Friday, March 9, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 13 Results

Well, it's time to say goodbye to one of the top 13 contestants. I doubt if it will be one of the girls. The judges get the final say this week and I'm sure they will want to even out the guy/girl ratio this week.  I can't wait to see how the twitter rankings compare to the actual results this week.

We get performances from Lauren Alaina and Mary J Blige later in the show.  Oh, and the top 13 perform Stevie Wonder's "As" and it is not a total train wreck like many of the group performances have been the last couple of years.  Of course, the guys (minus Phil) have same awesome awkward dance moves thrown in to the performance. Looks like the girls are doing good just strutting across the stage in those platform stilettos. Oh, the ford commercials are back. this one features giant Idols strolling the streets of LA while singing "Big Time."

Before we find out who has made the bottom 3 for the guys and the bottom 3 for the girls Jimmy has some words for us. " God mass produces billions of people (Jimmy knows just how to alienate himself from the millions of Christians who watch this show doesn't he?), in my opinion, too many, but in the case of Whitney Houston, he stopped everything, and made one by hand. he made an extraordinary human being, and that's why it's so difficult for these girls to sing these songs. (Then why did they saddle them with these
monsters, especially so early in the competition?) As far as Stevie Wonder's concerned for the boys, that's no walk-in-the-park either."

Contestants are called to center stage in groups. We get a quick review of their performance and the judges comments before we hear what Jimmy had to say about each contestant. I'm only writing what Jimmy had to say here.

Jessica, Elise and Hollie---
Elise- "Elise got hit with the Whitney stick. Songs not in her genre- she is in trouble."
Hollie- "Fantastic!"
Jessica- "The best performance I've even seen of anyone on American Idol." (Obviously, he wasn't watching season 7 and David Archuleta.)
Jessica is safe. (Of course) Hollie is safe. Elise is in the bottom 3 girls.

Heejun, Jermaine, Colton---
Heejun- "If I made a record with Heejun, the last thing in the world I would do is take a Stevie Wonder song. it showed all of his flaws."
Colton- "Colton takes great direction, but I don't think he's found his musical direction yet."
Jermaine- Jennifer is right, he was thinking too hard. Steven is wrong, Armani doesn't make suits that big."
Colton is teased by Ryan again but is safe. Heejun is safe. Jermaine is in the bottom 3 guys.

We get a plug for Jennifer's new talent search show with ex- hubby Marc Anthony, "Q Viva!" (I actually watched the first episode and really liked it. They have some incredible dancers for the show so far.
Lauren Alaina drops in to sing "Georgia Peaches" and she is looking beautiful. She changes up part of her lyrics to say Randy Jackson instead of Alan Jackson, which is cute.

Erika, Shannon, and Skylar---
Erika- "Not her fit in music. She took it, enhanced it and did a terrific job."
Shannon- "Nerves got the better of her. She needs more experience."
Skylar- "Jennifer said she didn't like the nasally sound at the beginning, I like Nasal."
Erika in bottom 3 girls. Skylar is safe. Shannon in bottom 3 girls.

Phillip, Jeremy, DeAndre, Joshua---
First things first- Ryan to Phillip- "I heard you went to the hospital today."  Phillip- "No, just the doctor. I'm ok."
Joshua- "He's very, very good but I'm concerned we'll get bored with his voice after a bit."
DeAndre- "DeAndre was a pleasant surprise. He just did the song."
Phillip- "Great musician both vocally and instrumentally. He came knowing who he is and that's a great advantage."
Jeremy- Stevie Wonder ballads are custom made for Jeremy's voice, but he did not deliver at all. I think Jeremy will go."
Phil is safe. Jeremy in the bottom 3 guys.
DeAndre is safe. Joshua is in the bottom 3 guys.
Ryan announces Erika and Joshua are safe.

Mary J Blige sings latest single "Why."

Jermaine, Jeremy, Elise, Shannon---
Steven Tyler says Jeremy might be leaving.
Jermaine is safe.  Shannon is safe.
Judges must decide between Jeremy and Elise to save.
Elise is saved by judges.  Good Bye Jeremy. Sorry to see you go. I really liked you.

We get Scotty McCreery's "Please Remember Me" as our exit song this season.

Let's see how the twitter rankings did or did not factor into the results.
Heejun- 48,496    SAFE
Phillip- 44,395      SAFE
Colton- 42,629     SAFE
Erika- 31,697       Bottom 3 girls
Jessica- 22,738     SAFE
Skylar- 16,162      SAFE
DeAndre- 16,003   SAFE
Shannon- 13,340   Bottom 3 girls
Hollie- 13,294       SAFE
Jeremy- 11,142    Bottom 3 guys - Eliminated this week
Joshua- 9,412       Bottom 3 guys
Elise- 7,939          Bottom 3 girls
Jermaine- 4,123    Bottom 3 guys
It seems to be somewhat accurate, except for Erika and Hollie who have flipped places. And either Jermaine's fans don't do Twitter or Jeremy's forgot to vote. Or Idol decided to get rid of the guy that the judges kept instead of Jermaine back at Top 24 reveal. Just saying!

Let me know what you think of the show.

See y'all next week.

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