Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol 11: Final Judgement Part 2

We pick up where we left off last night. I'm not sure who TPTB wanted to torture more, Adam Brock or the Idol audience.  They drug out this judgement for way too long. Poor Adam is in tears .
JUDGEMENT- finally Adam Brock made top 24. and even more tears fall.

Jeremy Rosado- This young man has gained a new family during his Idol journey. All the teens have become close. His final song is tender and soulful. Judges give him a standing O. JLo tells him she has noticed that he is always the first on his feet to applaud the other contestants. His last performance was transcendental.
JUDGEMENT- He made the top 24.

Shannon Magrane- She forgot some of the lyrics during the group round in Hollywood but she redeemed herself on the solo of "What a Wonderful World" and wows the judges again with her final performance here. Steven tells her "I thought you were an American Idol to start with."
JUDGEMENT- She made it to the top 24.

Scott Dangerfield- Had to pull out of the competition last year- His final song "Folsom Prison Blues" was just ok. JLo tells him he was better last year.
JUDGEMENT- Not this year.

A short montage of those going home includes Wendy Taylor, and Adam Lee Decker. (And some girl I don't know.)

Skylar Laine- She is scared because other country girls have made it through already and so she doesn't know if they will take more country girls. She had to go to the hospital during Hollywood week, but came back to go for it and here she is now. Final song is a Reba song and she doesn't think she did it as good as she could.
JUDGEMENT- She made it to top 24.

A short montage of contestants going into the top 24 includes: Hallie Day, Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus

Ryan promises us more drama when we return from commercial. "A shocking turn of events that will change everything."

Deandre Brackensick- He was eliminated in top 40 last season and was heartbroken.
Final song is showing some major falsetto (maybe a little too overdone in my opinion) but the lower notes are nice. Maybe he can use more of those. the judges tell him that this year his voice and confidence has grown.
JUDGEMENT- He made the top 24.

Jermaine Jones- He is very close to his mom and she has flown into support him for this round. His final song was pretty good but not perfect. I like this guy but I'm not sure if he can survive that pain of Idol. he is melting down while he waits to go in. Judges tell him he is a really great person but has had some ups and downs. Just to make this drag out even more- we go to a commerical. 
JUDGEMENT- JLO "It was a joy for us to watch you this season"  Did not make it.  Tears from Jermaine and the judges.

With just one slot left for the girls and three contestants, bring on the teens and the tears. Ariel Sprague, Shelby Tweten, and Hollie Cavanaugh come in together for the verdict. We are actually shown Hollie singing more than three notes, so she must be the one advancing.
JUDGEMENT- Hollie made the top 24.

Ryan tells us that when we come back form commerical we will hear "shocking news that will have everyone talking."  

Our last two contestants vying for the last guys slot are David Leathers,Jr. and Eben Franckewitz. They are sent in together. For his final song David chose a Michael Jackson song, "1,2,3", and for his final song Eben chose "You are so Beautiful" Ryan stresses the fact that David is two yrs older than Eben. The judges say both have made some mistakes. David was over confident and Eben was under confident.
JUDGEMENT- Eben made the top 24.

Next week we go live.
Tuesday we have the top 12 guys.
Wednesday we have the top 12 girls.
Thursday we have our first results.

And the earth shattering news-  Idol is pulling a Simon Cowell and is inviting back one of the eliminated guys for Tuesday's show. We either get Richie Law, Jermaine Jones, David Leathers, or Johnny Keyser.  My bet is on Johnny.

And to top off the insanity, Steven decides to strip and jump in the pool.

Oh Idol, what would we all do without you?

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Micki said...

I agree with you about TPTB torturing Adam Brock and the Idol audience for way too long. That was ridiculous -- poor Adam!

Jeremy was wonderful -- I didn't really notice him much before. I think JLo meant transcendent, not transcendental.

YAY! More of my favorites are in the top 24 -- Shannon and Ericka! Unfortunately, Shelby didn't make it.

I was impressed with Deandre -- though I agree there was a bit TOO much falsetto. I'm sure he will be popular with the girls.

The scenes with Jermaine in tears were painful to watch. I really liked him, too. He probably was too tender hearted for Idol. He does have a gorgeous voice.

And now they "pull a Simon Cowell" and are reconsidering 4 of the male contestants. (Why not do the same with the girls, by the way?) Maybe you will get your wish and it will be Johnny. I think it's cruel to pull Jermaine back into the fray if they don't plan to give it to him.