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American Idol 11: Top 6

I heard that Ryan Seacrest is really sick this week and might not make it to the show for the first time in the eleven seasons he's been on the show. Now that is sick. I hope he makes it, the replacement could be really scary. Nigel. 

Yes, Ryan is present and accounted for. Yeah. He doesn't look very well, but he is there. Hope he doesn't make everyone else sick. Jennifer is wearing a sparkly gold outfit and Steven is wearing black with sparkly silver. Randy is wearing a "YO" lapel pin.

Tonight we get a Queen theme and Brian May, guitarist, and Roger Taylor, drummer, from the original band are in the house to mentor and perform with the kids.  They perform a medley of Queen's hits including: Fat-Bottomed Girls (awesome harmony), Another One bites the Dust (Joshua's voice doesn't work on this song), We Will Rock You (Brian May has a nice guitar solo), and We Are the Champions (Hollie and Joshua's part is too low for them, Elise is featured).

Ryan is sitting on stools and leaning on the judges chairs a lot so far.  Hope he can make it for 2 hours.
First round of songs, QUEEN.

Jessica- Bohemian Rhapsody
Song starts with soft vocals and shot in black and white. We jump to color for a more uptempo section. I think this is a very disappointing performance. No wow in the performance. I love this song and was waiting for her to kick into it, and that never happened. The wrong song for her, IMO.
ST- Rock is not your forte, but you were good.
JLo- You sounded beautiful singing the song. When it went into the more rock part, I hoped it would have more of a rock performance. (To restrained is what she wanted to say, I think.)
Randy- I actually loved it. You showed restraint. You sang no runs in that. Advise, watch some Tina Turner and channel her.

Idol must be expecting a lot of votes to be called in this week: Two numbers to call for each contestant.

Skylar- The Show Must Go On
Accompanied by a big string section. Skylar sounds great and looks great too, when you can see her. There is too much stage effects going on tonight. Kill the flash pots, red lights and laser beam backing lights.
ST- That was over the top. For an 18 yr old girl, oh my God, that was fabulous.
JLo- I definitely got goosies, it was crazy. It was powerful.
Randy- That was incredible dude. I think it was one of your best performances. Ryan, she's got to have it.

Joshua- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
This is very different for him. Parts were ok, parts were screechy to me. At least he moved around the stage a lot more than Jessica. Standing O from the judges, uncalled for , IMO.
Randy- That was unbelievable. You remind me of Sam Cook.
JLo- I love all the singers but the Joshua part of the show is my favorite.
ST- You have such a classic style that sounds like nobody else. That was just fantastic.

Elise- I Want It All
She has 6 backup singers for this song. Not bad, but I expected much more from the rock girl on Queen night.
ST- You found your stride. That's what we've been waiting for. Just the right song. I really enjoyed that.
JLo- That was you in your element, natural, sexy, you look great and sounded great.
Randy- That style of song is so right for you. One of your best performances to date.

Phillip- Fat-Bottomed Girls
Weird that they let him sing this after it was the first song in the medley. Nice harmony with the backups. No guitar for this one. Limited movement on stage. There seems to be pain in his eyes. Hope he isn't sick again.
ST- I love watching you sing. I love watching you run out of breath 'cause when you're singing its that character nobody else has. I love it.
JLo- What I love about you is that I feel that you give us different flavors. Not always the same each week.
Randy- If I'm being really honest, did I like it, Yes, did I love it, No. I wasn't jumping up and down. I was good.
Ryan- I've hosted everyone of these shows, and I don't think I've ever seen Randy Jackson jumping up and down.

Hollie- Save Me
It looks like she's thinking about it too hard.  She sounds good and looks like she has an emotional connection in the middle. She cracks a note a little.
ST- I love the way you sang this Queen song that is old fashioned with a real strong melody. That's what's missing today sometimes. You did a real good job with it.
JLo- I felt you get emotional in the middle. Unfortunately, when you did, you went off a little tiny bit. I want to see you enjoy it more when you sing. (Then she rambles on and on about performing and being comfortable, and connecting, and not worrying about the audience.)
Randy- I loved it. What you could have done is not hold back so much. It didn't have that "Moment" that it could have.

