Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To David, With Love From A Fan

With the time for David's departure on his two-year Mormon mission quickly approaching, I felt compelled to rewrite the lyrics to his first hit song "Crush" as a tribute to him and how we fans all feel about him. It wasn't easy trying to wrap up all of these emotions into one neat little package. As all David Archuleta fans out there know, the reasons we all love David and follow his every move are quite personal to each of us. Some people are here just for the voice, while others have been touched by his spirit of peace, and love, and caring. Then there are those who only see the outer wrappings, which are quite nice, but not as striking as the whole package rolled together. For me personally, David is the hope for our future. Being the parent of an almost 20 yr old daughter and a 17 yr old son, I wish for each of them to one day meet a partner whose heart is as close to God as David's is. I wish for them to have the passion for life and living that David has shown us. I wish for the world as a whole to find a way to treat others with love and compassion each and every day, even if we don't always agree with each others choices. In a nutshell, I wish for everyone to follow David's example and be more Christ-like in their views of the world and their actions in it.

So, here is my attempt, to thank David for all he has given of himself these last four years and my pledge to be here when he returns to his music career. I would post a recording of myself singing this song, but "Crush" is not in my range, no matter how hard I try, so I will spare the world of this torture.

 A Song for David

Tune: "Crush"

It was just four years ago
Something happened on our TV’s,
Changed our minds,
Changed our lives,
Changed our hearts.
When you stepped out on that stage
We were drawn to be your true fans
By your voice,
By your light,
By your heart.

Now your fans are standing here this day,
All our hearts are calling out to say,
You’ve got us hypnotized,
And mesmerized,
And we want you to know.

We will stand by you.
We will make you proud.
While you change more lives
The whole world around.
We’re not crazy, we’ve just fallen in love
With this voice so blessed by God above.
You have touched our hearts
With your special ways,
And we just can’t let
Goodness fade away.
So, we’ll stand here now and show the world
That this love for you ain’t going away.
Ain’t goin' away.

You have taught us how to live.
From your kind words, and your good deeds,
We’ve all learned
To be hope,
To be love.
Now we just want you to know, that
Wherever in this world you may go
We’re still here
We’ll be here
'Til you come back!
You come back!

We will stand by you.
We will sing the praise,
Of the lives you've touched
All along the way.
We’re not crazy, we’ve just fallen in love
With the one so blessed by God above.
You have touched our hearts
With your life and deeds.
Now we want to say
Thanks to you this way.
So, we’ll stay right here and tell the world
How this man of love ain’t going away.
Ain’t goin' away.

All your fans are standing here this day,
With our voices calling out to say,
You’ve got us hypnotized,
And mesmerized,
And we want you to know.

We will stand by you.
We will be your fans.
We will share your voice,
Make them understand.
We’re not crazy, we’re just showin' our love
For this one so blessed by God above.
You have filled our hearts
With a love so rare,
Which we need so much,
And we all must share.
So, we’ll stand by you and spread the word
That this voice of love ain’t going away.
Ain't goin' away.
Ain’t no way.


Abrra said...

Loved everything you wrote in this post :) I often wish he was cloned :) You song is amazing and says what most fans feel about their dedication to David and his music.


heidijoy said...

Love your post!You are gifted and expressed our love so well.

jess i. david said...

that was awesome...we love david so much...he will be forever an IDOL.Words cannot express how much love fans can get with this INCREDIBLE guy.When you comeback on your mission we, your fans will always open our arms 100% for my DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great rewrite on the song lyrics. Perfectly describes every fan's love for David. You should tweet it to him so he'll see it.
One little thing. On the line 'we're not crazy, we've just fallin in love' fallin should be fallen. Sorry if I seem nitpicky, but I was an English major in school, so I always notice that stuff. Keep up the great work.

PandasMama said...

Thanks for catching the "Fallen" for me Anon. I meant to change that and forgot. I'm usually very careful about that stuff. Another English major here.

hazeleyd71(Michelle) said...

AWWW how very sweet and truly perfect! I love your version of Crush so much! I really appreciate your expression of our hearts and feelings toward David. Thank you for this :)) I really hope David gets to see this!!!