Friday, April 27, 2012

David, You Are My Song ... Forevermore

I'm back!!!!! While I have been posting my American Idol recaps twice a week during the month of April, my creative writing energies have been zapped for a while due to an illness. Now that I am feeling better, I have completed a new fan poetry project. This was a two-hold project. April is National Poetry Month and David Archuleta, although he is off in South America being his amazing self and serving a two year mission for the LDS church, has released a new album of cover songs from the Philippines. Loving a creative writing challenge, I have incorporated the titles of all of the songs from this new album, Forevermore, into my new poem. I hope you like it.


YOU ARE MY SONG of Joy when the world has turned to gray
The RAINBOW that you send brightens my world today.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Hope in a world filled with dismay.
You teach me to HOLD ON as I wait for a better day.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Faith in times when others stray.
You TELL ME to believe, He will answer if I pray.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Dreams, you’ve shown me how to play.
I’ll FOREVERMORE live my life with passions on display.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Peace, for when heavy burdens weigh,
I hear your voice calling me, REACHING OUT to show the way.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Virtue with your heart yearning to obey.
WHEREVER YOU ARE, you thank the Lord, His trust you won’t betray.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Optimism when you chase the doubts away.
If I follow your glowing example, I’LL NEVER GO astray.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Conviction, for your heart it does not sway.
MAYBE if I were more like you, I’d have fewer debts to pay.

YOU ARE MY SONG of Inspiration, I have found a place to stay.
NANDITO AKO, you can count on me, for now, and everyday.

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