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American Idol 11: Top 10

I seem to be running behind in my posts about AI these last couple of weeks. Too much going on I guess. Before I start with the recap of this week's performances I have the stats on the contestants Twitter "followers" and Facebook "likes" as of March 20, 2012.

Contestant         Twitter                      Facebook
DeAndre           27,908                     20,807
Hollie                26,592                     16,668
HeeJun             79,306                      27,873
Skylar               28,518                     19,181
Phil                    76,785                     25,728
Jessica               53,382                     49,859
Joshua               20,465                     17,089
Elise                  20,034                     10,816
Erika                 37,508                       9,993
Colton               74,096                     44,433

Top 4- Heejun, Phil, Colton, Jessica / Jessica, Colton, Heejun, Phil
Bottom 3- Elise, Joshua, Hollie / Erika, Elise, Hollie

We'll see if these stats play in this week with the voting public.

So, on March 21, 2012 the theme is songbook of Billy Joel. This could be interesting or it could be a disaster.

We start out with the tearful goodbyes for Shannon last week accompanied by Billy Joel's "And So It Goes."  This song now is a good sign that it won't be performed during the show, which makes me very happy.  David Archuleta owned this song when he performed it for Top 3 on Idol in Season 7. I didn't really want to hear it this year unless someone exceptional sang it.

This week mentoring with Jimmy is Diddy. Well, what can I say?
We will also hear from Tommy Hilfiger about each contestants "style."

DeAndre- Tommy loves DeAndre's hair and only wants to make a small style change.
"Only The Good Die Young" Jimmy and Diddy are bickering between themselves and giving too much personal info about what the song means to them. Jimmy tells DeAndre to sing the first lines to JLo because she is Catholic and will understand what it is about. HUM
I think DeAndre sounds great on this song. Not too much falsetto, Nice job.
ST- "First, I thought it was too happy, but isn't that what the world needs."
JLo- "I thought it was a great way to start the show."
Randy- "Great job, but didn't WOW me."

"New York State of Mind" - Jimmy and Diddy- "hold back, don't oversing."
Tommy- talks Erika into cutting her hair.
OMG, her hair is really short and black. She looks amazing. She sounds pretty good too.  I think this is her best performance so far.
Randy- " I love the look. Loved the vocals."
JLo- "I didn't recognize you at first. Beautiful vocals."
ST- "You put a lot of personality into that. Outstanding."
Ryan says the folks on twitter are loving the new look too.

Tommy wants him in a tux/ black tie. A more polished look.
"She's Got a Way" - he has never heard this song before and is not comfortable with it.  Diddy says Joshua is a very vulnerable artist. Tells him to put aside whatever is bothering him and connect with the song.
Joshua stars out seated and soft but vocals rise when he does. He is joined by the Idol Gospel choir. I like it. Gospel Billy, who would have thunk it?
JLo- "Billy wrote his life in his songs, and I need you to connect to those words more. It was still beautiful."
ST- "I don't know that song. You made it come to life for me."
Randy- "You said at the mentoring, you felt defeated. Never feel defeated. with a voice like yours, you're always ahead.

"Shameless" - Silly girl is awestruck by Diddy. Diddy says the song feels forced. Make it from the heart.
Tommy wants to try to evolve the look without abandoning the boots. He wants to match the color of the boots to the outfit she wears. No duh.
Well, looks like she threw out the style advise, no boots at all tonight and I hate the dress. Don't like the "bubble butt" look.
Skylar starts out seated on the steps. The key is too low and she is pitchy. Better once she stands.
Randy- "Pretty good, but not your best. Too low at beginning."
JLo- "Fearless not shameless."
ST- "When you it a chorus you do it with conviction. Good."

"Vienna"  Jimmy is afraid of her singing a song people don't know. She is 100% sure this is what she should sing. Diddy advises starting song at mic stand.
Tommy says she is very layered up like she is hiding her body. He wants her to wear high waisted bell bottoms with a short jacket.
And she doesn't take his advise at all, long dress with long sheer vest. OK
She starts at the mic stand and then walks through the audience much too quickly for the song tempo. I liked the start and the end back at the stand is awesome. Great run at the end. I like this performance of hers the best so far.  Standing O from all.
ST- "Great singing. You were all over the place but still stayed in the room."
JLo- "I'm so happy for you. America got to see your personality for the first time."
Randy- "This girl is unbelievably talented. That run you did at the end is so incredibly difficult."
Two of her vocal students are in the audience and Ryan invites them on the stage.

