Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 7 Part 2 Results

I will start this post out with a confession; I already knew the results before I wrote these comments down. That said, I am a very sad camper right now, but I will still attempt to write a unbiased recap of the show for those who wish to read about it.

We start off with the show intro leading up to the disclaimer: "Another Shock Rocks Idol."

We see that previous winner, Taylor Hicks, is in  the audience and Elliott Yamine(sp?) is there too.

Ryan tells us that 53 million votes were cast this week. Guest performers this week are Season 8 winner, Kris Allen, and party rock group, LMFAO.

The top 7 perform Martha and the Vandellas hit, "Dancing in the Street."  It's just ok.  Jessica's mic isn't on for her first vignette.

The Ford video this week is set to "Stars" and shows the Idols driving convertible Mustangs and dressed as the different Zodiac signs.

First results :  Joshua and Hollie
Jimmy says Joshua did himself good last night. Hollie came out of her shell but is probably still in the bottom 3.
Joshua is SAFE and Hollie is in B3.

Ryan talks to Taylor Hicks who is there to plug his appearance in Vegas this summer.
Kris Allen performs his new single, "The Vision of Love" which is an anti-bullying message.  Nice song. Kris is looking good and sounding good as always. He is a really good guy. Too bad he isn't promoted as much as he should be. Sounds like the same treatment another Idol star used to get from the same people in the music biz. (DA)  I wish Ryan took the time to talk to Kris about the song and its meaning.

Next results : Skylar and Elise
Jimmy says both sang Marvin Gaye songs. Skylar delivered and Elise fell flat. Elise will be spending time in her vacation home in the B3, if not actually going home. Skylar is the Little Engine That Could get into the finale. Skylar "is the best performer we've got."
Elise- B3, Skylar is SAFE.

Nice tribute to Dick Clark by his friend Ryan Seacrest.

Performance (?) by LMFAO-  TERRIBLE!!!!!

Next  results: Phillip, Colton , and Jessica
Jimmy says that while watching Jessica last night, a light went off. This girl is singing songs to old for her. As her mentor, I must apologize to her, because I missed that. We will fix that next week. Phillip and Coltonwere on opposite sides last night. Phillip did a great job with the Usher song but got a pass on the Wilson Pickett song. Colton singing the Gaga song was all wrong and his outfit was terrible. Colton needs to regroup and pick better songs to get to the finale. Phillip should be in the finale. For Jessica to get to the finale, she needs to regroup and pick better songs.
Jessica is SAFE, Phillip is SAFE, Colton is in B3.

So the bottom 3 are: Hollie, Elise, and Colton.

Elise is SAFE.
Hollie is SAFE.
NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Colton is going home.

Colton apologizes to everyone saying "I was not myself last night."
After his Idol journey video, Colton falls to his knees and sings "Everything" by Lifehouse.  Colton finally gets his Standing O from the judges at the end of his performance.

Bye Colton. It was nice getting to know you.  I'm quite sure we will be hearing more from you in the future. You will make an incredible Christian recording artist. I can't wait to hear your original music.

I'm not really sure who is going to win this thing. I certainly hope it won't be Elise, but you never know. I guess I won't be looking at the Twitter rankings any longer since they don't seem to have any factor on the outcome.

Next week's theme is Queen. Colton might be the luckiest of all since he won't have to tackle that mess. It might be a strong week for Elise though. I wonder what age appropriate song Jimmy will come up with for Jessica.

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