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American Idol 11: Top 9 Sing

This has been an emotional week in the land of the Archuleta, but life moves on and Idol was able to take my mind off of things for a couple of hours so I am grateful for that.  Before I start the recap, here are the rankings from twitter and facebook this week.

As of 10AM CDT on 03/28/12:
Colton has 93,341 twitter followers and 60,911 likes on facebook.  He also retweeted David Cook's   farewell to David Archuleta so I give him extra kudos for that.
DeAndre has 31,949 followers and 24,178 likes.
Elise has 24,129 followers and 13,768 likes.
HeeJun has 87,070 followers and 30,901 likes.
Hollie has 31,013 followers and 19,646 likes.
Jessica has 70,542 followers and 62,601 likes.
Joshua has 23,816 followers and 20,001 likes.
Phillip has 90,659 followers and 29,896 likes.
Skylar has 33,577 followers and 22,278 likes.

Top: Colton/Phillip/HeeJun/ Jessica    Jessica/Colton
Bottom: Joshua/ Elise          Elise/Hollie/Joshua

This weeks theme: songs of their idols
Guest mentor: Stevie Nicks - someone with actual talent, awesome.

Tommy Hilfiger gives the kids some good advise for a change. "Fashion is now, style is forever. Create your own style, image."  What a novel idea, Tommy.

This week we get individual songs and trios as well.

Colton- Lifehouse- "Everything"-
"People say they found music, but for me, music found me through church."
Stevie says she has been watching and she knows Colton and he should never cut his hair for anyone.
Colton's performance starts soft and builds. Definite power and passion in this performance. he feels what he is singing. Falls to his knees at the end.
I really like Colton, not because he has the most incredible vocals but because he knows who he is and what he wants to do and isn't afraid to tell people about it. I think he has a great voice for Christian Rock and that's what he wants to perform.
ST- Colton, you are a dream come true for a judge on Idol. You sing a song like it should be sung. You have star quality.
JLo- I was moved. You sang beautifully with composure and control.
Randy- The white coat is fly.I feel your heart and passion in everything you do. You don't hide it, but lay it all out there, here's what I do. That performance was unbelievable. I could be looking at a contender for the title.

Skylar- Miranda Lambert- "Gunpowder and Lead"-
Stevie sings harmony with Skylar- awesome for her.
Skylar is a definite country star. She sounds like Miranda (even my son, who prefers country to rock now, thinks so.)
JLo- You have unbridled, can't keep it in the can, energy. You won over the crowd.
ST- That was over the top. Beautiful. (and some rambling stuff about Galveston that didn't makes sense.)
Randy- Mississippi was in it. You were telling a story. You showed your upper range that not many female country stars have.

Our first trio of the night- Colton, Phillip and Elise singing a Steive Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac medley.
They sound great on these songs.
ST- That was most excellent. You nailed them.

HeeJun- Donnie Hathaway- "A Song For You"-
Jimmy says we got HeeNewJun this week. Stevie says it's going to be beautiful.
He does sound much better with this song. I can still have some of the accent in there. He's still missing some of the consonants at the end of words.
Gets a standing O from the judges. Not sure if that is really deserved for vocals, IMO.
ST- HeeMan, you did it, you turned it around. It's so natural, you don't know how good you are. You let that song sing you.
JLo- What are you doing up there? Beautiful tone and vibrato. When you connect, you move people.
Randy- Not perfect, but the Heejun we selected came back tonight.
HeeJun- I don't want to let people down, especially me.

Jason Derulo, in a bedazzled neck brace cause he broke his neck practicing for tour, tells us about the Idol/ Coke songwriting contest he is taking part in. the song he is writing is "Undefeated"

Hollie- Carrie Underwood- "Jesus Take the Wheel"
Stevie tells Hollie her heart must come out in the song and relates story of her mother's recent death.
Hollie really seems to connect to the song more this week. A few pitch problems in the lower end but overall a good performance. Hollie is teary-eyed at the end.
Randy- Always dangerous to take on Idol winner's songs. You were a little pitchy in lower register. (Hey, that's what I said too.)
JLo- I disagree with Randy. I felt you connect with the song. One of your best performances.
ST- I'm not gonna mess with Jesus or Carrie, but I wish you sang a different song. Just ok for me. I didn't hear your full range.