Tommy tells him "you need help" but Phil says "I's just simple and want my music to come through first." Tommy says gray is the worst color for the stage. He needs a different look or America won't vote for him because he won't look like a star.
"Movin' Out" Diddy tells him to put down the guitar and get out of his comfort zone. Diddy brings in girls for Phil to practice singing to. he doesn't care about the girls.
Awesome- Phi is in two shades of gray playing his guitar. LOVE IT. He is himself and no one else. 
JLO- "I felt you were taking a little aggression on your mentors. You are who you are. Perfect rendition of that song."
ST- You took that song and Phillip Phillipsed it. Really good job. Glad you wore gray." Then Steven threw Phil his black shiny scarf.
Randy- "Those that do, should. You know who you are. That was on of the best renditions of that song ever."
Phil- "I'm not about image, I'm about the music. If they don't like it, that's ok. If they do, that's ok too."

Tommy says she looked like an old lady last week. She wants to dress in sparkles and glitter. He says that's ok too.
"Honesty"- Jimmy and diddy say she needs to realize that the world is not perfect. She needs to work disappointment and anger into this song.
Her new outfit is ok with me, my daughter hates it. We both liked the dress last week.
She starts out ok, but doesn't look comfortable. Too bad, she is off key and cracking at the end.
ST- "Tonight you were over thinking and pitchy."
JLo- "The sound of your voice is one of my favorites this year but you have to nail those notes."
Randy- "The chorus was great, the verses, not so much. I could feel you thinking."

"My Life" Heejun asked Jimmy and Diddy how to deal with last week's criticism. they said to use it as fuel and not take it personally. He is still bummed.
Tommy thinks Heejun is testing him by saying he wants to emulate female singers styles. Maybe he is. "Find your own style."
Heejun is dressed in white shirt with bowtie and black jacket. Boring look. Song starting very slow and soft.
WAIT. Heejun is back. He rips off the jacket and shirt to reveal multicolored t-shirt over orange dress shits. And rocks the song all over the place. This performance is full to the brim with attitude. Definitely not his best vocals, but boy is it fun.
JLo- "I love that you brought a little fun to tonight. I really enjoyed it."
ST- "I'm a little tongue-tied. The music business will kick your a**.  At some point, you will need to take it a little more serious."
Randy- "Not best vocals. At least you had a good time. I was entertained."

Tommy says since she is so petite, to make sure that a dress is really short or really long.
"Everybody Has a Dream"- Diddy said he didn't believe her. She was over singing. To much vibrato will get you in trouble. To me, she looks so young and innocent and shy in this mentoring session. Maybe, no makeup did it.
This is a really nice job. "This is my dream" is a great line. It is her dream and you can tell. I would have left out the choir but other than that, great.
Standing O
ST- You have gone beyond my judging. When God was giving out vocal chords, you were so at the front of the line. Thank you for letting me hear you sing , baby."
JLo- "Thant song was written for you. Defining song."
Randy- "It takes consistency to win. You have a moment every time you step on the stage."

Colton- Tommy asks "What's your image?' Colton wants to create his own style. Tommy says he is very capable of being a star, but he is worried about the hair. (Colton isn't)
"Piano Man"- Jimmy says this song is tailor-made for him.  Diddy "I wanted to buy that record when he got finished with it."
Colton is center stage with a red piano encircled by lights. He is AWESOME.
JLo- "You sing with pure feeling. I had goosies from the minute you started. Great job.
ST- Your choice of chords when your voice resolved was stunning.
Randy- "What I love is that you said to Tommy you want to be an individual. That was very sensitive, and touching. You're a rock star.

Ryan asks Colton what he was thinking as he waited to start out tonight.
"I've been praying before this whole thing. Tonight's a big moment for me and I was just collecting myself and saying God use me. I want Him to shine through first and foremost.  (Yes, you tell 'em Colton. No backing down.) 

So here are my favorites on the night in order #1 to #3  and my bottom 3.
Top 3: Colton, Jessica, Phillip
Bottom 3/4: Elise, Heejun, Skylar and Hollie

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