribute is for Jennifer.  Idol decided to show some of the crazies who were in love with her and the top 13 guys crushin' on her. Marc Anthony must be pretty awesome to be able to put up with all of this.

Up next, another "what?" performance on Idol this season. Ashthon, Naima, This, and Karen must perform with TLC with Lil Jon.  What an honor. Not.

Scotty does have an honor though.  He sings Live Like You're Dying with Tim McGraw.  Awesome choice.  I love this song and Tim  so this is a win, win.  Yeah Scotty.

Now, instead of Idol having last years winner, Lee Dewyze, sing, or any other Idol alum for that matter, we are subjected to a clip of audition rejects narrated by reject announcer/singer "Big Joe".  So sad.

Marc Anthony is up next.  He qualifies for Idol since his wife is a judge.  Marc is actually really good, although he is singing is Spanish which most of America won't understand.  He has shelia E. on the drums and Jennifer comes out to dance for him.  Very hot.  Man, can she shake it!

We get a "shocking elimination" clip as Stefano, James and Casey discuss which one of them was the bigger surprise elimination.  Pia settles the debate when she arrives wearing a tiara and a sash reading "most shocking."

Top 13 guys come out in all black and sing a Tom Jones medley.  It is pretty good.  Stefano is "hot" in black as well as the earlier white.  James is totally out of the norm singing What's New Pussycat, and is wonderful.  Scotty sings a classic the Green, Green Grass of Home and Jacob even sounds decent on this kind of music. Surprise!  And Tom Jones is in the house.  Nice.  And man is he getting old.  Sorry Tom.

We are once again forced to watch a Ford music video.  They have not been that good this season, and we are reminded of that as we watch clips for the previous vids this season while Lauren and Scotty sing When You Remember.  Must we?

Scotty and Lauren, with the help of Coke, brought their teacher that had impacted them the most to the Idol finale.  Lauren brought her principal and Scotty brought his choir teacher.  Ford gave each of the a new Focus and Lauren and Scotty get to pick any Ford vehicle that they want.

Lady Gaga is back again to sing The Edge of Glory.  She is standing on a rock tower, dressed oddly, as usual.  The song is ok but the performance, with everyone in leather underwear, is way too sexual for the audience at home for sure.  If my kids were watching this, I would be very unhappy with AI.  I'm glad my 16 yr old son was not in the room when this mess was on.  I would have been very embarrassed.

Lauren sings with Carrie Underwood.  Poor Lauren, your voice is shot for now.  Get some rest and get ready for promos and tour.

Another short clip this time the other members of the top 13 tell what they think of Scotty and Lauren.  Stefano sums it all up with "There are two 6th graders in the finals , and they are kicking everyone's ... "

This is really dragging along now.

Beyonce is back to sing her new single, One Plus One.  Oh, joy.

Bono and The Edge drop by to promote their floundering Broadway musical, Spiderman.  They brought along the star of the show, Reeve Carney, to help them sing Rise Above.  He looks a little like Kris Allen, but does not sound like him. I spy Dave Filice in the back behind the spiderweb.  He recently played bass for David Archuleta. He is very good.  Spidey had been springing through the audience at the beginning of the performance and, at the end, he comes down, upside down, right in front of Jennifer and startles her.  She pulls his mask up and touches his nose.  Cute.

The next surprise guest, who is not even a surprise, is Steven Tyler.  He plays the piano and is accompanied by the Idol band and an orchestra.  He rocks out to Dream On.  Totally Awesome.

Finally.  Results time.
Scotty in a gray tux and Lauren in sunshine yellow dress, and she looks like she is about it faint.

Scotty is the winner.  Not a surprise but still awesome.

Scotty first "Thank the Lord.  He got me here.  Big hugs all around for family and other contestants and judges.  As confetti falls to the floor, so does Scotty, in tears.  He pulls himself together and, being a 17 yr old after all, tried to catch the confetti with his tongue.

And the last thing that we hear before the show cuts out is Scotty saying,  "Thank you so much."

And  I also say thank you to all who have endured my aimless ramblings this season.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 2, Battle of the Teens

What an unusual season this has been.  Lowering the audition age to 15 made for a few unexpected moments on Idol this year and eventually to the youngest finals match up in Idol history.  Combine that with both finalists preferring the same genre, Country, we come to a very unique Idol final performance show.

