Friday, March 9, 2012

The Language of Love

Three years ago, on March 12, 2009, something special happened in the ArchuWorld.  In my opinion, this was the event that changed everything else. This one simple act was the catalyst for all that was to come. This was the first time, post-American Idol, when David Archuleta stepped out of his comfort zone and sang in Spanish at one of his concerts. It was only a few lines of the Selena classic, Como La Flor, but the impact on the audience (highly Hispanic in San Antonio, Texas) and David was immense. I want to thank the brave woman who shouted to David from the audience "Sing something in Spanish."  The tiny, packed-to-the-gills San Antonio bar lit up at that prompting and so did David. He wasn't really sure what to do at first, but thankfully his mother had just joined him on tour and she knew what to do. Thank you, Lupe, for encouraging David to share those few lines with us. It was magical.

Here is a new poem I have written in honor of this special anniversary in the ArchuWorld. I hope you like it.

The Langauge of Love

I don’t know how to say this,
You’ll probably think I’m nuts,
But I’ve found a brand new language
And it’s sent down from above.
It’s a special kind of language
I’ve only heard one speak.
It isn’t from a certain land,
But from a heart so sweet.

It started out one cold wet day
In San Antonio,
The twelfth of March, 2009,
And from that day it’s grown.
A young man came to town that day,
Some simple songs to sing,
But from one verse a voice was born
And a new language took its feet.

Now you might stop and wonder,
What is she talking about?
What is this special language
No others know about?
What man is this that has a Voice
Which speaks like no one else?
What happened on that cold March day
That caused their hearts to melt?

The young man’s name is David
And much like the one in Psalms,
He sings of God and good and love
And ways to make us strong.
But on this day he made a choice
That changed so many lives
Because he sang some simple lines
In a language I’ll call Love.

He had not planned to do it,
It wasn’t on his list,
But when a voice spoke from the crowd
He asked for his mom’s assist.
We all knew he could do it.
He has the right degree.
He just needed some extra coaxing
To bring out this ability.

The first words came with trepidation
As they stumbled from his lips,
But soon a joy surged through the crowd,
And brought him more confidence.
He saw the spark the words had brought
To the eyes of those he’d blessed.
He felt the love we sent to him
And returned it back again.

It was just a group of simple words
In a language foreign to many,
Yet the meaning of those Spanish terms
Was as crystal clear as any.
The joy and power of the songs
Left no doubt in the minds of fans,
This young man has a special gift
Heard through a language of Love.

Our David’s grown and we’ve now heard
Five languages cross his lips.
And to this day he has not failed
To reach our hearts with bliss.
The tongues he speaks are more than words,
They are his heart and soul.
And that’s why I’ll never forget the day,
He first spoke his language of Love.


I am so happy my daughter was able to capture this on video. Thanks, Amanda!

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