Thursday, February 9, 2012

American Idol 11: Hollywood Week #1

The beginning of the infamous Hollywood rounds of AI aired last night and all I can say is OK.  I had hopes of seeing a few more contestants who we had not seen before but I came away disappointed except for one.

So, we start off with the proverbial peep talk from the judges and Steven Tyler's rambling. Contestants will be herded out in groups of 10 and each will have a few seconds to sing A Capella for the judges. Better make these seconds count people. 

Day #1.
Johnny Keyser- yes- He is still loved by Jennifer, but maybe not the other contestants since JLo said he is sexy.  Johnny is confident. Maybe too confident. Sings "Dreaming" by Amos Lee and is awesome. Randy is shouting "Amen" so Johnny is moving on.

Heeju Han- yes- I like this guy.  Heejun tells us he feels everyone is tall and pretty, even the guys so he doesn't feel very good about his chances. Wish he could get past the nerves. Or is it an act?  Hard to tell.  He doesn't sound the least bit nervous when he sings. He gives JLo "goosies" again. He is moving on.

Elise Testone- She belts out a few bars of something and the judges are thrilled. She's moving on.

Baylie Brown- Country chick FTW-  She's moving on.

Hallie Day- Hits us with "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" - She's moving on.

Jen Hirsh- 25- Agoura Hills, CA- someone new - "Up to the Mountain" - she's good and moving on up.

Lauren Gray- short and sweet- she's moving on.

Ok finally some NOs:
Heather Youmans, Sascha Julian, and Candice Russell all forget how to sing between before they get to Hollywood. I never heard of any of them before this show.

Phillip Phillips is back.  Ryan tells us this guy is a fish out of water in Hollywood. This was also Phillip's first real plane ride. He is awesome and powerful and so moving on in the competition.

Reed Grimm- He's back.  This guy is really funny, happy, experienced, comfortable on the stage. sings "I Got a Golden Ticket" from Willie Wonka and scats and is awesome. He's moving on.

Travis Orlando- Poor kid just looks so depressed all the time. I think he sounds just fine but the judges send him home. Well, they send him back to New York but since his family is homeless, well ...

Also going home:
Ramiro Gracia- NO, I really liked this guy. He is an inspiration to all. Born without ears. Come on judges, he is amazing.
"Wolf" Hamlin- I liked him but didn't think he would go far.
Jenny Schick- Wonder if she still has that teaching job back home?

Day #2.
Adam Brock- someone we haven't seen before. He tells us "I've been told there's a large black woman trapped inside my body." He's seems to be at ease with himself except for the fact that this is the first time to be away from his infant daughter. He sings "Walkin' in Memphis" and he is really good. He is moving on.

Jane Carrey- Not her best day and in an effort to reassure the audience that this is an up and up competition, Jim Carrey's daughter is not moving on.

Cool! We knew it had to be here somewhere. A lovely montage of contestants who blew it begging for another chance. Please leave with a little dignity, please.

David Leathers. The kid was the first contestant we saw on the first audition episode from Savannah. There still trying to pass him off as a ladies man. Sorry, no go. Kid sings "Because you Love Me" by Celine Dion and hits notes I don't think even Celine can hit any more. Sorry, but he really sounds like a girl and I want guys to sound like guys. He is moving on. though.

Shannon Lagrane sings "Fallen" by Alicia Keys and she hits all the notes and more. I like this girl.  sounds much older than she is.

Jessica Phillips has come to Hollywood with her BF who had a stroke last April. He is watching her power through her song from the balcony. She is moving on.

We are told both Angie Zeiderman and Brittany Kerr also move on to next round.

Erica Van Pelt is still belting out some good sounds. She is moving on.

Creighton Fraker has an unusual voice but he is definitely interesting and different than normal Idol contestants. He gives us a little "Somebody to Love" and is moving on to the next round.

Aaron Marsellus blows up the mic and is moving on too.

Ok so this last part I'm not too sure about what happened.
Lauren Mink tried to sing Heart's "Alone" but changed the key in the middle of singing, and JLo caught it.
Jeremy Rosado sang "Superstar" by Luther Vandross and JLo got "goosies" again.
Symone Black told us she loves her "stage dad" and sang "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" Randy asked why this song and when she tried to explain, she fell off the stage. And my DVR stopped there so I don't know if there was more or not. I guess I'll find out tonight. 

From what I saw on this airing my favors are:  Johnny, Adam, Heejun for the guys and Shannon, Erica and Lauren for the girls but there are so many that we haven't heard from yet I will not even speculate on an outcome at this point.

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