I loved the opening clip showing Carrie Underwood and David Cook and how their dreams came true.  Nice to see David Archuleta in the audience also.  Ryan tells us that there are 7000 Idol fans in the audience to see the performances.

Late breaking news from TMZ had Lauren unable to performa and Haley taking her place, but that is not the case.  Lauren says she is ready to go.  The Idol voice doctor, the one who is also David Archuleta's ENT for his paralyzed vocal chord, says Lauren blew out a vocal chord at rehearsals but they have gotten her meds and she will be able to perform.

The show will have three rounds: contestants favorite performance form the season, contestant's idol's  choice, and Jimmy's choice which will be their first single if they win. Hummmm!!!!!

At the end of last weeks results show, Scotty won the coin toss to decide this week's performance order but he let Lauren decide and so he will perform first and Lauren second.

Round #1
Scotty sings "Gone" and he sounds wonderful again.  Fun song. Scotty looks all calm and confident out there on that big stage.
Lauren sings "Flat on the Floor" and she is sounding great too.  Don't hear any voice problems so far.

Round #2
Scotty gets a song chosen by George Strait, his own song "Check Yes or No."  I think this is a little too laid back for Idol.  Scotty sounds great and I like the song but not sure if the average non-country fan will appreciate it.  Should have been something with more umph.
Lauren gets a song chosen by, you guessed it, Carrie Underwood.  Lauren sings "Maybe it was Memphis" by Pam Tillis.  What a dress Lauren is wearing.  Country beauty pageant FTW.  Good song, but I hear a couple of rough spots.  Don't give you girl.

Judges get to put in their two-cents worth now. Randy says that America did a fine job picking these two. Round 1 to Scotty and Round 2 to Lauren.  Jennifer says that we have an explosive start and agrees with Randy; round 1 Scotty, Round 2 Lauren.  Steven says "Scotty, Lauren,  if you sang that better you would be on the finals of American Idol." Both rounds to Lauren because she is prettier.  Scotty agrees with that.  Of course, Randy has to tells Ryan that "Their both in it to win it."

Oh good, promo time.  We have the premier of the "hot new single" that American Idol fans helped write. Positive by Tao Cruz.  What an annoying song.  My 16 yr old doesn't even like it.  Perfect, the mic cut out for a while so we had a short reprieve from the annoying song.  Drummers were weird and useless.

Round #3
Scotty is saddled with a "big" song for his big voice.  Jimmy picks "I Love You This Big" for Scotty's first potential single.  It s a good song but not a great song.  Kind of slow and bland for a "big" song.  Randy said "Not sure if this was the perfect song for you" but good job.  Jennifer says that Scotty is a great storyteller.  Steven says "You proved that you can't make a 3-point shot from under the net.  You nailed it.  Ryan tells Scotty "You're so chill."
Lauren gets a song that has been recorded a few times but not by successful artists, one being Kristi Lee Cook from season 7.  Jimmy picks "Like My Mother Does" for Lauren. He thinks that the "mom-factor" will be big for Lauren.  Lauren is happy to be singing it for her mom; she deserves it.  Lauren is doing great and Mom is crying so Lauren decided to go into the audience and give her a hug in the middle of the song.  Ryan runs over to Lauren to assist her on the stairs.  Good job, Ryan.  Randy says great song and gives her a standing "O."  Jennifer says "It is a tight race, but with that song, you might just have won."  Steven says something about Mom's being bedrock and tells Lauren "You were my American Idol the first time I saw you."

Judges sum it up, please.
Randy- slight edge Lauren.
Jennifer- Tight race.  America has a tough job.
Steven-  Lauren gets it hands down.

So, is it the kiss of death from the judges for Lauren?  Will America follow the normal path and vote like mad for the contestant that the judges did not favor? Will Lauren even be able to perform on the results show? I guess we will see.

Ryan promises lots of surprises on the two hour star studded finale.

But before we go, here is the performance of "Don't You Forget About Me" from David Cook that we had been promised much earlier in the season.  Great job, Cookie.  I like the season highlight reel playing in the background too.

So here it is.  My prediction of the winner.  While I love Lauren and think that she did a great job this week, I think that Scotty has been more consistent throughout the season.  I also feel that he will be more inclined to handle the pressure of actually being "The American Idol."  He is more confident and emotionally together than Lauren is at this point.  They will both have careers and recording contracts, and, in the end, that is all that matters.

Scotty for the Win!

Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 3 Results - OMG, Can It Be

After over 95 million votes cast this week, Jimmy goes out on a limb and predicts a boy in the finals.  Since Scotty is the only contestant that has not been in the bottom and seems to actually have the highest vote count each week, this is really stretching it there, Jimmy.

We start out with a video of the Top 4 visiting the studio of JJ Abrams and a preview of Super 8.  (Yes, Idol seems to be running behind on their trip videos.  If they had left off that sad video by ST, or any of the three yuck performances during last weeks results show, they could have been a little more timely with this fun clip.) JJ gave all 4 a Super 8 movie camera to use during their hometown visits.  Nice!!

Elle Fanning, star of Super 8 and Dakota's little sister, is in the audience to plug the movie and squee over Scotty.

Hometown visits looked interesting.

It rained on Haley's parade, literally, and then she cried at her high school.

Scotty said "Wow" a lot, and cried a lot, and got to sing with Josh Turner, and cried some more.

Lauren was very popular at her high school, toured the tornado damage in the area, met with a little boy who saved his family after the tornado, cried for others pain, and threw the first pitch over the catchers head at a baseball game.

This week the Ford Music video was set to "Smile" on the beach.  Why was Lauren wearing a skirt at the beach.  Did they forget to tell her where they were headed?

In recent weeks, I have like only two "live" performances by other artists that have been featured on Idol, Lady Antebellum and Sugarland.  Other than these two, which were actually "live" and not taped live, all of the performances have been kind of disgusting to me.  Tasteless songs and half dressed women have been the norm.  Even on this results show, another sorry performance was added to the lot with Nicole Scherzinger and 50 cent bopping around making noise.  I actually had to mute the TV during this fiasco.

Tonight there was one rare exception to the recent performances.  The young Italian tenors known as Il Volo were absolutely fantastic singing "O Sole Mio."  Even my 19 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son liked this performance, and they had no idea what this song was or what it was about.  They thought the guys were extremely talented.  I am proud to say that I had already heard of these young men, having watched several of their videos on youtube.

Well, on to the results, which I am ecstatic to say, I got right.  Yes, there is a first time for everything.

Scotty is safe, Lauren is safe and Haley seems to be totally shocked that she is not in the finale.  I wonder what the Idol peeps have been saying to her to make her think that she would actually make the finale. Wasn't this match-up predetermined a long time ago.  I mean, never once since Hollywood week have I ever thought that Scotty would not be in the finale.  And Steven basically named Lauren the winner of this season during the audition in Nashville.  TPTB know that the teens are the heaviest voters out there now.  That's why they lowered the audition age to 15 this year; to get the contestants that the voters will want to vote for on the show, and to keep America's Got Talent and Simon Cowell's X-Factor from taking all of the teen contestants and audience away from Idol.

So, next week we have the two teenage finalists for the first time in the shows history; 17 yr old Scotty and 16 yr. old Lauren.  I guess since they have missed their high school proms, they can dress up this next week and pretend that they are each other's dates for their own private prom.  Hey, they can even be crowned King and Queen.  Maybe the votes can be manipulated enough so this year there is a tie on American Idol and then Country Music is declared the winner.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 3 Performances

I can't believe that Idol is down to just three contestants already.  The season seems to have flown by.  Ryan tells us that over 125,000 auditioned for Idol this year and we are down to 3.  (I won't say the best three, because I don't believe that is the case.  Some of my favorites left the competition a long time ago.)

We started the show with a mini review of the hometown visits.  I would expect more coverage of that on the results show.  TPTB were nice and let James' hometown have his homecoming also even though he was eliminated last week.  That was so nice of them.  I remember in season 7, Jason Castro went out at #4, and Rockwall, Tx had a spectacular homecoming for him too, just not the same weekend as the Top 3 and not supported by the AI peeps.

This year, the top 3 will have three songs to sing: their choice, Jimmy Iovine's choice, and the judge's choice.  In past years, for the judge's choice one judge chose a song for one contestant.  This year, it was a group decision.

First round is Contestant's choice and Beyonce' is the mentor.
Scotty sang "Amazed" by Lonestar.  He was awesome.  I love this song and Scotty did a great job with it.
Randy said "Scotty's got money, Ryan."  I think that means he did good.

Lauren sang "Wild One" by Faith Hill.  I am not real familiar with this song but I thought it sounded good.  It is definitely country and so is Lauren.  Lauren's outfit was a little different for me.  My first thought was "Country goes Hawaiian."

