Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Confessions of an Addict

As you can tell by the title of this post, I Have A Problem. I want to go ahead, right here and now, and acknowledge this problem in hopes that I might be able to start to heal from this terrible affliction, which has taken over my being, before it is too late. Of course, it might be too late for me already. The problem is, I don't really want to be cured of this addiction, but I believe it will be necessary if I want to survive the next couple of years.

My affliction is not one of the usual addictions that you hear about in every day life, but one that is prevalent in the online world that I am happy to be part of. What is it that ails me you ask? Well, it is a strange, rather new – just came about in the past 4 years- but quite serious problem called ODD. For those of you who need to ask what ODD is, turn in your fan membership cards; you are not true Archies.

ODD, Obsessive David Disorder, took over my life on January 22, 2008 when American Idol season 7 aired the San Diego auditions in which David Archuleta first appeared. Since that day, when my daughter and I first saw “the really cute boy from Utah,” my world has not been the same. It was simple at first. Just watching our television twice a week to hear what new songs he had to share with the world and to make sure that he was advancing to the next week’s shows. No problem there. David blew people away every week; even those weeks when he was not 100% healthy or even forgot some of the lyrics. Although he did not win, he made it to the finale and is still the winner in my book.

After American Idol’s season came to an end, David became a greater obsession. It became extremely easy to find more information about David as the Idol summer tour progressed across the country. With each stop, there were more interviews, more fan videos and more recaps of fan encounters to be had. I was so happy to just sit in front of my computer all day, soaking in all that I could find. David was becoming an addiction.

My first encounter with the sheer pain that is possible from this type of addiction came that summer also. I so wanted to attend one of the two tour stops in Texas, but these came at the absolute worst time possible for me; the day before school started in Austin and the day school started. There was no possible way for me to attend these shows. If I had only realized then how many painful “I can’t go to that show or tour” moments there would be in the next four years, I would have probably gotten cured of this addiction while I could. The most painful “I can’t go” came this past December when I couldn’t attend any of the My Kind of Christmas tour stops because none were close to Texas. If I had only known what was to come, I would have found a way.

As each year has advanced along the timeline, I have become more and more enthralled by this phenomenon known as David Archuleta. ODD has happily become part of my existence. I can’t wait to see what each day will bring in regards to new David sightings or his words of wisdom or his songs. In short, I am addicted to David. I can’t go an entire day without reading or hearing about this remarkable young man. I even started this blog as a tribute to what I have learned from and how I have been inspired by David.

But now the ultimate ODD pain has set in and I have no control over it. Sometime this year, David will be putting is career on hold to participate in a full-time mission, probably for two years, for his church and for God. I’m excited for him, but sad for myself, as I won’t be able to hear about all the new and wondrous things he will experience each day. I will not be able to simply sit down at my computer each day and view new pics of this increasingly handsome man. I will not have easy access to information about what town he is in and what he is doing. In other words, he will be living an ordinary life, out of the spotlight which has enveloped him these past 4 years.

Of course, nothing about David is ordinary and the work he will be taking on will most likely be quite extraordinary, since it will be for the glory of God and not for man. This is the one thing that makes this pain all worth it. Knowing David will be doing the work of the Lord will make my pain bearable. Knowing that David says he will come back to music when he has completed his mission makes it more bearable. Knowing that David will be blessed by the Lord for doing this, and in turn, all of his fans will also be blessed by David’s growth during this time away from the limelight makes it all bearable.

So David, go forth and serve God and His people. Help millions of other’s on this planet that have not yet had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting you and the healing light of your soul. I will miss you while you are gone from my everyday life. I will still have your words and music to get me through the days and I will be here when you get back. Hopefully, by the time you return, I will have a new life plan in place for myself and I will never have to experience the pain of missing a tour because I couldn’t afford to fly to another city again.

David, stay safe and hurry back. My ODD isn’t going away.

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Abrra said...

Very nice post dear :) You honor David's spirit in all you said. Thank you for your blog!