Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 12

I'm running behind on this post today.  It's Spring Break in Austin, my son just got back in town last night, and my husband and I have been checking out the SXSW Music Fest which started Monday night.  Might I suggest catching a show by Alabama Shakes if they are in your area. Awesome young singers.

BUT NOW, it's Idol time.

Ryan tells us there is a controversy this week in Idol land. One of the finalists was eliminated on Tuesday night. We have to wait to find out who it is.

This week's theme: songs from the year they were born. That means we will hear songs from 1983 thru 1995 and we get to see baby photos of the contestants and judges+Ryan.

This week we have the expertise of Wil.I.Am along with Jimmy Iovine mentoring the kids. Not my favorite mentors.

Phillip- born Sept. 20, 1990. His parents tell us that he was a very sick as a baby and almost died.
Phil had surgery for kidney stones a few days ago, right after his mentoring session, but is back to sing for us.
Black Crows- "Hard to Handle"  and Phil does not have his guitar with him for this song. Very nice job.
Randy- "You sound amazing. Do that song as a single when you're through with Idol. JLo- Loved it.  ST- You picked the right song for your voice.

Jessica- born Aug 4, 1995.  She was a little diva.
Gloria Estafan- "Turn the Beat Around"  Wil.I.Am calls her a "swaggernaught" because she has outer space swag.  Jessica looks beautiful and sounds pretty good. The audience loves it, the judges- not so much. they tell her she should sing ballads.  They didn't like her voice with the beat of this song.

Heejun- born 1989. His parents don't speak English.
Richard Marx- "Right Here Waiting". Heejun is fighting his accent with Jimmy's help?
he sounds very breathy but I think it is better than the last two weeks. Decent job.
Randy- didn't like it. "Pitchy" Wrong kind of song.  Ryan asked if Heejun was "emotional" and Heejun said that his girlfriend is in the audience.

Elise- born July 29, 1983.
"Let's Stay Together" We get a melding of Elise and Pres. Obama singing this song. Creepy.
She's ok. There is something about her that doesn't sit right with me. I haven't put my finger on it yet.
The judges are falling all over themselves over her performance. ???

DeAndre- born 1994. 
Came into mentoring wanting to sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" but Jimmy and Wil talked him into singing "Endless Love" by Luther VanDross and Mariah Carey. I like both songs. He has a nice start, no falsetto right off the mark. Nice job but lacking some power, IMO.
Judges didn't like the song choice at all.

Shannon- born Oct. 21, 1995.
Wasn't sure which song to sing. Jimmy had a suggestion for a song. No wait, this is a plug for a new phone and wireless Beat Box from AT&T. Great commercial Jimmy.
Mariah Carey and Boys 2 Men- "One Sweet Day"
To correct breathing problems on song, Will suggests laying down when practicing. Weird???
Shannon has a sweet sound to start off, maybe a couple of pitch problems here and there. Not a bad performance.
The judges admit they were terrified when they heard this was the song. JLo says "not an easy undertaking, but a beautiful job.

Colton- born 1991. Colton got to meet his Idol, Chris Daughtry, earlier in the week.
White Lines- "Broken Heart" an obscure song.
Great job. He now owns this song. He rocked it.
JLo- didn't know the song, but "I think you look pretty when you sing."  ST- "wrong song for you."  Randy- "the song didn't matter,  You were dope."

Erika- born 1985. Mom said she was always loud.
Bryan Adams- "Heaven"  Well, this is one of my favorite songs and I only like Bryan Adams and David Archuleta singing it so she is in trouble already.  Jimmy suggests some changes to make it her own.
This is terrible. I don't like it at all. And the judges agree with me. JLo tells Erika that she looks beautiful, which she does but they all agree, song is a classic, not to be messed with. Randy- "Don't let anyone tell you to change what ain't broke."

Jermaine is the one kicked off the show due to legal matters. In March and Nov of 2011, criminal charges were brought against him for use of fake names. He currently has 4 warrants out for him. Didn't disclose legal problems to TPTB. BYE BYE.

Skylar- born 1994. Parents tell us she use to hit her head into stuff when she was mad. OK?
Bonnie Raitt- "Love Sneaking Up On You".
Jimmy and Will tried to talk her out of this song. Will suggested a Coolio song so she could do "Ghountry" ghetto country, but she held her ground. Good.
The song is sassy and great.
The judges loved her. JLo- "You killed it."

Ryan surprises Joshua with a huge tub of crawfish from Louisiana.

Joshua- born April 9, 1992. He is the youngest of 8 kids and a preacher's son.
Michael Bolton- "When A Man Loves A Woman"
this is the best performance of the night by far. Awesome!!!
The judges are on their feet halfway through the song. They all love him.
Randy- "No words for that."

Hollie- July 5, 1993- British born
Celine Dion- "The Power of Love"
Hollie looks absolutely beautiful and sounds fantastic too.
JLo- "There were one or two little things, but it would be silly to say them." One of the best of the night.  IMO- Only Hollie and Jessica should be allowed to sing diva's power ballads. The rest of the girls don't compare.

Steven says Heejun might be in trouble.

My rankings from best to worst:
Joshua, Hollie, Phillip, Colton, Jessica, Skylar, DeAndre, Shannon, Elise, Heejun, Erika.

It wouldn't surprise me if TPTB don't eliminate anyone else tonight, since they kicked Jermaine off the show, but i could be wrong. I thought I heard Ryan say that they would go down to the top 10 at the next results show. They have been known to change their minds though.  Guess we'll see soon enough.

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Micki said...

I changed my mind about some people Wed. night. I hadn't really been liking Phil until he sang "Hard to Handle" last night. I know you really liked him from the beginning, but not me. Amazing how he sang after having surgery for kidney stones.

I loved Jessica's song -- disagreed with the judges. Heejun sounded breathy and pitchy to me ... not his best performance. I disagree that he sounded better than the two previous weeks. I liked his previous performances.

I though that Elise was great Wed. -- I liked her more than before, but she is still not one of my favorites. Skylar and Colton did fine but they are not at the top of my list either.

Deandre -- Bob and I really LIKED this performance of "Endless Love." And he used his falsetto sparingly. We disagreed with the judges on this one (and you too, I guess, LOL).

Shannon, I thought, sounded a bit strained on some notes. I was surprised the judges were so kind.

I really like Ericka -- she's one of my favorites. (I agree this was definitely not as good as David's, but I liked it. I didn't think it was "terrible.") Too bad she doesn't seem to be connecting really well with the voters. (I'm writing this after the results show Thursday night.)

Joshua was cute with those crawfish! LOL His song was FANTASTIC! WOW! And Hollie was terrific too! They will both go far in this competition for sure.

Too bad about Jermaine -- I was very shocked. He seemed like such a sweet guy.