Haley sang a classic, "What Is and What Should Never Be" by Led Zeppelin. TPTB actually let her daddy accompany her on this song.  He was pretty good but, as a parent, I'm sure it was hard for him not to drop that guitar and run to Haley when she tripped going up the stairs.  She pulled it together and kept going but seemed to lose a little along the way.  I wasn't thrilled with the performance.  I think it was the female voice that made it seem weird.  It was also kind of difficult to catch all of the words, which is important to me.

According to the judges, Round #1 goes to Haley.  ( I'm not sure which performance they were at, but I don't agree.  I thought Scotty was much better that both of the girls.)

Round #2 songs are Jimmy's choices. I thought he did a pretty good job.  Don't want to give these kids bum songs when you will be signing two of these three to contracts in the very near future.

Scotty sang "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" by Thompson Square.  This was a fun song for Scotty.  It sounded pure country.  Steven Tyler told Scotty "You were living the song."

Lauren sang "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry.  I like this song a lot and thought Lauren was doing great until she zoned out and forgot where she was.  It has to be hard to be up in front of all of these people at 16 yrs old but if she wants to succeed she has to get use to it.  Poor thing was having trouble even before the singing started.  Her hose ripped and we saw her getting make-up on her legs as her beginnings clip rolled.

Haley sang "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks.  this is a very difficult song and I'm not sure that Jimmy did her any favors asking Haley to perform this song.  Everyone knows Stevie Nicks' version and Haley wasn't even close to it.

Judges opinion, Round #2 split vote.  ST- Lauren, JLo and Randy- Scotty.

Next we are tortured with Beyonce's new music video to "Run the World (Girls)" .  YUCK.  Enough said.

Round #3 songs are the judges' choices. Two out of three are good ideas.  Haley has been thrown under the bus.  YES.

Scotty sang "She Believes in Me" by Kenny Rogers.  It might be an old song, but it does some definite high points that Scotty needs to show .  ST said "it was over the top."  Jennifer said "We picked this for you to see if you could hit the chorus.  You showed us."

Lauren sang   "I Hope You Dance" by Leeann Womack.  That is some fancy, beautiful dress that she is wearing .  She soared during this performance.  JLo got goose bumps.  Steven told her "You walked out here like you owned the Grand Ol' Opry. Randy said, "Ryan, she's in it to win it."

Haley sang "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrisett.  I thought it was too screechy and had rhythm problems.  I didn't like it . Hard to understand the words for me.

Judge's opinions for Round #3, ST- Haley, JLo- Lauren, Randy- Lauren.

So, now for the hard part.  One goes home tonight. All I know for sure is that Scotty will be safe.  Unless all of the teenage girls had their phones confiscated last night, Scotty will be in the finals.

The girls are a different story.  From all of the reviews I have read, most people don't think that both Scotty and Lauren can be in the finals since they both are country.  My daughter and I don't follow that line of thinking.  We want Lauren and Scotty in the finals.  It would be totally insane to have an all teenage country final.  I think that it would work.  I think that America would be fine with it.

Now that I have said that, if you look back over the weeks at my predictions here, you will see that America and I have not really been in total agreement very much.  I guess, if I really think about it, in the past four seasons, America and I have not agreed either.  Season 6 when I really started watching this show, I had liked Melinda Doolittle, who left too early. Season 7 my favorites were David Archuleta and Jason Castro , who came in second and fourth.  Season 8 I had favored Danny Gokey for the win, and he came in third. Season 9, I was pulling for Casey James, who came in third.  I don't seem to have the best record on picking the winners.  But this is just for my fun, so here goes.

#1 Scotty
#2 Lauren
#3 Haley

We'll see what happens in a few hours.

Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 4 Sing Stuff

Ah, yes. Top 4 sing to see who gets to go home for the weekend and loose even more sleep.  I hope that they don't actually think that they will get to see their houses, family or friends because that is not real likely. As past top 3 contestants have told us, this visit is even crazier than the normal week in LA.  I did enjoy the three-second glimpses of David Archuleta during his homecoming for season 7.

Idol had to be difficult this week and give the kids two different themes and a new crazy mentor.  The themes changes were bad enough, we really didn't need Lady Gaga and her inappropriate shoes (had to change them for the TV sensors) in the mix too.

First up, songs that are inspiring to each contestant, as opposed to Inspirational songs, I guess. 

