Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Idol 11: The Final Judgement Part 1

Well, let me start this post with a disclaimer: I'm not really feeling like writing today. Our family lost a dear friend to cancer this morning. Kenton fought a long and painful battle, but was very brave to the bitter end. He was a great man and will be missed by many. I am the saddest for his 21 month old granddaughter who will probably have no memory of him as she grows up. Kenton was her only grandfather and he loved her immensely. All of this said, I will now try to give a report of what I witnessed on Idol last night. This might not be my best work so thanks in advance for bearing with me here.

This is the beginning of the end, kind of.  it will be the end of the road for some of these contestants who have come O-SO-CLOSE- to living their dreams out on national television. On this episode 42 will be cut to 24. Next week the live shows begin.
In an unusual occurrence, idol tells us that this show was recorded in mid January.  On January 19, 2012, each of the remaining 42 contestants were allowed one more performance to secure their place on the show. They were allowed to choose one instrument to accompany them during this song, or could accompany themselves.

Jen Hirsh- We get a little retrospective of her journey on Idol so far. Randy tells her that the final song was not her best performance.  Steven tells her "Its not easy."
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.

Creighton Fraker- A little retrospective of his journey. Creighton is adopted.  He grew up a preacher's kid. He found out when he was 25 that his birth dad was the lead singer in an 80's metal band. He encouraged Creighton to audition for Idol and is there with him for this show. final song "NY State of Mind" and it sounds good. Creighton says he only wants to be himself. JLo tells him she feels he has a chance to touch people.
JUDGEMENT- He made the top 24.

Lauren Gray- Retrospect shows Lauren's dad singing. She says she is doing this for him. Judges tell her she is good but she lost it along the way.
JUDGEMENT- Did not make it this year. Told she should come back.  I don't think she will.

Joshua Ledet- This retrospect tells us that Joshua is also a preacher's son. He sounds amazing on his final song. Sorry I don't know the name of it. Judges give him high praise.
JUDGEMENT- He made the top 24.  "Thank you Jesus." - Joshua. JLo says "That's some real, right there. Randy- "That church kid is gonna go far."

We say goodbye to someone I don't ever remember saying hello to, Blaire Sieber(?) and to someone we rarely saw, Naomi Gilles.

Haley Johnson- We get a retrospective of her growing as an artist in this journey until she blossomed in Vegas. From college student/ coffee shop entertainer to rising star.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.

More Goodbyes:
Neco Star, Clayton Farhat, River St.James, and Caleb Johnson.

Elise Testone- Retrospective tells us that Elise has been working up to 10 gigs a week to prepare for Idol. this is her last chance.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.   Randy calls her "one of the best singers we've seen."

Reed Grimm- he is quirky and different. He wasn't comfortable with the last solo but pulled through after talking to his mom. he has been on stage since he was 2 yrs old.
JUDGEMENT- He made top 24.

Erika Van Pelt- JLo tells her she did not like her final song.  The judges tell her it was not as amazing as it could have been.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.  JLo-"We're going to take one more chance on you."

It's time for the battle of the country girls: Chelsea Sorrell and Baylie Brown.
Chelsea messed up in Hollywood but the judges like her.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.
Baylie originally tried out for Idol five yrs ago when she was 16. Steven leads her on for a while but...
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.

Time for a little drama: Richie Law and Heejun Han.
Retrospect of Richie clashing with everyone he works with. For his final song, "Ring of Fire" and his voice is not pleasing at all on this. Richie says "I have a bad feeling in my stomach."
JUDGEMENT- Did not make it. Work on it and come back.   My favorite part of the show so far: TPTB are playing "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" as he walks out.
Heejun's retrospective shows Ryan asking him "What you Sweating? and heejun says "Mostly water." HAHA  but seriously, Heejun works with special needs kids and says he was extremely depressed before the kids organization helped him. Heejun sings "NY State of Mind" for his final song and KILLS IT.
JUDGEMENT- Steven "You're a better star than singer" but  He made top 24.  Heejun is in TEARS and is greeted by Phil Phillips as he exits judgement.

Jessica Sanchez- Retro tells us that she has been singing since she was 5. She's 16 now.  Mom is unemployed because of her music career. Huge family waiting to see what happens. I think she's Filipino. Final song "The Prayer". A little too much vibrato for my taste but she is good.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.

Phil Phillips- Retro tells us that Phil messed up during the 1st group round in Hollywood. He
accompanies himself on guitar during final song. Randy tells him "you're so unique and different so its hard to know how that will play out in front of everyone else.
JUDGEMENT- He made top 24.

Colton Dixon- He was sent home on judgement day last season and it is bittersweet that he is where he is now. he wasn't going to audition this yr but judges amde him when he accompanied his sister Schyler to auditions this year. Schyler was sent home in Vegas this year.  Colton sings "Fix You" as his final song accompanying himself on baby grand and dedicates it to sister.
JUDGEMENT- He made top 24.

Brielle Von Hugel- And the "Spray-tan" stage mom from hell. Brielle was eliminated in Hollywood last season. Final song, "Killing Me Softly". Sorry, but this girl is not one of my favorites.
JUDGEMENT- She made top 24.

Adam Brock- Retrospective brings us lots of pics of his little girl. Adam says his wife is allowing him to go after his dreams. It is really difficult to be away from wife and baby. After his final song JLo tells him he needs to fuigure out who he is as a singer. Adam tells the judges "I have to sing."
JUDGEMENT-  Well, TPTB are going to leave us in limbo until the next show.  The bums!!!!!

So after the first part of Final Judgement we have 6 of the guys selected and 8 of the girls. Ten more to be announced tonight.

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Micki said...

Margy, please accept my sympathy on the death of your good friend Kenton. He must have been a very special person.

Lots of drama in the show last night. I was VERY happy some of my favorites made it through ... Heejun ("mostly water" -- cracked me up), Jen, Reed and Ericka. YAY! Also, Phillip made it through (obviously I was wrong about him getting eliminated). They sure did yank our chain ... making us worry he made a big mistake on his final performance. NOT!

I was really surprised Hayley Johnson didn't make it -- she sounded great to me. Some that made it through I hadn't singled out before, and they were excellent ... Joshua, WHAT a voice! Bayley and Chelsea both have beautiful country sound. We were REALLY impressed with Jessica. We thought her voice was beautiful and so expressive -- she brought my hubby to tears on "The Prayer."

I was very glad to see Richie the cowboy go. He really has NO clue that he has NO people skills at all, does he? He has a very nice voice, but he could never win the competition when the public starts voting, could he? I'll bet most people would agree with the way we feel about him! I also agree with you about Brielle and her mom. She does have a strong voice but not one of my favorites.

I'm really concerned about Adam! They made us think he had done something wrong in his last performance, but it was flawless, I thought. I did NOT understand all the negative comments the judges made after he finished singing, and then at the final judgement. I really hope they are just messing with us and he made it through.