Friday, January 20, 2012

American Idol 11: Pittsburg Auditions

So, since the first audition episode of the new season wasn't bad, I've decided to keep going with am blogging about Idol.

The Pittsburg auditions were shortened a lot, so I guess the contestants were singing songs tptb couldn't get cleared.  Either that, or they didn't want to overwhelm us with knowledge about the Golden ticket winners yet. I wish we had heard more but I'm hoping we will get more in the weeks to come.

Heejun Han- 22- Flushing, NY via Korea- non-profit organizer
Poor guy almost had himself psyched out of the competition before he saw the judges. Good thing those crazy arm flailing exercises relaxed him some. Sang "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" from Michael Bolton.  Not bad. Nice tone. Totally surprised the judges. You could tell that Randy thought he would be terrible. I'm glad he wasn't terrible.  He's through to Hollywood.

Reed Grimm- 26- Ellsworth, WI- Nanny (on-screen bio says been performing with family since he was 2)
Dressed casually in shorts and flip-flops. Seems kind of odd.  Sings the theme song  from Family Guy (I think). Nice scatting and col sound effects of upright bass. Judges are impressed. He's ok.  Through to Hollywood.

Aaron Marcellus- 27- Teaneck, NJ- voice teacher
Very short clip.  Sounds really good. He's through to Hollywood.

Chase Likens- 20- Point Pleasant, WV
Short clip- Sounds good, easy on eyes.  JLo has goosebumps again.  He's through to Hollywood.

Samantha Novacek- 19- Sutersville, PA
Accompanied by her older sister, Patricia (aka Patty the Planker).  Um, why is this crazy girl planking on the platform while her sister auditions?  Samantha sings "Like We Never Loved At All" by Faith Hill and sounds good. Why are the judges sending the planking sister along to Hollywood? Please don't show up in Hollywood Patty.

Creighton Fraker- 28- Queens, NY- starving artist
This gut seems pretty weird but I guess someone that tries to make a living singing on the streets of NY would be weird.  Took a bus for 9 hrs to get to auditions. Wrote a song for the audition about the Idol judges.  Judges laugh at him, expecting this to be a disaster. Not too bad really. Interesting voice.  Judges are shocked for the second time in one show.  He's through to Hollywood.

Eben Franckewitz- 15- Milford, OH
Really young but seems to be very mature. Ryan asks him how he feels about competing against older contestants. "It's a privilege to be here."  Judges ask him who people think he looks like. Bieber- Not to me he doesn't. And the good news, he doesn't sound like Bieber at all. "Ain't No Sunshine" is wonderful. JLo says "Some people just have it." Randy says "Natural God-given gift." He's through to Hollywood.

Travis Orlando- 17- Bronx, NY
Travis auditioned last year. Had luck story from last year is even worse now. So sad but Travis still wants to sing. "Isn't She Lovely" isn't bad, but he is cutting some of the words short.  Might be nerves though. Judges give him another chance in Hollywood.

Erica Van Pelt- 25- South Kingston, RI- mobile DJ/ wedding singer
Sings Carol King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"  nicely. Definite Alto. Maybe not so many runs would make her better in my book.  She's through to Hollywood.

Montage of happy Golden Ticket winners who are not named. I want to hear them too.

Shane Bruce- 19- Moundsville, WV- coal miner (yes really he is)
Seems like a really sweet guy who really needs a break but won't get it today. He's nervous and tackles a song that is way too big for a first audition, Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."  When he referred to it as the song from Shrek I knew he had bitten off more than he could handle. Please come back again next year, and move away from those coal mines or your voice, which I thought was pretty good for no training, will be toast.

Montage of rejects who are not giving up. Much better than montage of rejects slinging obscenities and gestures. 

Hallie Day- 24- Baltimore, MD- waitress
As a teen , she was a member of a girl band, Plum Crazy. Life fell apart, she became an addict and almost OD'd on pills. Got her life back together finally.  "I will Survive" is definitely her song.  Hope she didn't set the bar too high with that as an opener. Powerful voice and the judges love her. She's so through to Hollywood.

So, my top three for this show are Eben, Hallie, and Heejun.


archangel48 said...

I just wanted to thank you for keeping me updated on this years AI contestants. This is a good way to occupy some of my time while David is away!
I'll try to watch and comment on the contestants too!

Micki said...

Margy -- Yay! I found your Pittsburgh post!!! Ha ha. This was a good show -- they didn't show any REALLY BAD singers! I enjoyed Heejun Han too -- he had a very nice voice. I'm glad he could relax and sing! Yes, he did almost phych himself out! I liked his sense of humor.

I think Reed Grimm sang the song from "Family Matters." He was unique, wasn't he?

"Patty the Planker" -- LOL! Yes, I wondered why they gave Patty a ticket to Hollywood! Samantha was good.

Creighton -- that was a gutsy move singing that original song for his audition. The judges were really impressed by him.

I liked Eben a lot -- he's very young but very appealing. Had a sweet and humble attitude. Rather "David-like" I thought. Lovely voice!

Erica Van Pelt was one of my favorites. Nice to hear an alto voice. Steven said "Pelt can BELT."

Hallie will definitely go FAR, I think!

My favorites were Eben, Erica and Hallie.