James decided to rock out to Randy's old buddies, Journey, with Don't Stop Believing.  No problem James, I believe every word you sang.  Great job.

Haley, girl.  Michael Jackson's The Earth Song? Didn't JLo tell you last week how important song choice is?  If you are going to sing MJ at least sing one of the many songs that people will recognize, not one that Idol viewers have never heard before.  You sounded ok, I guess. You growled again and had the Idol Choir backing you up, so it was hard to tell. Lectured by JLo.  Shot down in flames by Randy.  Casey loved it and I think Steven was too busy drooling to hear what you sang.

Scotty sang Alan Jackson's Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning.  I'm not sure if he is picking all of his own songs or if there is a very wise mentor helping him, but this song was perfect for the tone in our country right now.  It was American/Patriotic, Christian, and spot on perfect. "Singer of simple songs" as the song says is just the right tactic for Scotty. Randy- perfect song choice. JLo- I'm in love with you, what you stand for and what you bring to your music.  Steven- Passion is evident. 

Lauren chose Anyway by Martina McBride.  She is so sweet and beautiful.  Great song choice.  Powerful, passionate.  Connected well to what has been happening in her home state of Georgia.  ST says she broke his heart and he is in love with her shoe buckles?  JLo says she is listening to what they are telling her.  Randy says she is back in it to win it.

Midway judges opinions: JLo says she likes all and the crowd screams for all.  Randy says its a three way tie with James, Scotty and Lauren.  Haley is mouthing off something. 

Part 2, Songs of Leiber and Stoller with Lady Gaga helping Jimmy mentor.  Help me!!!!

Haley singing I Who Have Nothing. Could be renamed "I Who Am Going Home But Not the Way I Wanted To."  Gaga tells her to put drama into the song so it won't be plain. The studio audience and judges liked it but I don't really like Haley's singing so I didn't like the song. 

Scotty was very embarrassed by his encounter with Gaga.  She was much too sexual for this down to earth country boy.  I thought his Young Blood from The Coasters was good but not as good as the first song tonight. Lots of praise from the judges.  Definitely a fun song and showed opposite side of first song. 

Lauren sang Trouble by Elvis.  I didn't agree with Gaga's advise to not worry about the word "evil" that Lauren had to sing over and over again.  If it does not sit well with her, she should not sing it.  David Archuleta does not sing lyrics and words that he does not agree with. Don't compromise your values for the competition.  The song came off alright.  She was sassy and had a good stage presence.  I thought it was creepy when the cameras showed the judges as everyone clapped and ST was sitting there with a look on his face as if he is lusting after this poor girl.  Grandpa, tone it down.

James had the most awkward encounter with Gaga.  Didn't anyone tell her that he has a condition?  Why does she have the right to put her hands anywhere on his body.  He will move his hips if he wants to.  He is not Elvis. Great performance of Love Potion # 9.  James rocked the house with a song that normally doesn't rock like that.  I am so glad that he did not just stand there and move his hips.  He was all over the stage.  Nice job James.

Well, here is my opinion as to the finishing order this week.  Only four on the list and 3 of these I have been voting for since the beginning. 

1. James
2. Scotty
3. Lauren
4. Haley

I feel that an unrecognizable MJ song and I Who Have Nothing, even if she was good on it, will do Haley in.  I predict the two guys in the finale.  Oh, wait.  I have another week to determine that, don't I.  Maybe we can hear from David Archuleta on next weeks results show or maybe the finale.(He is practicing with a new band right now.)  Jordin Sparks sings tonight.

American Idol 10: 4 Becomes 3, and Wow, Am I Wrong

So, Ryan tells us that almost 72 million votes were cast this week, the highest top 4 ever. 

James and Scotty start things off with a song that I have never heard before, Start a Band.

Lauren and Haley follow with another song I don't know, Gunpowder and Lead.  And I thought I was a pretty good music connoisseur .  Guess not.

A new plug for Windows 7 as the kids get to video chat with family via web cams.

Results-  Lauren is in the Top 3.  

Top 4 watch a video taped performance of Gaga's You and I (sounds familiar since Haley did it last week) and we are all forced to watch it to.  So sad that the girl doesn't make enough on these concerts to afford a complete outfit.  Has to perform in her underwear.

Enrique Iglesias was the next video up.  Yes , we all know that you want us to think that it is live, but it is not.  Not a fan.  Sorry.

