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American idol 11: Top 7 Perform Songs From 2010 to Present

Well, this week's theme, Idol contestant performing songs from the last three years, is definitely a novel idea. I hope they pick some good stuff because there is a lot of not so good stuff out there.

Before we hit the show recap, here are the twitter standings as of Wednesday afternoon. Not doing FB any longer. Doesn't seem to be very relevant.
Colton- 172,000 followers
Phillip- 153,000 followers
Jessica- 118,600 followers
Skylar- 62,500 followers
Hollie- 51,400 followers
Joshua- 46,300 followers
Elise- 44,400 followers

This week's guest mentor is Akon. Can't say I know much about him.
All will sing a solo and a duet or trio.
Idol visited each contestants hometown (without them, of course.)

Skylar- Brandon, MS
"Didn't Know How Much I Loved You" - Kellie Pickler
Akon loves her voice, I think. His words confused Skylar also. Skylar wants to play guitar this week, the guys aren't too sure about the idea.
Skylar hits the stage with her guitar.  She sounds good. I like the song for her. I don't like the 50 gallon drums of fire as stage props though.
Randy- This song is so in your wheelhouse. I felt this song. Crazy hot- Crazy good.
JLo- Sounded like it was in perfect pitch to me. You look beautiful.
ST- When you sing a song, it's a complete sentence.  The crows may crow, but the hens deliver the goods. I love the way you sing girl.

Colton- Murfreesboro, TN
"Love the Way You Lie" - Skylar Grey
Jimmy challenged Colton to surpass Phillip this week.
Nice subtle start to the performance. Colton playing a white baby grand piano. he gains power during performance then comes back to a subtle ending. Awesome.
JLo- You always surprise me with your approach to the notes. You make the songs your own. Good job.
ST- You are such a rare talent. You haven't reached your top yet. I can't wait for it.
Randy- I loved this subtle performance. It started like a lullaby. it was stellar. You're an artist.

Duet with Phillip and Elise (again?) to "Somebody I Used to Know" by Gotye.  I have never heard of the song or the artist. Kind of a weird performance. Phillip doesn't look comfortable. He said Elise chose the song. Judges say the song is very popular around the world right now. They agree that Phillip was not at his best in this song.

Jessica- Chula Vista, CA (San Diego)
"Stuttering" - Jazmine Sullivan
Jimmy and Akon are not really familiar with the song. (Well, that makes me feel better because neither am I.) Jimmy tells story of Akon recognizing Jessica's talent before top 13.
Song starts with Jessica sitting on the white baby grand. She sounds good. Stands for bridge. Hope she doesn't fall off the stairs with those major heels on. Scatting sounds good. Held onto that last note even though she almost missed the piano when she sat down again.
Randy- I loved the arrangement of the song. You set the bar really high. You did an amazing job. You slayed the biggest fish of the night.
JLo- That was really beautiful. Right in the middle you really started digging to tell the story.
ST- Every time I hear you sing I forget where I am. You slay it every time.

Joshua- Westlake, LA
Ryan has a birthday video message for Joshua from Fantasia.
"Runaway Baby" - Bruno Mars
Joshua wants to get away form the ballads this week and rock out.
Akon says that one thing that he loves about Joshua is that he is quiet and he listens. He is believable in the urban world. (Well, I'm sure that makes Joshua's preacher dad feel good.) Akon says that with his tone, Joshua can pierce through people's hearts.
Why is the scary go-go dancer on the stage behind Joshua. Looks like we jumped back in time to "Laugh In."  Joshua definitely rocks out on this song. I like it.
ST- "You can sell a song like a work of art." He tells Joshua to get the dancer's number supposedly so they can hook up.
JLo- Dynamic performance.
Randy- You got the vocal, the look.
Joshua is wearing pink socks for Randy.
Ryan says that Joshua's dad is in the audience for the first time and calls him onto the stage to hug Joshua, but then asks him "Do you approve of the go-go dancer there in the background?"  "I reckon." is all he says. I don't think the preacher man is really fond of the dancer.

Duet of Colton and Skylar again. Once again they are singing a country love song. They are quick to say  they are not dating. Colton says because "she owns a gun." The song is "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson.
Nice harmonies. They sound good together.
ST- loves the performance and hassles them about "being together."  JLo likes it. Randy only thinks it's ok.

Hollie- McKinney, TX (and Liverpool, England)
"Perfect" - Pink
Jimmy says she wins the last note of the night award. Akon says this is the perfect song for the perfect moment. You have to believe you're gonna be perfect."
She looks beautiful and sounds good sitting on the stool. She has a hard time getting off of the stool, too short for stool with high heels on too. Nice big power note at end.
JLo- You look beautiful You sang beautifully. I'm rooting for you.
ST- It's not about being perfect. You weren't perfect tonight, but you look good girl. (with the dirty old man gleam in his eyes)
Randy- it wasn't perfect, but it was a lot better than last week.

Phillip- Leesburg, GA
"Give Me a Little More" - Maroon 5
Akon says its not exciting enough. Jimmy says don't be different for the sake of being different, be great for the sake of being great. It's a battle between you and Colton for the female vote. Phillip says Colton is a good looking guy.
Phillip looks more comfortable this week and sounds good. To me, the song is not exciting, but he sounds good.
ST- I really love the way you've changed and evolved. You're a Steve McQueen/ Johnny Cash kind of guy.
JLo- It was a little underwhelming for me. I love Phillip Phillips and I want to see you breakout. This is not everything I know you can give us.
Randy- I kind of agree with Jennifer. I like the beginning but it didn't have a wow moment.

Trio with Hollie, Jessica and Joshua. In the intro we learn that Joshua and Hollie are "besties" and Jessica is a third wheel.  They perform "What Doesn't Kill You" by Kelly Clarkson. Both of the girls seem to struggle at the beginning. It's just ok. the whole thing is kind of awkward to me.

Elise- Kinnelon, NJ
"You and I" - Lady Gaga
Elsie went to see a movie staring Jason Segal with her mom on Easter. Ryan had a video message for Elise form Jason.
Elise wanted to start the song playing the drums but Jimmy and Akon shot down the idea. Akon tells her, everything is banking on this performance.
She starts the song at the piano. She is wearing a really weird skirt with these long bead things hanging at each seam. The song is ok. I don't really like Gaga so I might have a bias here. I don't like Elise shouting at me either.
Randy- America, Elise is back. Perfect song for you.
JLo- You let go but kept control at the same time.
ST- You took a simple song and turned it into genius.

When asked who they are worried about, Jennifer says all of them. Vote for your favorite.

My rankings: Colton, Joshua, Skylar, Jessica, Phillip, Hollie, Elise.

Bottom 3 starts to get a little tricky from here on.

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