Friday, March 2, 2012

American Idol 11: The Finalists Revealed

The big night finally arrived. The show opens with a montage of the top 24's videos.  The judges are ready for the show, but Jennifer looks like she forgot part of her clothes.  Man that dress is short. And it seems that Ryan still can't locate his razor.

Ryan tells us that there were over 33 million votes cast over the two nights but half of the contestants will be going home tonight. We are about to meet the top 5 guys and top 5 girls and then fight it out for the judges 3 wildcards. Ryan is calling contestants to center stage in groups.

Chase, Phillip, and Jeremy are up first. (A short recap of their performance and judges comments and then we hear the opinion of Jimmy Iovine, the mentor for the show and Mr Music Mogul of Idol.  I will only be writing Jimmy's comments or comments about Jimmy's comments here. )
Jeremy- Jimmy says great voice, nice person, but that's not enough to keep going on Idol.  (I disagree.)
Chase- Jimmy says good looking but not fresh or original.  (I agree.)
Phillip- Jimmy says Idol needs more original artists like him- would sing him on the spot. (I agree.)
Only Phillip is in the Top 10

Jessica, Hollie, Brielle, Hallie-
Hollie- Jimmy says she's a little girl with a big voice, with the right material she can be great. (I agree.)
Brielle- Jimmy says she has charisma but made a bad song choice and it will hurt her. (I agree.)
Hallie- Jimmy says this was her best show, she has a good voice, but there are too many blonds. (?)
Jessica- Jimmy says she has talent from a to z and he would sign her tonight, one to beat (I disagree some)
Jessica and Hollie are in the Top 10.

Joshua, Heejun, Adam-
Joshua- Jimmy says he's the real deal and he is looking forward to working with him but doesn't want Sister    Act III on the show. (I happen to like Christian artists on the show. Keep your opinion to yourself Jimmy.)
Adam- Jimmy says he is confused by Adam. He needs to combine the "large black woman" side of him and the white guy and find and artist. (I disagree Jimmy. I like both sides of Adam.)
Heejun- Jimmy is confused by Heejun. He doesn't like the funny guy and says this is not American Comedian. (I don't think Jimmy laughs very much so I can see why he doesn't like someone who does.)
First big surprise: Joshua and Heejun are in the Top 10.

Baylie, Chelsea, Skylar, Shannon-
Skylar- Jimmy says she blended soul and country for great rock and he would vote for her. ( I agree.)
Baylie- Jimmy says has all the pieces but didn't come together. Out of tune, out of here. (I agree.)
Chelsea- Jimmy says nice voice but not original.  (I agree.)
Shannon- Jimmy says he really likes her but thought her dress looked like prom, needs a stylist. (I liked her and dress.)
Shannon and Skylar are in the Top 10.

Aaron, Creighton, Reed-
Reed- Jimmy says really talented but to cabaret, thought he was at night club.  (I like but not on Idol.)
Aaron- Jimmy says he was confused by Aaron and it was too cheesy. (I disagree.)
Creighton- Jimmy says he has an interesting voice but it is screechy up top and it annoys him. (I disagree.)
No one goes to top 10.

Elise, Erika, Haley, Jen-
Jen- Jimmy says nice voice but don't sing Adele. (I agree.)
Erika- Jimmy likes this girl, she has music in her blood, she's a natural. (I agree.)
Haley- Jimmy says she sang the whole song out of tune and she was robotic. (Sorry, but I agree.)
Elise- Jimmy says she pulled off the Adele song. She needs own music though.  (I agree.)
Elise is in the Top 10.

DeAndre, Eben, Colton, Jermaine-
Jermaine- Jimmy likes him and could listen to his album. Ready to work with him for best songs. (Yeah)
DeAndre- Jimmy says he has enormous potential but needs a vocal coach. (I agree.)
Eben- Jimmy says he is talented and has potential but it's too early. (I agree.)
Colton- Jimmy says he is one of the most talented. He should take it slow, pace himself on the show and he could win. (Best comment I heard from Jimmy. I agree.)
Colton and Jermaine are in the Top 10.

Time for the wildcard sing-off. Judges will pick 6 to sing and then put three into the finals.
Randy calls Jen. -"Oh Darling" It starts out slow, then picks up. Not sure this is  the best song.

JLo calls Jeremy.-  "I Know You Won't" This is filled with passion galore. Hitting those high notes. He wants this for sure. Jeremy breaks down in tears at end and so does JLo.

ST calls Brielle.- "Someone Like You" This is too big for this girl. Pitchy. Judges don't like it either.

Randy calls DeAndre.- "Georgia" Starts off showing the nice lower register. I want to hear more of this sound. Ok on the upper and falsetto too. Mixed well this time.

JLo calls Erika.- "Edge of Glory" Well this is different. First time I have ever liked this song. Awesome.

ST calls Reed.- (Really? Out of all those left we get Reed?) "Use Me" Odd song choice. Lots of erratic movements and scatting but not enough just straight singing this time.

Top 10: Phil, Heejun, Joshua, Jermaine, Colton, Hollie, Skylar, Shannon, Elise, and Jessica.
Wildcards:  Erika, Jeremy, DeAndre.

Yes, I am very happy with the majority of these choices.

Next week the girls sing Whitney Houston (glad we're getting it over with so soon) and the guys are singing Stevie Wonder (I think it would have been more fun to switch that around, but that's just my opinion.) Guest mentor is Mary J Blige. Hummm????  We'll see how that goes. 

And how did my top pics from different auditions fair in this process so far. (I only chose top 3.)
From Savannah: Phillip was my #1 and Colton my #3.
From Pittsburg: Heejun #3
From Galveston: Skylar #3  

I think I might need to listen a little closer on the auditions next year. In my own defense, we did not see the auditions for Hollie, DeAndre, Joshua, Jeremy, or Jessica so I had no way of predicting these 5 as finalists.

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