Friday, March 30, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 9 Results

Ok. This will be a direct and to the point recap of the results show this week. Too much going around around here for extra details and comments.

First, the guest performers this week are Nicki Minaj and Season 10 champion, Scotty McCreery. Well, these two couldn't be much different, could they?

Ryan has breaking news for us. Aerosmith is going on tour this summer and the tickets go on sale Saturday. The tour is called "The Global Warming Tour." Thanks for the warning Ryan.

Several of the kids received tweets from their Idols after performing this week. Jonny Lang contacted Phillip. Carrie Underwood contacted Hollie. Lifehouse contacted Colton. Mariah Carey contacted Joshua.  DeAndre got the best surprise because Eric Benet actually came to the show to meet DeAndre, who was truly surprised by his idols appearance.

The Ford music video was set to "I Wanna Rock" and had the kids stacking old TVs up while their alter egos, dressed up as rock/metal band members, performed on the TVs.

We also got to see the video of the kids moving into the mansion in Hollywood Hills. It's big, it's over-the-top Hollywood, and I hope it isn't haunted like the one last year.

Ok, now to the important stuff. Remember, I'm only posting Jimmy's comments and the results.
Elise, Phillip, Hollie-
Elise- Jimmy loved it. She was a dark horse but now she's coming on strong.
Phillip- Jimmy is now convinced Phillip can win the whole thing because Stevie Nicks likes Phillip and believes in him. Remember, last week Jimmy hated Phillip for not taking us advise about how to perform. "We are witnessing an American Idol, big, big star being born here."  (I told you that last week Jimmy.)
Hollie- she is technically right , but emotionally behind the pack.
Hollie- Bottom 3, Phillip and Elise are SAFE.

We are now tortured with the nail-scraping-across-the-board sound of Nicki Minaj. Please mute your televisions if you are a fan of David Archuleta because I don't want your hearing to be damaged by this YUCK! The bad news is she sounds just as terrible when Ryan interviews her. Nicki wants to sit in as a guest judge on Idol. Jennifer tells her there is not enough from at their table. JLo also looks like she just might scratch out Nicki eyes if she tries to sit by her. OUCH.  Steven does not look humored by Nicki's comments either.

Colton, Joshua, HeeJun-
Colton- Jimmy says Colton was good but not good enough. He didn't follow through on the night.
Joshua- Jimmy says he delivered 85% of the song because he got too emotional and cried, causing his throat to close up.
HeeJun- Great to see him come back this week, but Jimmy doesn't think he sings as well as the other 8 contestants.

Colton is SAFE. Joshua is SAFE. HeeJun is in the Bottom 3.

Scotty McCreery is back. He's singing "Water Tower Town."  Awesome!  This is a fun song, if you like country music, which I do. Jimmy looks and sounds like a proud Papa as he comes out to present Scotty with his platinum album plaque.

Skylar, DeAndre, Jessica-
Skylar- Jimmy likes her but feels that she needed to pick a song with more melody to it.
DeAndre- Jimmy is middle of the road with DeAndre; doesn't love, doesn't hate. he thinks DeAndre needs more experience, but the girls are loving him so it's hard to say how far he'll go.on the show.
Jessica- What she does with her vocals is not easy for those 20 years older than her. Jimmy thinks the show needs a little girl power since they have had so many guys win in the past.
Jessica is SAFE. DeAndre is SAFE. Skylar is in the Bottom 3.( I don't agree with this, but I guess someone has to be there.)
Bottom 3 this week: Hollie, HeeJun, Skylar.
HeeJun is singing for his life this week.
Sorry HeeJun. The judges like you but it's time to go bye-bye.

So, here are the results compared to the twitter/FB rankings I took before the performance show and my predictions.
Actual voters Bottom 3:       Hollie, HeeJun, Skylar   with HeeJun going home.
Twitter/FB   Bottom 3:         Joshua, Elise, Hollie      with Elise going home.    1/3 correct but wrong going.
My prediction Bottom 3:      Hollie, DeAndre, HeeJun with Hollie going home.  2/3 correct but wrong going.

I wonder who's voting. 

Just for curiosity I check twitter and FB tonight to see how many new fans have joined in now that TPTB advertised the twitter accounts all show last night.

Colton: 128,969 followers, 78,154 likes
DeAndre: 38,827 followers, 27,028 likes
Elise: 32,952 followers, 17,991 likes
Hollie: 40,227 followers, 21,775 likes
Jessica: 87,283 followers, 69,981 likes
Joshua: 30,569 followers, 22,229 likes
Phillip: 116,435 followers, 33,552 likes
Skylar: 43,787 followers, 24,711 likes

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