Friday, January 27, 2012

American Idol 11: Houston / Galveston Auditions

I really like the intro to this episode: AI hits the Lone Star State.  Nice touch including Commander Burbank aboard the International Space Station, since Houston is home to NASA.  This is Idol's 9th visit to Texas. Not too bad.

Phong Vu- 25- Houston, TX- student
Well, we are not off to a good start here. Idol, I had higher hopes for you guys this year. Don't dis Texas right off the bat. This guy is way too emotional. Something just doesn't seem right with him. Okay, he's flamboyant, and loves to sing female pop artists, including JLo. Bad news is, he can't sing. Randy mocks him while he auditions. Steven and Jennifer manage to get him out of the hall without totally destroying him.

Well, after that total waste of time, we get a montage of cowboys from old westerns introing bad "cowboy" singers.  More time wasted.

Skylar Laine- 17- Brandon, MS- student
This is a total country girl, hunting, riding 4 wheelers, deer head mounted on her wall. Very pretty young girl. Family has owned a diner for 71 yrs. she hopes to make enough to keep the restaurant going. Sings "Hell on Heels" by Pistol Annie (Miranda Lambert's all-girl group). Perfect song for her. Finally, She is through to Hollywood.

Baylie Brown- 21- Nashville (by way of Texas)- Nanny
Baylie is back to try it again. She auditioned and made it to Hollywood 5 yrs ago but forgot lyrics and was eliminated there. Sings "Bed of Roses" and is fantastic. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. She's through to Hollywood.

Kristine Osorio- 28- Amarillo, TX- mom with 3 kids going through divorce
Just a mom struggling to make a better life for her kids.  Sang in husband's band before kids. Sings "One and Only" I think. She has a decent voice. Jennifer really likes this woman. She is through to Hollywood.

A war is going on between the judges.  Jennifer against the guys seems to be raging with the next 4 contestants as the ammo.  Short clips from each but major judge drama witnessed.
Rachael Turner- 20- Sugar Land, TX- Miss Houston 2011
yes from Jennifer, no from the guys.
Reagan Wilson- 23- New Braunfels, TX- choir teacher
yes from Jennifer, No from the guys
Cheyenne James- 17- Conroe, TX- student
yes from Jennifer, no from the guys
Linda Williams- 24- League City, TX- Bartender
no from Jennifer, yes from the guys (in fact they thought she was incredible. JLo thought she was terrible.)

Alejandro Cazares- 26- Houston, TX- cell phone repairman
This guy tells the judges, "Grant me the power to bring revolution to the world." This pretty much sums it all up. He can't sing, and his tongue is blue. YUCK Has to be tossed by very big body guard.

Cortez Shaw- 20- Garland- student/ warehouse worker
Cortez was homeless through part of high school but has a great positive attitude about his life now. "Only you can determine what will happen in your life." Sings Adele's "Someone Like You." He has picked up the tempo some. I like his voice and so does Jennifer. Randy and Steven aren't sure until he hits the chorus and then they are sold too.  he is through to Hollywood.

Cool another montage of YUCK.
Julie Shuman- 28- Manhattan, NY- dancer
Terrible singer, horrible outfit. Actually quite scary.
Vanessa Hernandez- 18- Pasadena, TX- student
Terrible singer, plain looks.  Why would the producers put her through except to humiliate her.
Erin "Nire" Kettl- 19- Beaumont- student
Horrible. Judges laughing. Why even?

Ramiro Garcia- 28- Houston, TX- Worship Leader at Lakewood Church
This young man was born without ears. Parents were told he would never hear of speak. At 4 yrs doctors started surgeries to at least make him look more normal. Discovered an ear drum. Amazing story that he can even speak much less sing.  Sings one of my favorite worship songs. "Amazing Grace- My Chains Are Gone" by Chris Tomlin. Absolutely wonderful. Really nice voice. He doesn't go for the upper power notes at first, but hits everything he tries. I don't hear any voice problems. Tears from parents, Ryan and judges. He is going to Hollywood. I have found the person I'm following this year.  Amazing.

Well Idol, I really only liked the last 5 minutes of this show. Only Ramiro was really worth watching.

So, we are told that 55 have advanced to Hollywood from the Houston/Galveston audition and yet you only showed us  6. Thanks Idol.

Here  are my favorites from this show: Ramiro, Baylie and Skylar. 

See you next week.

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