Monday, January 23, 2012

American Idol 11: San Diego Auditions

In all of the ads Fox ran leading up to the San Diego auditions aired last night (which was in my opinion the absolute worst time to air the episode- right after the NFC championship game which went into overtime) we were told that this would be the most unusual auditions ever. I had high hopes of seeing and hearing great contestants but what we were shown in this hour of noise and yawns was the same-old-same-old with just a different wrapper. 

Yes, it was unusual to hold the AI auditions on the aircraft carrier, the USS Midway, anchored in the harbor. Actually, it was more than unusual, it was dumb. I'm not sure why the Navy would allow this to happen. To me, it was disrespectful of the importance and magnificence of this great vessel. My son who is joining the Navy in a few months agrees with me. We watched this episode together because of the Midway and we both left slightly annoyed and totally disappointed.

Jennifer Diley- 19- Columbus, OH- waitress
Not starting this off on the right tone, Ms Diley auditions in her "patriotic" bikini. Sings "With You" by Jessica Simpson. Just the fact that she would sing something by Ms Simpson should have her booted from the carrier. I am totally shocked and surprised when Randy and Steven actually criticize her singing. What- they actually listened to her, not just looked. Thank you! she is SO NOT going to Hollywood.

Ashley Robles- 26- San Diego, CA- Insurance Acct. Mgr.
Ashley is a single mom of a 5 yr old little girl. "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston is usually a disaster when chosen as an audition song, but this girl is really good.  Randy says she is a natural. I really like her. She is on the way to Hollywood.

Jayrah Gibson- 26- Long Beach, CA- singer
The intro with Jayrah babbling about why he is auditioning makes no sense. This guy is overly excited about this audition which normally spells "bad voice."  Jayrah calls himself a R&B/ pop artist and sings a song he wrote about Jennifer. Everyone is somewhat impressed. The real audition song is something I have never heard of by someone I've never heard of either. He sounds better than expected. I'm not a fan, but they didn't ask me either.  He's through to Hollywood.

Aubree Dieckmeyer- 20- San Clemente, CA- receptionist
Off to a flying start, the ditsy girl says she's the "Next Top Model."  Sings "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble. Guess no one told her that the song is older that Michael is. I am not a fan of her high squeaky voice. Judges say she has natural talent (but I'm not sure in what). She's going to Hollywood.

Ali Shields- 19- Lodi, CA- student
Aw. How nice. Another ditsy chick. this one has been on Ellen's show because she wrote Ellen a song. That definitely qualifies her to audition for AI. Raps something awful, then "ghetto dances" something else awful. Sings something I have never heard before and I can't understand what she says is the name or what the words are. Annoying voice. Judges think she's a hoot and put her through to Hollywood.  Well, I guess they need to have someone to quickly eject from the competition.

Kyle Crews- 19- San Diego- college student at UC Berkley
Frat boy who thinks he's a ladies man.  Sings "Angel of Mine" by Monica.  Not too bad considering. the judges are surprised but tell him to get a new wardrobe. He doesn't look the part to them. He's a 19 yr old college guy. What do they want him to look like, Justin Bieber?  We'll see him in Hollywood.

Montage of contestants battling not each other, but the crazy sounds of the world around the Midway.

Jane Carrey- 24- LA- waitress
The description is deceiving. Jane is a waitress, mom, musician, and daughter of Jim Carrey. "It's hard living in the shadow of him." She's trying out to make her own mark in the world. Jennifer remembers Jane as a 2 yr old when she worked with Jim Carrey on set. Jennifer is freaking out about age here. Sings "Something to Talk About" and does a decent job with it. I doubt she would have been put through if they didn't know her dad but then stranger things have happened on Idol. On to Hollywood she goes.

Montage of girls with Golden tickets but we don't know their names.

Jason "Wolf" Hamiln- 24- Livermore, CA- mechanic at a golf course
Huge guy. Makes Seacrest look like sickly. Brought along the "git-fiddle" his deceased dad handcrafted for him. Sings "Midnight Special" by CCR. ok but not stellar. Steven asks for something else and they let him play his guitar to Folsom Prison Blues. Starts out better and then totally rocks it. I think I have found my favorite so far. Unassuming mega teddy-bear. Looks like a rock version of Michael Sarver from season 8 (and I liked Michael a lot). Hollywood look out, Werewolves of Hollywood is going to rock.

So even though we are told 53 Golden tickets were given out in San Diego, we have been presented with 2 really good auditions, 3 ok auditions, and 2 why o why auditions. Thanks to TPTB. Wouldn't want us to see too much too soon.

My favorites: Jason, Ashley, Kyle, Jane

*******News flash*********
Just watched the "Road to Hollywood" video feature on AI website and Kyle Crews listed David Archuleta as his favorite AI contestant of all time.  I just might need to root for this boy yet.

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