Saturday, April 7, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 8 Become 7

This season of Idol is really flying along now. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the silly audition rounds and starting to look at who might have a chance to make it to the top 10 and tour.  Now, we only have 7 kids left.

We started with Ryan telling us that Joshua isn't feeling well. Joshua tells us his symptoms and then Dr. Seacrest says to let him know if he needs anything. (I'm not mocking Joshua's illness but the fact that Ryan does everything else in the world, he might as well be a doctor too.)

Tonight's entertainment is the British Pop Group, The Wanted, and Kellie Pickler.  I really like the fact that a previous Idol contestant is back to perform each week this season. I thought it was a no-brainer but obviously Idol didn't have brains the last couple of years.

We get a preview of Ms. Lopez's new music video. Um, I'll just leave it at that.

The Ford music video is set to "Alright" and the kids seem to be playing with Shrinky-dinks and Colorforms.

Ryan plays a twitvid from a preschool class in Viet Nam supporting Joshua. it was cute.

This week the contestants are being called to center stage by duet partners.  Once again I will only be given a rundown of Jimmy's comments.
First up Jessica and Joshua.
Joshua- He is right in his sweet spot right now. 10's all around.
Jessica- She needs big, more powerful songs. She should have sang a different song this week. Don't make that mistake again.
Both are safe.

The Wanted sing "Glad You Came"
Well, they are a boy band from across the pond. What more can you say about them. They were ok for me. Amanda said she liked their techno sound and the fact that she didn't heard any bad words in the song. Well, that is a major plus these days.

Skylar and Colton-
Skylar-Proved to Jimmy that she is a power singer too. he now says that if she keeps it up, she could win the whole thing.
Colton- "Colton was good, but not great this week."

Hollie and DeAndre-
Hollie- She is approaching this like a high school performer and last night it wasn't even that good. Not What a Feeling but Where's the Feeling? May be fighting with DeAndre for who's going home.
DeAndre- No Randy, No Jennifer, No Steven, DeAndre was not great. he was the weakest of the boys and could be going home unless Jennifer saves him.

DeAndre- bottom 3, Colton- Safe, Hollie- bottom 3, Skylar- Safe.

Kellie Pickler- "Where's Tammy Wynette When You Need Her?" Man, is Kellie skinny.

Elise and Phillip-
Phillip- Last night the good version of Phillip was present not the great version. This was his worst performance so far. he needs to be pushed to be his best.
Elise- Jimmy disagrees with Steven, this was the right song for Elise to sing, but she chocked.
Elise- bottom 3, Phillip- Safe.

So the bottom 3 are Hollie, Elise and DeAndre. Hollie is sent back to safety before the commercial break.

Elise is Safe again. DeAndre sings for his life. No, the judges will not use their save even though Jennifer wants too.

So, looks like twitter, facebook and I all got the elimination wrong. At least I was close on the bottom 3. Maybe next week I'l do better.

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