Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In These Eyes

These recent photos taken of David at an appearance in Manila, Philippines where he is filming a television show, have inspired me to write some new poetry.

                                                      Photo credit:  @cherry08mariano

Photo credit: Naree

In These Eyes

In these eyes I see Happiness and joy overflowing to brighten the darkest day.

In these eyes I see Peace in the knowledge God is in charge and we are not.

In these eyes I see Passion for a life lived to the fullest each and every day.

In these eyes I see Innocence in thoughts and actions but never ignorance.

In these eyes I see Hope for a future where men can live their lives in harmony.

In these eyes I see Understanding that all is not perfect but we should still be grateful.

In these eyes I see Compassion for those burdened with sorrow and pain and poverty.

In these eyes I see Love for this world and all of God’s people who dwell here.

In these eyes I see a Heart, pure and gentle, encompassing all that is good.


heidijoy said...

Beautiful and said so well!

Abrra said...

This poem is wonderful, so full of truth about those eyes.


jan said...

Love your poem about David's eyes! They are just so beautiful. We pretty well agree on the AI contestants. No one will ever take David's place, ever! I watch it for fun.

PandasMama said...

Thanks for the kind words all.

Jan, I watch AI for fun too. There is no one who could ever take David's place. I just like to watch and write to see if I agree with America, or is that TPTB, on which contestants have talent.