Friday, February 3, 2012

American Idol 11: St.Louis Auditions

Show starts with a special tribute to the most successful Idol of all time, Carrie Underwood, who auditioned in St. Louis 8 years ago. Nice video of her Idol journey.

Johnny Keyser- 22- Pompano Beach, FL- server
This is the guy Idol had been promoting since the first ad for the new season came out several months ago. Johnny grew up with just his dad. They are best friends now. Singing "Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cook. Fantastic. Jennifer is in love. Judges don't want him to stop singing. Major yes from the judges and me. Jennifer says " he's sexy."  Yes he is.  He's going to take Hollywood by storm.

Time for the ever popular montage of terrible auditions form the past.  This time it intros a really creative Black & White / silent movie clip of a contestant.  Ryan says "Some contestants are better seen and not heard.
David Coleman- 28- St. Louis Park, MN- seminary student
Since this is silent, we don't know what he sang, but the clip is really cool.  They should do this with all terrible singers.

Rachelle Lamb- 26- Mountain View, MO- construction
Another single mom going through a divorce, tells the tale of her ex holding her back from chasing her dream. Has her daughter , Maddie, with her during the auditions. Trying for sympathy votes, but she really doesn't need them. She can sing. She was a professional singer before she got married.  Sings Faith Hill's "Find Somebody New." Nice job.  Good country voice.  She is on her way to Hollywood.

Now we get a montage of really bad auditioners wearing really bad costumes, including an Elvis impersonator.

Reis Kloeckener- 20- St. Louis, MO- student
This young man was bullied in high school until he was discovered by the choir teacher and found his "voice" in the choir. Sang "Lean on Me" and is really good. Not as good as David Archuleta singing this song, but still good. Steven tells him, "That was so beautiful, it made me cry." He is on the way to Hollywood.

Ethan Jones- 22- Pontoon Beach, IL- Musician
He was in a band with his dad, but dad is in rehab now. Ethan is running the band.  Sings "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain and sounds great.  Good looking guy with a really nice voice and a touching story.  He should go far.  JLo says he should be in a country music video and he laughs and says he's in a country band but his heart is soul. He is going to Hollywood and calls dad to let him know the good news.

Oh good.  A sneak peek at Madonna's new video for her new song.  It has cheerleaders chanting her name and football players hold her up as she walks on a wall.  And the song will premier during her performance at Super Bowl halftime.  so-so

Mark Ingram- 28- Collinsvile, IL- hotel auditor
This guy works at the hotel where this is being taped. His staff thinks he is great. They are obviously tone deaf. Singing(?) "overjoyed" by Stevie Wonder.  Overrated is what it should be called. He is so staying at the hotel.

Lauren Gray- 22- Hardy, AR- Waitress/singer
This girl is part of her family business, a one-stop wedding shop. They do everything from the dresses to the food to the music.  She sings with her dad in his southern Rock band but she likes more soulful stuff.  Sings Adele's "One and Only" and is really good.  Not as good as Adele, but definitely good enough to go to Hollywood.  The judges are stunned by her powerful voice. Randy and Steven say she is "fearless" while Jennifer says she has "one of the best female voices we've heard." And she is on the way to Hollywood.

So Ryan tells us 46 contestants have moved on to Hollywood from St. Louis auditions.

My favorites for this show: Johnny, Lauren and Ethan.

***** Next week Hollywood rounds ***** I can't wait.

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