Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The ABCs of David


I love to try my hand at new poetry and this one has been the biggest challenge to date. I started this poem a couple of months ago but just haven't felt that it was complete. Something was missing, but I didn't know what until I saw the latest photos of David from the LDS Living photo shoot. Then it dawned on me: I needed a photo ... or two ... or 26. Now it is complete.

Amazingly unique; mere words can not describe this young man. 
LDS Living/ Michael Schoenfeld

Blessed by God with the power to heal another's soul with his voice.      
CMN Awards/ Orlando Attractions

Captivating and charismatic, his unique personality draws people in.
LDS Living / Michael Schoenfeld

Devout Follower, not afarid to let others know of his beliefs.

MoTab performance Dec 2010 / screen cap

Exquisite vocalist; bringing immense pleasure to all that hear.

Fascinating enigma who can change demeanour in a matter of seconds.
Jennifer Leigh Barry

Gifted artist, possessing skills only obtained from a higher source.

Asia Tour

Honest; presenting fears and faults to us so that we can learn from these.

Inspirational; his actions and words lead others to be better human beings.

Rising Star Outreach

Joyous perspective on life and its struggles shows us how a light heart soars.
Malaysia 2011


Keen sense of what is right and wrong makes us all re-examine our actions.

Ronald McDonald House NY

Love of God and family and friends and music drives his life.
Somos el Mundo

Mesmerizing eyes reach deep into our souls, triggering our emotions.

David Archuleta Official

Naturally shy, he transforms when placed before an audience.

Ronald McDonald

Optimistic about all that is to come, he tries to look on the bright side.
Duffy's Hope

Patriotism flows through is veins; love for his country is evident.
US Open

Quentessential artist that delivers songs in a way no one else can.
Foster Fest

Respectful of all cultural differences while holding steadfast to own beliefs.
@DavidArchie twitter

Searing vocals pierce hardened hearts and ease troubled souls.
Foster Fest


Talented beyond belief and yet humble in knowing that all is from God.

Christmas From The Heart Tour

Utah and family recharge him, bringing a wealth of comfort to the busy soul.

@DavidArchie twitter

Velvet on a red cupcake; His voice is smooth and transports us to heaven.
CMN Awards

Wise beyond his years, this young man holds fast to what he knows is right.

Rising Star Outreach

Xerox could never make a copy; He is one of a kind.
Christmas From The Heart Tour

Young at heart.
@DavidArchie twitter

Zero gravity is reached as his voice soars into the stratosphere.  
LDS Living / Michael Schoenfeld

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Third Anniversary of David's First Album

Well, this took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I have finally completed a new acrostic in honor of the 3rd anniversay of David Archuleta's self-titled album. All 18 titles of the tracks released for various versions of this album are included in the second part of this poem.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, this is a true story.  It is my story.
PandasMama (Margy)

David Archuleta entered my life, and consequently the lives of my family, in January of 2008 through
American Idol. Now, I had never really paid attention to this TV show very much before that year, only
Viewing it ocassionally to laugh at crazy auditioners, or to catch the final "good" acts. I really didn't think
Idols were a good thing to have. But the minute I heard David sing "Waiting On the World to Change,"
Devoted fan became my new title. The young man with the Voice of an Angel changed my world that day.

Angels are sent here to help us. This theory Works For Me. While evil tries to put up Barriers and
Rears its ugly head at every possible chance, these earthly helpers lift us above the attackers, those who
Crush people's hopes that Somebody Out There cares. A greater power says "never fear. My  
Hands are here, I'll help if you're Falling or Desperate. I can Save The Day. I want To Be With You."
Until you David, I was Running, just Waiting For Yesterday and all the demons to devour me. I thought,
Let Me Go. I don't want to be here any more. No one will miss me. But through David's humble, earthly
Examples of how to act I have been reminded that God says "You Can survive everything if you 
Touch My Hand  and Don't Let Go of hope. Happiness and love can be yours if you just believe." So,
Acknowledging I'm A Little Too Not Over You, DJA, is my way of saying Thank You for being an angel.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Imagine: David

IMAGINE! Just imagine what this world of ours would be like if
More people allowed their hearts and minds to be open to
Accepting the wonderful message presented by David. What
Good things could possibly transpire on this crazy planet
If everyone here really tried to concentrated on the positive
Not always dwelled on the negative? What if all the people
Everywhere chose to exhibit happiness and love, not hatred?

Imagine the marvelous possibility of what
Music could sound like if more of today's so-called
Artists followed David's lead and chose to present
Godly values in their works. Wouldn't it be absolutely
Incredible if all the songs played on our radio stations
Narrated the positive message of hope and caring?
Everyone would feel so much more loved and appreciated.

Imagine how much the world might be improved if
More people followed David's example of compassion
And used their time and money to help those less fortunate,
Graciously giving of themselves to help others in need.
Involving himself with causes that champion children around the world,
Noble David sets an example for all. With his help, the world can
Evolve into a place where everyone and everything is cared for.

Imagine waking up each day and appreciating the beauty of the
Marvelous world that surrounds us. What if we all took the time to
Admire the majestic mountains, rolling rivers, colorful flora, and
Gorgeous creatures placed here for our pleasure?  Taking time to
Imbibe in nature's artistry is something that David has told us he enjoys.
Nourishing the mind and body by relaxing in a breathtaking yet simple
Environment can bring immense happiness and peace in our hectic lives.

Imagine looking at the world, not through "rose-colored glasses," but with a
Magnanimous heart, acknowledging that we are not a perfect people
And forgiving indiscretions.  How wonderful would the world be if we practiced
Good-will towards all of mankind; showing kindness to all, even to our enemies.
Ill-will could be replaced by friendships with those we once considered opposites.
Nation's leaders might learn a thing or two if they listened to the words of this young
Emissary of Love. There's so much to learn from this humble David. Just IMAGINE.