Ryan asks:
Who won round 1?: JLo says Skylar
Who needs to step it up? Randy says Hollie

Next round will be contestants choice. 

Jessica is singing this song to her dad who is about to be deployed to Singapore(?)

Idol gives us a montage of opinions of the contestants about each others weirdnesses before each contestant performs this round.

Jessica- Dance With My Father- Luther Van Dross
She sounds good and looks pretty. I could do without the wind machine. Looks like she is about to blow away. Sweet, but not over the top great.
JLo- That might be the best I've ever heard that song sung.
ST- I don't think you can sing a song bad. It's an honor to watch you unfold your wings the way you have.
Randy- You are truly amazing, It's so natural. Now you have the feeling.

Skylar- Tatoos on This Town- Jason Aldean
This girl is country through and through.
Randy- I'm a GI- normous fan. You are fearless.
JLo- You're comfortable up there. You took us there again.
ST- You can do no wrong. I enjoyed it.
Ryan to Skylar- Do you have any tattoos?
Skylar- A feather (on her wrist) It means my problems are as light as a feather because God holds them for me.

Hey, Ryan's looking a lot better now.

Joshua- Ready for Love - India Arie
Nice job. One of his best performances, IMO. No screaming at us this time. Standing O from the judges.
Randy- I'm speechless (well, that's not good for a judge, but then again, you normally don't say a lot anyway.) Another unbelievable performance.
JLo- I don't know what to say anymore to you. (More helpful info from a judge.) Transcendent.
ST- I hope the label finds you a bunch of good songs and you're off to the moon. (OK)

Elise- Bold as Love- Jimi Hendrix
Well. bold is the magic word here. What is she singing? Hendrix never sounded like this. I can't understand what she is saying. She has put in runs where none should ever go.
ST- You've got to remember, You've got to do songs people know. (Elise mumbles something like "I thought everyone knew that song.")  "You can't pick the cherries with your back to the tree." Sing a familiar song.
JLo- I know what Steven is saying but I feel that you slayed it so hard that it doesn't matter.
Randy- I'm a huge Hendrix fan and a huge Elise fan. For me, it wasn't the right song for this time in the competition.
Elsie had a buddy from her band , Wallace, on stage playing guitar for her.

Phillip- The Stone- Dave Matthews Band
This is very different for Idol. Very artsy. Phillip is on guitar with just a fiddle and baritone sax backing him.
ST- very entertaining. Very off the wall. Typical Phillip Phillips. I love you take chances.
JLo-It was a pretty song but you went a little too artsy. There will be a time and place to do that. This is not it.
Randy- I disagree with Jennifer on this one. What you just did was show your true colors. I love that you showed this artist side. What I really appreciate is , die, sink or swim, Phillip Phillips will always be Phillip Phillips. I love it. Nice.

Hollie- The Climb- Miley Cyrus
In the intro, everyone talks about Hollie's crazy accent. Ryan calls it the Liverpool - Texas fusion.
Really nice job on this song. I like this better than Miley's version. Hollie looks beautiful too. She nails it. Standing O from the judges and audience.
Randy- Now that's the Hollie we love. That was beautiful. perfect song.
JLo- That was stepping it up. it was perfect.
ST- "Blimey, Sheila, Y'all" It doesn't matter what kind of accent you have, you sing a song like its going out of style. So beautiful.

Randy says to vote to keep your favorites in. You can vote for all your favorites, not just one.
Ryan asks- Who's on the fence? Randy says they all had at least one good performance
                   Who are you most impressed with? Steven says Skylar.

And there you have it. After last week's insane elimination, I have no idea what will happen this week.

I say the bottom three are Elise, Jessica, and maybe, I hope not, Phillip.  It's time for Elise to go home.

There is no telling who the American public will vote for. That was proven is season 7 when Cook won. (But then again, it all worked out just fine for Mr Archuleta anyways. How many albums has Cook released, 2? DA now has 4 albums released and another on the way. And he is taking the next two years off from music because his heart for God is bigger than any silly music career could ever be for anyone. You decide who the winner was that year.)

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Good recap, again Margy!

I didn't know Ryan was sick before the show, but I noticed his voice sounded different, like he had a cold.

You were right about Phillip being sick, too, it seems!