DeAndre- Eric Bennet?- "Sometimes I Cry" (Hey, this is my mantra these days.I should learn this song.)
"He is a pure R&B singer, just like I want to be."
Stevie says slow down the song. Watch for the camera and connect with the audience more.
I don't know this song at all. Starts out fine. No wait, there's the screaming upper range, falsetto again. I have a really hard time understanding the words when he goes into this sound. he's struggling to keep looking at the camera and closing his eyes to hit the notes.
Standing O from the judges. Really??? I don't hear what they hear obviously.
ST- 100% passion. That was beautiful. You gave prince a run for his money. (Well, that explains it. I don't like Prince either.)
JLo- People pick up your phones and vote for DeAndre. I need to hear his voice some more.
Randy- That was beautiful. That's who you are. DeAndre's back.

Jessica- Beyonce- "Sweet Dreams" (Another song I don't know. Not a Beyonce fan.)
Stevie says Jessica is a good student. She slowed it down and made it a ballad. She's changing the ending.
I like this song from Jessica. I really like her dress. It's fun and young and not slutty.
JLo- Beautiful rendition. Left us wanting more.
ST- Beautiful performance. Love the dress.
Randy- Stars are born. You innately have this unbelievable talent. Colton, this girl wants it too.

Next trio, DeAndre, HeeJun and Joshua sing a Michael Jackson medley. It's ok. DeAndre is the only one of the three that looks right and sounds right on this medley. The hand gesture are really awkward for Heejun and Joshua. No moonwalking permitted for you Joshua.
JLo- that was perfect, but it's good you're not here for So You Think You Can Dance.
Ryan- We have a new group - Three Directions

Phillip- Jonny Lang- "Still Rainin'"
Stevie- "I think he will be very famous. He has a certain magic." Mic Fleetwood would have wanted him in the group in 1975. Stevie sings with Phillip and he wants her autograph. Jimmy and Stevie both think Phillip looks like Lindsey Buckingham in 1974 and he does.
Phil is wearing shades of brown , not gray, tonight and has his guitar. Awesome song choice and performance. He is himself.
Standing O from the judges.
JLo- When you sing, I feel that you want us to feel the music. You make everything else go away.
ST- Every song you sing you own. it's in your body and soul.
Randy- I'm sure Jonny is proud. I love the artist you are, the individuality.

Joshua- Mariah Carey- "Without You"
Joshua has chosen one of the 5 most challenging songs in popular music. Very few guys can sing like that. The chorus is a magic trick.
I didn't know Mariah sang this song. I don't listen to her much. Joshua is doing a good job. God emotion in it tonight. Oops, maybe too much emotion as he cracks a little.  Standing O from judges.
Randy- Mariah would be proud. That was flawless and emotional. Brilliant.
ST- Everyone is pushing themselves beyond their limits tonight and that's what you did. Pushed yourself to an emotional breakdown.
JLo- You're a phenom, an angel from heaven. That voice is God-sent. Amazing. So beautiful.

Third trio is up. Hollie, Skylar and Jessica( the short girls) sing Madonna hits.
I'm not a Madonna fan but the girls sound pretty good and they look gorgeous.
Randy- Very fun. So Cool.

Elise- Led Zeppelin- "Whole Lotta Love"  (Really? Led Zeppelin? Jimmy has some major connections to get these songs cleared for this show. Wish that would have happened when Archuleta was on the show. The world would have never doubted him at all if he got to sing what he wanted to sing.)
Elise has sung this song with her band. Jimmy isn't convinced she can do it. "She walked in and murdered it."
Stevie says Robert plant would be proud. (Man are they name dropping on this show.) Stevie says they are kindred spirits and she would hire Elise if she needed someone.
This is definitely her best performance for me. She is doing a great job. She has the right "gravel and grit" in her voice for this song.
JLo- You made me get up. Real Rock Star stuff.
ST- No body can pull that off. You made Robert Plant proud.
Randy- That's the hardest song in the world to sing. (Really? That might be a little much there Randy.) You did an amazing job.
Ryan points out that Elise 's pants are very similar to Steven Tyler's. No fringe on bottom of leg for ST though.

So my picks for the top and bottom:
Top: Phillip, Colton, Jessica
Bottom 3 prediction: Hollie, DeAndre, HeeJun (Maybe. It's hard to say.)  Going home- maybe Hollie, but I hope not.

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Micki said...

Another great recap Margy! What a wonderful show that was Wednesday night. My goodness, I see that both Colton and Phillip have over 90,000 Twitter followers now! Heejun has 87,000+.
Ha ha I didn't notice the dancing on the trio Heejun, Josh and DeAndre. Guess I must have been watching DeAndre! Missed Ryan's joke about the new group "Three Directions." hee hee