Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 6 Results

"A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It's a theatrical event."  Freddie Mercury

Tonight's intro reminds us that we are getting closer to the end.  "Tonight ... Another one bites the dust!"

Ryan is looking much better tonight.  That IV must have helped. He's even wearing his tie tonight.
There were 58 million votes cast last night. (I hope some of them were for Hollie and Phillip.)

Tonight's guest performances are by Stefano From last season and Katy Perry.

First we have the premier performance of The Queen Extravaganza. This is a group of musicians hand-picked by Brian May and Roger Taylor. They perform "Somebody To Love" and they are AMAZING. Of course, they are not Freddie Mercury, but they are really good. May and Taylor join them on stage for the last part of the song. AWESOME! I will have to see if they are coming to Austin on their tour.  Steven pays tribute to them with a Standing O.

Ford Video to "Magic" is cute, but very lackluster after the awesome performance by The Queen Extravaganza.

Oh, the poor kids had to visit the offices of TMZ to learn how to handle the press.

Results will be given in pairs tonight. (All comments given are Jimmy's)
Jessica and Elise
Jessica- Jimmy says singing Bohemian Rhapsody was just a plain old mistake. The faces of Jessica that were displayed  on the screen scared him. The performance was less Queen, more Steven King. Her second song was magnificent. it pulled on all our heartstrings with her dad being deployed. (Dad is in the audience for the first time.)
Elise- Jimmy says she picked the wrong Queen song. it was a monotone stadium anthem. it didn't move him. This week she was double-down on bad choices. The Hendrix song is guitar genius with integrated blues vocals. One without the other falls apart. She is in trouble.
Jessica is safe. Elise is in the bottom 3.

Casey Abrams drops by to tell the contestants to watch out for pranks on the tour. He said they had some great ones last year.
Stefano from last season has a new single, "I'm on a Roll"  and man is he rolling, all over the stage. This is more dance and less impressive vocals. That's too bad since I really liked his vocals last season. This performance kind of reminds me of Jason DeRulo. It wasn't terrible, just not my style.

Hollie and Joshua
Hollie- Jimmy says "I wonder if Save Me by Queen was a subconscious plea to the public." She did a very good job on this difficult song. The Climb was a great choice and the best she could have done.
Joshua- Jimmy was impressed with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". It showed he knows how to interpret a song. "Ready For Love" was restrained and emotional. Joshua should go to the finale. If he is voted off tonight, there is something wrong with the whole ball of wax.
Joshua is Safe. Hollie is in the Bottom 3 (again).

OMG!!! Steven Tyler is in the Burger King commercial. And that is followed by Jennifer in a Kohl's commercial. Where's Randy's commercial???

Katy Perry - "Part of Me"
We start with a video of military choppers flying over a field. The dancers repel down from the rafters. They are in camo. KP is in camo, but her hair is dyed dark purple.(?) More dancers arrive wearing Ghillie Suit type tarps. Wow there is a lot going on on the stage. Marching, push-ups, smoke, Hey wait. I forgot this is a song performance. I didn't listen to any of the lyrics. I have no idea what any of this has to do with the other one. I guess Freddie Mercury was right: "It's a theatrical event."

Skylar and Phillip
Skylar- She did a very confident job on the Queen song. It was a very, very good job. The second song was a little self-indulgent. It was sung for her hometown but should have been sung for all of America. Not everyone connected to it.
Phillip- Ryan is not the only person on the show not feeling well this week. (So , I was right when I said I thought I saw pain in his eyes.) Phillip is having a really rough time. he was lacking the energy needed to pull-off Fat Bottomed Girls the way he should have. The second song was not the right choice. This was not the time to pull out the Dave Matthews song. He has left an opening for someone else to win this thing.
Skylar in Bottom 3. Phillip is SAFE.

Bottom 3- Skylar, Hollie, and Elise.
Skylar is SAFE.

Hollie is SAFE.
Elise is out of here.

I actually got it right this week.  Yea Me!!!!!

Can't wait to find out what next week's theme is. I already heard one of the guests is Coldplay. Should be interesting.

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Vicky said...

Jimmy's comments are brutal. They should eliminate his remarks for next season, especially when the contestants are worried about going home that night. Why did Ryan need an IV?