Trying to make us think that this last performance was live, peeps are playing with big balloons, Seacrest falls off the stage.  Now that was live.  Yes.

Ford Video with Fireflies was the best of the season.  Love that song.

Jordin Sparks hits the stage with her new single, I Am Woman.  And she roared and I did not like it.  Boo to you Jive.  I normally love Jordin, but not this time.  Sex Kitten look and moves, NO.  I am so glad that David left Jive when he could.  Not the direction he would want to go.  

Next unnecessary thing for this show, Steven Tyler premiers his new music video, It Feels So Good.  More like it is so weird.  Randon animals and half-naked women all over the place.  What is the point of this video, and song for that matter.  My husband loves Steven, but walked out on this video.

Finally, more results.  Two girls in the top 3, Haley is safe. (What!  No!!!  She can't be!!!)
America is crazy.  They must be revolting against the judges or something. 

You can see it in his face -  James knows that it is him before Seacrest says it. 

James is a classy guy with an enormous amount of talent.  The right people will come his way.  Jimmy is not the right person to care for James.  He sings us out with a classy version of Maybe I'm Amazed.  Yes, I am amazed with this young man who struggles with two very difficult conditions but still gets out in front of all of America and the world and tries to make a better life for his family in the most difficult business out there.  Bravo, James.  We will see much more of you, I am sure.

Friday, May 6, 2011

American Idol 10: 5 Become 4- Exit, The Diva

According to Mr. Seacrest, 60 million votes were cast in this week's Idol competition, the most so far this year.  I wish someone would have told me about 8 weeks ago that it would take that many votes to get rid of the wailing diva.  I would have called all of my friends who don't watch this show anymore and begged them to vote for two hours straight to get him off the show.  I know of a fan base who love to vote in crazy polls but who have given up on this Idol thing. Oh well. It's over now, finally.

So we start the show in true Idol fashion, with a few personal plus for Steven's new tell-all book, and Jennifer's new music and performance, and Randy's bake sale this weekend?

Next we are tortured with the at best times pitchy Ford video sung to Just Be Yourself.  My son wanted to know why we never see these Ford videos at any other time besides during the Idol show.  Well, son.  It might be that for most of these videos, only an Idol audience would be able to sit through the commercial with out running from the room.  That is especially true for this terrible performance.  these kids can't sing together and harmonize for the life of them.  Are there any other Idol fans out there that remember the awesome Ford videos from season 7?  Those guys could sing these group songs like no other season. I still have several of these performances on my iPod today.   Oh, the good old days.

Look!  Idol found a new way to waste our time and prove that these kids have a life besides music.  Today we find them in Hell's Kitchen with chief Ramsey attempting to make omelets.  I guess they wanted to see who will another job outlet when they are cut from Idol.  Looks like most of these kids better become millionaires soon, or they might starve to death if they have to cook for themselves.  Didn't their parents teach them anything.  My son can cook up a mean omelet and he is 16.  My daughter has been cooking this can of food since she was 8.  Come on parents.  Don't make your kids useless members of society.  Well, at  least Lauren won't starve.  Nice job on that omelet, girl.  James, I am ashamed of you.  A father should always know how to cook.

Lady Antebellum dropped by to prove to the world that two or more people can sing together on the Idol stage and actually harmonize.  I loved Lady A's new song, Just A Kiss.   They always sound great together.

Oh boy.  More filler.  A useless video of the kids without make up, attempting to explain how the contestants pick a song and their wardrobe each week.  A more fitting title would have been  How the kids get told what to sing and how to dress each week, but the Idol producers like to fool the audience.

Finally some results or Jimmy rates the contestants.  Jimmy says that James should not cry, it hurts his singing ability.  He gets an 8 out of 10.  Lauren backed out of her high notes in Unchained Melody so Jimmy declares her in the bottom 2.  James sent to one side of the stage and Lauren to the other.  the dreaded groups are back.  I wonder who the "pick-a-group" victim will be. Probably Scotty.  he should know what to do here.

Another trip to Hell's Kitchen.  This time it is a show-down between Lauren and Jacob with a blind taste test.  We find out that neither of the kids has good taste- I knew that about Jacob already but had higher hopes for Lauren.  Well, at least she knew what a hotdog tastes like.

Jennifer performs her new song featuring Pitbull, Live?  Not really sure about that.  Seems like we are supposed to think it is live but you never know with Idol.  Best part of the whole performance was before it started and Ryan dumped the bucket of popcorn on Steven Tyler's head.

