Thursday, February 2, 2012

American Idol 11: Portland Auditions

After last week's horrible representation of the Texas auditions (sorry,but on the whole it was terrible) I was reluctant to turn on my set last night, but of course I did, and here's what I saw.

This is Idol's first trip to Oregon.  It looks like a beautiful place. I like the shots they're showing of the area.

Brittany Zika- 21- Portland, OR- Nanny/ Social Media Tech
Back story time- She had a dream- singing on stage with Sara Bareilles to Gravity. Then it happened. Now at Idol auditions for the next dream. Happy, funny girl. Dressed kind of nerdy with hat and big glasses. Singing "The Story" by Brandi Carlile.  Nice voice. Great tone. She's through to Hollywood.

Ben Purdom- 18- Philidelphia, PA- cable tv salesman
Not looking promising. He's sick, and yucky. Tries to sing "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. It's bad. Not really sure if it would be better if he wasn't sick. Sings something else (Super Base?) and is still bad. NO

Jermaine Jones- 24- Pine Hill, NJ- Music teacher
Church singer, comes from a family of church singers. Mom says they are all "born singers." This guy is huge, 6ft 8 in- the judges keep talking about his height. Sings "Superstar" by Luther Van Dross. Good, soulful, nice lower register. "Really spiritual"- Steven. Momma's thrilled, He's going to Hollywood.

Britnee Kellogg- 27- Vancouver, WA- banker
Single mom of two little boys. Was married to a basketball player who she supported until he cheated on her. He kept her from pursuing her dreams. Sings "You're No Good" and means every word of it.  Nice. JLo is singing along with her. The judges love her and so does every woman in America who has been burned by the one they gave up everything for.   She is through to Hollywood, but before she goes, Britnee asks Jennifer how she does it with the kids and all. "You don't leave the kids. You have to be happy so they can be happy."

Sam Gershman- 21- Clarksville, MD- Motivational dancer
Weird- Sings "I'm a Woman" - squeaks to start off the song and it gets worse from there. NO

David Weed- 22- Mountain Home, ID- fast food worker
Dellusionally sings "Tom Sayer" by Rush.  Scary. NO

Romeo Diahn- 22- Portland, OR- Shipping clerk
Originally from Liberia but spent most of childhood living in a refugee camp in Ghana. Nice voice. Definitely reggae sound -  singing Bob Marley. JLo not sure how he will do with other types of songs. He's through to Hollywood.

Naomi Gillies- 22- Boston, MA- student
Sings "Crying" by Steven Tyler. Interesting sound. She's ok for me but the judges love her. She's through to Hollywood.

Time for a montage of No's with tears all around and some chicks getting violent with the cameras. Bring in the happy face.

Ben Harrison- 28- Eugene, OR- Shipping agent
OK, too much time given to this guy's scary smiling face. Baby-faced rocker who looks 12 and keeps getting kicked out of rock bands "because of his face." Queen- Somebody to Love"  Now we know the truth about getting kicked out of bands, he can't sing.  NO

Filler- another montage of No's.

Jessica Phillips- 25- Brooklyn, NY- Dental Hygienist
She is caring for her boyfriend who had a stroke last Easter. He is working to recover and says it is because of her. Sings "Again" by Faith Evans.  Nice voice. Passion is definitely there. She is good and is going to Hollywood.

So, we are told that 45 contestants are through to Hollywood from Portland.

Here are my favorites for this telecast: Jessica, Britnee K, Brittany Z.

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