Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 10 Results

Okay everyone. The results are in and ...  well I need to recap the show first before I get to the results.

The show tells us "the hammer falls as one of them goes home." Let's not get violent now guys.

Speaking of violent, that is some beyond HOT PINK dress Jennifer is wearing. MY EYES!!!!

The entertainment for tonight's show is "pop sensation" Lana Del Ray ??? and Haley Reinhart from last season who happens to have a new single out right in time the the show.

The top 10 perform "For the Longest Time" and I like it. This might be the best group song since season 7.

The kids get to play hide and seek while singing "You Found Me" for the Ford video.

Ryan tells us that the Top 9 will be moving into the Idol mansion for the rest of the season.

Once again, Ryan will be calling the contestants to center stage in groups for their results. I'll only be writing about Jimmy's comments here, not the entire recap of each performance.

Hollie, Skylar, Elise-
Hollie- Jimmy says he knew she might have problems interpreting the song. this was her worst night of the competition but she will stay.
Skylar- Jimmy says this wasn't her best performance. She must get more creative and grow.
Elise- Jimmy says he was worried about her doing an unfamiliar song but she transformed during this performance. She is at the top of the heap.
All three are safe.

Lana Del Ray performs. This song is supposed to be about video games, I think.  UH, NO.  Anyone else feel depressed now?  Hey Casey Abrams is in the audience tonight. Obviously to see Haley, not Lana.

It's Steven Tyler's birthday this weekend but Ryan didn't get him a cake. Instead he got Joe Perry to drop by Idol and lead everyone in "Happy Birthday."

DeAndre, Joshua, Jessica-
DeAndre- Jimmy was unhappy with DeAndre about jumping all over the stage.  Says he needs to study the songs and know what they are about. This performance is going to hurt him.
Joshua- Jimmy says he didn't understand the song and over sang the bridge.
Jessica- Jimmy loved this performance. He said she took a simple song and expanded it. Great job. Ryan says Billy Joel emailed and said he liked her rendition of his song.
Jessica and Joshua are safe.  DeAndre is in the bottom 3.

Haley Reinhart performs her new single so she can make some money for Jimmy.  The song is called "Free" but she is in a birdcage and growling at us.  She has been spray tanned way too much. The good news is she sounds and looks much better than Lana.

Erika, Heejun, Phillip, Colton-
Colton- Billy Joel emailed saying that Colton did a great job. Jimmy thinks Colton is the third horse in the race with Jessica and Joshua.
Phillip- Jimmy is mad that Phillip didn't take his or Tommy's advise and is scolding him on national television.
Erika- Jimmy says Tommy, Bold. Erika, Brave. How did he get her to change her look so drastically the day before performance?  She should be at the top of the heap with this performance.
Heejun- Another one Jimmy is mad at. Jimmy equates his performance to a bad Adam Sandler movie that goes straight to DVD.
Colton is safe, but Ryan fakes him out again.
Erika is in the bottom 3, but before heading to the stools, she runs over to Elise to pick up her "shakers" and tells America "I'm bringing the party with me."
Phillip is safe. HA Jimmy
Heejun is in the bottom 3. Well, looks like those Twitter followers didn't vote last night.

Jennifer says it will be a loss no matter which one leaves.

Hey, the kid from "Touch" is sitting in front of Casey.

Bottom 3: DeAndre, Heejun, Erika
DeAndre is safe.  Heejun is safe.

Erika is singing for her life. (I don't know why they torture the kids with this, we can tell be the expressions on the judges faces that they are not going to save her.)

NO SAVE TONIGHT.  Lot's of boooo's from audience.

Bye Erika.

Before I'm out of here for this week, let's see how the Facebook and twitter rankings did.

Most twitter followers: Heejun = bottom 3.
Fewest twitter followers: Elise = safe.

Most Facebook likes: Jessica = safe.
Fewest Facebook like: Erika = Bottom 3/Eliminated

Looks like Facebook is more accurate than Twitter this week.  I'll try this again next week, if times permits.

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