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Four short years ago, on January 22, 2008, my life was changed forever. I didn't realize it at the time, but knowing what I know now and doing what I am doing right this very second (Writing a blog entry about a person whom I have only met once for about 10 seconds), I now realize this day was a huge turning point in my life. Today I am a different person because of one simple act, turning on my television and watching a silly reality singing competition.

January 22, 2008 was the day I, a very lost, very confused , very sad, very sick and very tired wife and mother of two teenagers, saw my first glimpse of hope in the world. If you are a follower of my blog than you know what occurred that January day four years ago that changed my world. If not, that's the day David Archuleta appeared on my television during his audition for American Idol.

I was inexplicably drawn to David from the moment I heard him sing. As time has gone by, I have found myself even more entranced by this young man. It is not just his voice that draws me in, although I know I have never heard anyone else like him, ever. There is just something special about him that feels so comfortable, so positive, so reassuring, it makes me want to follow his every lead, to know about his every thought. And, since that January day in 2008, I have learned everything about this young man that is possible for a mere fan to know without stepping over the line to creepy stalker. Consequently, the more I have learned about David, the more I have actually learned about myself.

Over these last four years, David has taught me many things about myself and the world as a whole and has introduced me to many new and wonderful friends along the way. I am now a much more confident, self-assured, positive person. I no longer feel lost and confused about what I should be doing with my life. My sadness over many disappointments and losses in life has been replaced with a new hope for a brighter future. My pains have been washed away and replaced by sheer happiness. No, David is not the only reason I have a new outlook on life, but he is a major part of it and he is responsible for making me look for the causes of and answers to my problems.

Over these four years, I have been healed both mentally and physically by the sound of his marvelous voice. I have been shown that it is possible to live in this world without being torn apart by it. David has brought me great happiness on many occasions and he has shown me that it is ok for me to just be me. David, by living his life as an example, has shown me many ways I can be an example also.

Now, my life is about to take another turn, and David is once again helping me through it. Without knowing it, David is helping me prepare to experience a major life change. This change will come in the form of the absence of two very important young men from my life: one, the young man who I have come love much like a son, David; the other, my actual son, Brandon.

First, in a matter of days, David will be leaving the limelight for two years as he embarks on his Mission for the LDS Church. It will be difficult for me to adjust to not knowing where he is and what he is doing each day. The world of social media has made it very easy to keep up with David each and every day. This will probably not be the case over the next two years. We fans might hear news about David once in a while, but definitely not every day as we are used to now. It makes me sad to think that we won't see is happy face and read his joyous tweets each day, but I know he is doing what God is calling him to do at this time in his life, and that makes it easier for me. Knowing that these last four years have flown by so quickly makes two years seem not so long either. I can adjust to his absence. I'll wait for his return.

David is actually doing me a huge favor by leaving at this time, for he is helping prepare me for a much more difficult event to take place in my life in a few months. My own son's leaving, my baby taking flight from our nest, will be considerably more difficult for me to handle. You see, my son, the youngest of my two children, will be graduating high school on June 1. I knew this day would come and I have looked forward to it in some ways. What I did not expect is what Brandon has decided to do with his life. He has enlisted in the Navy.

While I am extremely proud of his decision and excited for him, I am also very sad that I won't have him right here near me each and every day, to hug tightly, to laugh with, to lean on when things aren't quite right. He is an incredible young man, not unlike David in this regard, and I will miss him dearly. I will miss his wit, his logic, his knowledge, his strength, and his incessant ribbing of me about all things David. A day does not go by that Brandon doesn't tease me about something that happened that he knows reminds me of David. I can be in the middle of a terribly mundane or sad day and all he has to do is say "David" and I start to smile. He is the only one in my family that has this talent. My daughter might understand my ODD a little better, but Brandon understands me better than anyone else. Our minds kind of work in the same way, if that makes sense. He is definitely my child, through and through, and I will miss him insanely, but I also know that he is doing what God is calling him to do at this time in his life. His time serving our country will be an amazing growing experience for Brandon and he will gain unfathomable knowledge about himself and life in general along the way. I am excited for him and the adventure he will undertake starting in September. It will be difficult not being able to communicate with Brandon any time I want (cell phones and texting have made everything just too convenient), but I'm sure that after some time, I will grow used to the idea. I will survive the transition. Thanks for giving me some practice time, David.

Over the last three years I have learned one way of dealing with things happening in my life is for me to write about them. That is the reason this blog is in existence. I started it to deal with my ODD (obsessive David disorder) and give me an outlet for communicating with other fans. This little blog has since lead me to more creative writing projects including my short story blog and the completed novel I am in the process of presenting to literary agents. All of these projects have come from the simple act of  following the lead of one young man whom I happened upon on my television set four short years ago.

Of all of the writings I have attempted for this blog, my favorite thing has become the acrostic poem. These types of poems can be very simple, using only a word or two, or quite elaborate, melding together complete sentences. I like to use them when describing David, because I can paint a description of him for various different circumstances. I used this form when I wrote about Chords of Strength and Christmas From the Heart. I have even used this type of poem to explain fan reactions to concerts.

So, here is my latest acrostic poem describing the amazing young man who has changed my world these last four years. Thank you David. I pray you will have an amazing experience these next two years and you will positively affect all those whom you come in contact with along the way, just as you have affected me. See you when you get back.

F   faithful, fearless, friendly
O  observant, overachiever, optimistic
R   radiant, resolute, respected
E   eager, earnest, enlightened
V   visionary, vulnerable, virtuoso,
E    exuberant, expressive, exquisite
R    resplendent, role model, righteous
M   mysterious, mature, multifaceted
O   outrageous, open-hearted, original
R    random, rare, real
E    energetic, enterprising, extraordinary

D   determined, deliberate, distinguishable, dynamic
A   adventurous, adaptable, admirable, amiable
V   valuable, versatile, virtuous, vivacious
    imaginative, inspirational, influential, indomitable
D   David

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haroldcpim said...

Dear Marge
I love your honesty and love of David. He too came into my life unexpectedly. I saw him on AI and wanted to see him live. I did not have a ticket to the Sayreville NJ concert but I decided to go to the venue and see I anybody had an extra ticket. Well all is history and I follow him every day. It will be difficult to not be able to, in the coming two years. But he has give us all so much. We owe it to him to experience his new journey fan free. I know he will come back to us an amazing person.
You are a very talented writer. Keep it up. You also are an amazing person also.