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American Idol 11: Aspen Auditions

The audition episodes of the new season of American Idol are moving right along. The latest one finds AI visiting of beautiful state of Colorado. I've been fortunate enough to visit this state twice in my life and I must say, it is as lovely as these glimpses shown on Idol. If I had to leave my wonderful state of Texas, Colorado would be on my very short list of places I would actually consider living. And that is saying a lot, since I hate cold weather. Now on with the show.

Jenni Schick- 24- Sterling, VA- Elementary School Music Teacher
I hate to say this, but if my child was a student at her school, I would move. Crazy girl, and so not the elementary teacher type. (To clarify why I feel like I have the right to judge this girl for her profession: 1) I have a degree in education. 2) I taught in elementary school for 13 yrs. 3) I am a parent. 4) I live in a very music-centered city 5) I live in a very liberal city) Now, I don't have a problem with her singing. She's really not bad, but her dress and demeanor are way over the top. She might not have a job in education when the school board sees this show. Steven is on her short list of celebs her boyfriend has ok'ed for her to kiss. So is Lady Gaga. Crazy chick sings Pat Benatar's "Heart Breaker" and the judges like her. Randy says "Yes, and you may kiss the judge." Close up of her kissing Steven on the lips.  YUCK.  She is through to Hollywood (where is will fit in much better that small town VA).

Next we get a montage of sleepy contestants waking up really early for their Idol auditions.

Curtis Gray- 28- Spring Hill, FL- Server/ In a band
Short audition clip. This guy has a nice voice and decent range. I'm not sure what he is singing but the judges like him and so do I. He's through to Hollywood.

Richie Law- 19- Centennial, CO- Student
Another short clip.  This kid is Scotty McCreery 2.0.  He has a deep voice, but is not as cute as Scotty or as talented. My daughter, who loved Scotty, says this guy is not as good. Sings country, of course. "I Wouldn't Be a Man" is the title, I think, but not sure. Randy says "Powerful voice." He is through to Hollywood.

Devan Jones- 26- Aurora, CO- Hotel Clerk
Another short clip. This guy has a high voice, but I like his tone. I don't know the song, but he had no problem hitting those high notes. Good range and effortless. He's through to Hollywood.

Mathenee Treco- 25- Centennial, CO- Dance Instructor
Another shot clip.  This guy is singing "Hey Jude" and he's not bad. Kind of weird distracting mannerisms when he sings, but he has a really good range. He's through to Hollywood.

Tealana Hedgespeth- 19- Loveland, CO- Color Guard Coach
Her twin sister is into performing and acting but is not auditioning. this is our first "sob" story of CO. She has lived in the shadow of her very talented sister for 19 yrs. (Really? 19?) Her nose ring thing is creeping me out. Don't those go on bulls, not people? Sings Melissa Ethridge's "Bring Me Some Water" and is yuck. Randy and Steven offer her their Coke glasses, hoping she will stop singing. Please go back into the shadows.

Haley Smith- 18- Orem, UT- House cleaner/Busser/ Sausage maker- but she is vegetarian
This girl is a true nature child. She lives in a log cabin in the mountains. Jennifer immediately says she gets a 60's - 70's vibe from Haley. You think- she's very natural looking. She sings "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus/Chaka Kahn (written by Stevie Wonder, Randy reminds us.) she has an interesting sound. Steven is really into her. Randy says she put her own style into it - kind of Joni Mitchell ish. She's a real flower child- JLo.  She is through to Hollywood. "Warm weather and Hollywood- Here I come."

Now we get to watch Steven eat. FUN

Alanna Snare- 22- Fort Collins, CO- Bartender
Gets a plug in for her boss. Works at a restaurant that sells "Rocky Mountain Oysters." If you don't know what those are, or have a squimish stomach, don't ask. Nasty.  Alanna says she will sing Dolly Parton's "Jolene" and I'm temporarily excited until she opens her mouth. Terrible. Why did they have to devote so much time to a second terrible singer. Come on Idol.

Shelby Tweten- 17- North Mankato, MN- student
Okay, this weeks heartbreaker story has arrived.  This young lady suffers from bipolar disorder. She has only recently been diagnosed but has suffered from depression since 4th grade. She and her mother sing that help her with her disorder. AI is her saving grace, making her stay on her meds. She is cute and has a nice personality when interviewed by judges before singing. She sings "Temporary Home" and is wonderful. She has a great voice and you can hear the passion in her singing. JLo says "BEAUTIFUL!!!"  it's a BIG, HUGE YES from all the judges and ME. She's through to Hollywood. "See you later Minne- SNOW- da. I'm gonna be in Hollywood."

Another montage, this time of BAD singers including a chick Beat-boxing and singing to "Stand By Me." I need to listen to David Archuleta sing this now to get this awful thing out of my head.

Jairon Jackson- 19- Denver, CO- Host
This guy looks like he could be a disaster but he is not.  sings an original song, "So Scarred" and sounds good. And the song is decent too. He has a good voice. Very mellow sound. JLo says, "Your're a lover." Randy says, "Good song. That kids the real deal." He is through to Hollywood.  And the audience is finished being blinded by the light  beaming off of Randy's earrings into the camera lens.

Another montage of beautiful Colorado landscape.  So much better than scary singers.

Angie Zeiderman- 25- Delray Beach, FL- Waitress
She is a fan of Lady Gaga and wants to open for her. Calls herself a "vintage glitter queen." Sings a show tune that starts with a Swediah accent and sounds like a "stripper" song. Randy is turned off by the singing and song choice. JLo likes her and asks for a differnt song style. She sings "Blue Bayou" wonderfully.  Now Randy loves her. Steven says she's "a little spitfire." She is through to Hollywood.

And last, and definitely least..... the Idol joke audition of the night and maybe the year
Magic Cyclops- ?- Davenport, Iowa- ?
This guy's back story tells us that he is an oddball. He is considered "frightening and homeless" by the other contestants. He is a master at air-guitar and owns 1600 of them. (OK) He is wearing a patriot emsemble and rocking his long-haired hippe look. Says he was born and raised in poverty in Davenport and could only watch PBS shows so that's why he has a British accent.  What is he singing "Judges choice day. You have a coice between Neil Diamond and James Buffet (pronounced Buff-fay).  Starts with Diamond's "Crackin' Rose" and sounds like a drunk, something. Jennifer asks for another song and we get "Margarittaville" which is a little better, but still terrible. Randy says he has to leave to go to the bathroom and Magic says he does too and proceeds to shoot a confetti popper from the back of his pants. The judges all walk out on him.

Well, the previous three shows all ended with awesome auditions, I guess they had to bring out the "big guns" for the ratings on this one.

My favorites from Aspen: Shelby, Jairon, Curtis.

On to Houston/Galveston next show. Please don't make us Texans look like a bunch of loose cannons like you normally do, Idol.

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