Then we got a teaser of Jennifer's new video, I'm Into You.  Two for the price of one JLo tonight.

Results time again.  Jimmy says that Jacob had a rough night (Ya think?) Both of his songs were slightly off-  6 out of 10.  Jimmy told Haley that she needs to take risks, and since she did, he gave her  a perfect 10 and declared her the winner of the night.  Scotty, win or lose, will have a great career.
Jacob is sent to stand with Lauren while Haley is sent to stand with James.

Ryan tells us that even though Scotty was one of the last two standing last week, he was not in the bottom two last week.  In fact, he has never been in the bottom two or three.  Here it comes.  Scotty is safe and must now chose which group is also safe.  He refuses several items and Ryan, to save time, leads him over to the safe group, James and Haley.

Jacob and Lauren are the bottom two.  Lauren is totally losing it.  Please quit torturing her (and us) and give us the results.

YES, the diva is off the show.  Jacob gets to sing one more time.  OH my poor ears and eyes. A House Is Not A Home has never sounded so bad.  BYE, BYE Jacob.  Lauren, girl, pull it together and come back fighting next week.  Please.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 5 / Something Old and Something New

Idol is down to five contestants and at least some  of my favorites of the season are still in the running fro the title.  This sounded like it could be a good week.  A pretty wide-open theme, something old and something new.  The contestants could stay in the genre that they prefer. All they had to do is come up with songs that can get cleared to perform and have released on iTunes.

I had high hopes for this week's mentor, Sheryl Crowe.  Unfortunately, she did not deliver on all of the sessions like she could have. Some of her ideas were good, some useless.  Oh, well.

Randy started out with his ever popular, to him, pep talk on "Who's in it to win it?" and the judges went down hill from there.  Not a lot of helpful pointers again this week.

I will just go ahead and review both songs for each contestant at the same time.

James' first sang "Closer to the Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I am not familiar with the sound of this group or the song but I thought James did a good job with it.  It was something that I could hear him performing , so, Good Job James. His second song was "Without You" by Harry Nielson.  This song was almost to much for James.  He was emotional during it that it effected his performance.  I still liked it but I'm not sure if America will. 

Jacob's first song was a big mistake, Jordin Sparks duet with Chris Brown "No Air."  I did not like this performance at all.  I think his voice was higher that Jordin's at some points.  YUCK And he looks so awkward pointing and flailing his arms.  And he was sharp.  What a mess.  His second song was just as bad, "Love Hurts" by Nazarath. While this is a great song when properly sung, this was just too painful to listen to.  I had to stop.

Lauren sang "Flat on the Floor" by Carrie Underwood.  It was ok but she seemed to be loosing it on some of the low notes this time.  Lauren sang one of my all time favorite songs for her second selection, the Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody".  Lauren said that this is her parent's song, and it is my husband and my song also, so I am very familiar with it.  I love to sing this song and it sticks in my mind any time I hear it.  Unfortunately, I did not think that Lauren did that good a job on it.  I did not like the growling that she added to it at all and , at times, she was a little off key. I did not agree with all of the praise coming from the judges on this performance.  I think that she is just too young to truly do a good job on this song.

Scotty had two true country songs for his performances.  First up, "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry.  Scotty had a totally high-powered fantastic performance with this song.  Scotty owned the stage. He showed a side of him that we had not totally seen before.  Great job.  For his second song Scotty brought us back down to earth with "You're Always On My Mind".  So many wonderful artists have performed this including two of my favorites, Elvis and Willie Nelson.  All that I can say about this performance is Absolutely Beautiful.

Haley seemed to have a really weird night.  First song, "You and I" was an unreleased Lady Gaga song that Jimmy suggested she sing.  That might really hurt her in the long run.  Gaga is very controversial and Haley might loose Idol votes because of this song.  I didn't particularly like the song, but I didn't hate it either.  She did much better than Jacob did on his first song.  For her second song, Haley pulled out a classic, "The House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals.  This was the first time that I have actually loved Haley's performance on Idol.  This is a great song and I didn't mind Haley's growls during it.  They weren't overdone as I worried that they might be.  The best part of the song was the a Capella beginning, suggested by Sheryl Crowe. 

So here is my order of finish tonight with #5 hopefully going home, finally.

#1 Scotty
#2 James
#3 Lauren
#4 Haley
#5 Jacob

Can't wait to see what happens tonight.