Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 12, CORRECTION Top 11 Results

This has been a awkward week on American Idol as Jermaine messed up and was eliminated (disqualified) from the show on Wednesday (actually it was Tuesday night at rehearsal.) So, instead of going down to the Top 11 on this show, we are possibly dropping to the Top 10, which means, we will find out who goes on the summer tour this year. Or TPTB might decide to take 11 on tour again. Or the judges might use their one save. Or, Oh who knows what might happen. This is American Idol, after all.

Tonight Daughtry and Demi Lovato are in the house. Well, at least one of them have Idol roots.

Jennifer is on the cover of Vogue Magazine that comes out tomorrow and we get a preview. Yeah, she has clothes on. she also gets in a plug for her new single and new video coming out later this month.

Tommy Hilfiger is the new image consultant for American Idol.  He starts next week, so I guess we will see Colton's hair style changing soon and Phil will be wearing uncomfortable clothes that will look strange on him. Maybe he can update Heejun's style away from the bow tie. Can't wait for next week.

The Ford video is next and the Idols are scaring each other in a haunted mansion while singing "Ghost Town."  Never heard this before. It sounds kind of campy.

Once again Ryan will call the contestants to center stage in groups and we get to see highlights from the previous night and comments from Jimmy. I'm only writing up Jimmy's comments unless something really important is said or happens.

Phil, Skylar, Elise, Joshua
Phil- "He went beyond the call of duty and gave a new definition to a sick day at AI."
Skylar- "Song wasn't exactly right for her. She's better than that."
Elise- "She killed this song last night. Captivated me."
Joshua- "Can't sing that song much better than that. Percy Sledge called and loved it. We should have all contestants eat crawfish before they sing."
SAFE- Joshua, Phillip, Skylar
Bottom 3- Elise

Demi Lovato is in the house. "Give Your heart A Break"  She is looking pretty good. This is not my favorite song, but its ok.  Contestants don't seem to be bowled over by it.  Polite applause at the best.

Colton, Shannon, DeAndre, Jessica
DeAndre- "the judges might be right about it not being the best song choice for him. When contestants come in they have 3 song choices and if those aren't right ,we might change it. The singer gets the final say. this isn't T-Ball; not everyone gets a trophy and an orange slice."
Colton- "Steven said it was the wrong song. I agree with him. Randy is confused- the song does matter."
Shannon- "Shannon is at her best when she doesn't push too hard. She pushed and showed weaknesses."
Jessica- "Jessica wanted to do an up tempo song and I supported her. She doesn't want to be an opera singer from a talent show. If she goes home, we should all go home."
SAFE- Colton, Jessica, DeAndre
Bottom 3- Shannon

Daughtry is rockin the house with single "Out of My Head."  He is staring a new US tour on March 20.

Erika, Heejun, Hollie
Hollie- "Hollie was fantastic."  Jimmy didn't like her "old lady" dress.
Heejun- "There will be an Asian Pop Music explosion, not sure if Heejun will be part of it. He needs to find some tempo and do something drastic."
Erika- "there's a trap on AI and it's called over singing, and Erika fell into it last night."
SAFE- Hollie, Heejun
Bottom 3- Erika

Judges are not happy with the bottom 3. All are upset that Elise is there, don't mention the other two.

Ryan tells us that Elise is safe. Ryan tells us "It's down to Shannon and Erika. One of them could lose it all, right after this."

Erika is going on tour.

Shannon must sing for her life. Will the judges save her tonight?
(Why are they doing this now? If they save her, are they going to let her go on tour? Will they drop someone else from tour next week if they keep her now and she is not the one eliminated next week? This is dumb!!!)

The judges will not use their save tonight!!!
Why did they even make her sing again?

BYE BYE Shannon. Will we see you on The Voice next year? Maybe X Factor with Simon?

Well, I got 2 of the bottom 3 correct, but definitely not the one going home. Maybe I'll do better next week.

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Micki said...

ANother great recap Margy!!
I think maybe Heejun skated by on his funny personality this week. You were PRETTY close on your predictions of who else would be on the bottom.

I liked Shannon a lot ... sorry to see her go. She's only 16 and I'm sure she will go far with that voice.

I wonder who will be at the top at the end? My favorites are Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua. But I know Phil is very popular, and Deandre. See you next week.