Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 7 Results

The season is flying along pretty quickly. We're down to 7 and maybe 6 after this result show. The judges still have the "save" left so they still have a chance to mess with America's vote. This should be good tonight, especially since last night they begged America to vote for their favorites, not who they think is the best singer in the competition. Since we know that teen girls are the majority of the voting group until the very last episode each year, I'm sure Colton and Phillip will be fine. Skylar is the sole country artist remaining in the competition this year, so she is safe for a while. All of the rest are fair game for elimination tonight. I'm writing these thoughts before watching the results tonight since I won't be able to post my recap until later in the day on 4/ 13.  We'll see how it all went down later.


On with the Top 7 results finally.  The last words of the intro could be important: Expect the Unexpected.
Performances by James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson w/ Neyo.

First we have a group performance by the top7 to Pink's "Raise Your Glass".  This is a stupid song for this group of kids to be singing. They are too young and too Christian for for this tacky song.

Ford video set to "Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls.  Cute.

Tweets from artists whose songs were covered last night.
Kellie Pickler to Skylar
Jazmine Sullivan to Jessica
Skylar Grey to Colton

Fan mail:
Colton get a Prom invite
Hollie gets a Spring Formal invite
Elise gets feather jewelry and some for Steven too.

Finally we get to some results:
First up: Hollie and Jessica
Jimmy says Hollie and Jessica are the classic case of two very good technical singers. Jessica learned habits that work, Hollie did not. Hollie is too stiff. Jessica is relaxed on stage.
Ryan starts two groups, Jessica to the left, Hollie to the right. 
(Yes, that means it is the infamous "Huff" night, where all of the kids are divided into two groups and then the  last contestant is told they are safe and must pick the group that is also safe. This has happened every year since season 3 when George Huff was the first victim, hence the name.)

A really rocking performance from last season's James Durbin. He sang "Higher Than Heaven" from his first album.

Next up results for Elise and Phillip.
Jimmy says these two are both singer/song writers and are not really meant for this type of show. They are character singers not technical singers. They should be singing there own stuff not other singers stuff. They will both be in the bottom 3 tonight.
Ryan sends Phillip to stand with Hollie and Elise to stand with Jessica.

Jennifer Hudson performs "Think Like A Man" with Ne yo.   Not my cup of tea. Sorry.

Next up: Colton and Joshua (Now that's surprising.  Skylar is the "Huff" this year.)
Jimmy says both did well.  Joshua nailed it. He was natural and flawless. When Colton sang to the camera, he believed every word of it.
Ryan sends Joshua to Elise/Jessica and Colton to Hollie/Phillip.

At last- The Huff- Skylar
Jimmy says he is afraid that Skylar could be left behind in the competition.She's a singer/songwriter and a technical singer also. What she did with this week's song floored him.
Jimmy says the bottom 3 should be: Phillip, Elise and Hollie.
Skylar is SAFE (as if there were any doubt.)

Now Ryan wants Skylar to pick the group she belongs in. Who is safe?  Skylar says "NO" and heads to the seats. Ryan places her with Hollie, Phillip and Colton and the place explodes with confusion and boo's.
The bottom 3: Joshua, Elise and Jessica.

"Jimmy, What do you think?"   I'm getting a new flat screen, 'cause I'm not sure mine's working.  That shouldn't be the bottom 3.

Steven? "We're gonna use our card tonight with a bottom three like this."

Ryan tells us Joshua is SAFE and the contestant in danger is Jessica Sanchez???  (Oh the drama!!!!)
Elise is safe again. (We just can't get rid of her , can we?)
JLo is freaking out at the judges table. Randy is throwing his arms in the air.
Ryan give Jessica the mic to sing for her life.  This lasts a few seconds before Jennifer leads the judges onto the stage. She takes the mic from Jessica, saying "this is crazy, go sit down."
Randy, being the head judge and all, takes over.  "We are saving Jessica, beyond any doubt. This girl is one of the best singers in America, ever."
"Everyone, Please, Vote for the best." 

So I wish the judges would make up their minds. On Wednesday they said, Vote for your favorites. So America did and this is what they decided. Now they are saying, Vote for the best singer. WOW! You would think this is a singing competition or something. :)

So, Jessica is safe for another week. I wonder if they will eliminate two next week or let it slide since two were eliminated earlier in the competition when the big guy was kicked off. Guess we will have to wait and see.

As far as the bottom 3 goes, twitter got 2 out of 3 right with Joshua and Elise having the fewest followers. I got had 1 out of 3. I only had Elise in the bottom 3.  Well, I guess we get to do this all over again next week.  See you then. 

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