Friday, February 10, 2012

American Idol 11: Hollywood Week #2

OK, just to recap, my DVR stopped right when we were to see Symone Black fall off the stage on Wednesday night. Guess I didn't miss as much as I thought I did.

We opened show #2 of Hollywood Week with Ryan telling us that "this is the most grueling Hollywood Week ever."  Symone Black had fainted while answering Randy's questions and this is why she fell off the stage. Looks like the cameraman broke her fall a little. While the medics attended to her, the rest of the contestants were huddled in prayer. Symone was sent to the hospital with her dad (good thing she is a minor) to be checked out.

In the mean time:
Lauren Mink is sent home.
Jeremy Rosado is through to next day.
Ethan Jones is going home.
Symone is through to next day if she is ok.
Nico Starr, who hasn't been mentioned since a short clip in Savannah, is through to next day also.

185 contestants continue to day two, The Group Rounds.

Ryan tells us this is the most infamous part of Hollywood Week. The groups must form into 4 or 5 members with members from both day 1 and day 2 and choose from the 20 predetermined songs and learn choreography for the song also. This is not any different than the last couple of years and yet the contestants are all freaking out about it. 

Some of the contestants are being stubborn about their song choice and can't find a group, like Alisha Bernhardt(?) and some are sick, like Amy Brumfield.

Some groups form quickly and then the members start to clash with each other, like MIT consisting of Heejun Han, Richie Law, Phillip Phillips, and Jairon Jackson. Richie puts himself in charge and Heejun is not liking what is happening. Heejun is hating "cowboys."

Most of the groups we are shown are in meltdown mode all night. I hope someone gets along and can sing.

Suddenly, lots of people start getting sick with the "Idol bug" flu symptoms. Phillip Phillips has a problem with reoccurring kidney stones and is missing for a while. Many of the groups are loosing people to sickness and lack of sleep.

Symone Black returns from the hospital. She was dehydrated, but is better now. She finally finds a group to join.

Basically, the whole show was people yelling, vomiting, and not getting along.

Idol leaves us in limbo as the groups are ready to take the stage.

Until next time, when I can hopefully see enough of the contestants to actually form an opinion of them.....

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Micki said...

This seems to be the worst Hollywood week EVER! I don't remember there ever being this many people collapsing from sickness and/or exhaustion. I GUESS this is a good way to eliminate the weaker contestants but it doesn't seem fair, really. I think there is a lot of luck involved in putting together a group!

(Boy, I think David was lucky they didn't do the "group night" thing in his season!)