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American Idol 11: Top 3 Perform

Well, we have 3 contestants left in the show now. They are all very different so this could go any way.  Just for grins I took a look at Twitter to see how many followers each of the 3 now have and I made a disturbing discovery: One of the judge's favorites still has a very small following as compared to the other two. Jessica has around 329,700 followers, Phillip has around 280,900 followers but Joshua only has around 98,900 followers. Now from what I've read, Jessica has a lot of followers in the Philippines, so her larger number is understandable, but why is Joshua's so much lower? Weird.

This week there are 3 songs for each contestant: Round #1 will be the Judge's choice, Round #2 will be the contestant's choice, and Round #3 will be Jimmy's choice (maybe like what kind of song he thinks they should record). We will also watch the hometown visit videos for each contestant before they sing their choice.

A quick scan of the audience shows all of the Top 12 are there for the show. (Hi, Colton. Hi, Skylar. Ahhh, Poor Hollie doesn't get a break.)

Round #1: Judge's choice

Joshua- "I'd Rather Be Blind"- Etta James
Randy says he picked this because it's an R & B classic and just right for Joshua.
I think Joshua sounds pretty good when he's not screaming, but of course he must scream. Nice scatting near the end of the song. Standing O from the judges. I'm kind of tried of those. (Just a personal observation- something seems different about Joshua is week. His demeanor on stage seems a little arrogant to me. maybe a little over confident. Definitely not as humble as he has been.)
ST- This is another Joshua moment. Out of 70,000 there is only one American Idol and you sang like that One tonight.
J- You brought down the house again.
R- You're such a classic stylist, this fits you like a glove. Modern R&B needed a lift and you could give it.

Jessica- "My All"- Mariah Carey
Jennifer says this song can show more tenderness than the power ballads she has been singing.
I guess this is what they mean by "vocal gymnastics" in a song. She is up and down the scale. I think it needs less vibrato on those few longer solid notes holds. No Standing O from the judges this time.
R- Absolutely beautiful. One of the best times a Mariah song has been performed on TV. Excellent.
J- I could tell, oooo, it's hard. I wanted to show people that you could handle something like this in a beautiful way, and you did.
ST- You'll be the last one standing here, I believe. (Didn't he say basically the same thing to Joshua?)

Phillip- "Beggin'" Madcon
Steven says this song has a strong melody and he wants to see if Phillip can follow and hit it.
Phil is on stage with his guitar and a nice rockband backing him.  I love this performance. The lyrics are a little boring but that isn't Phil's fault.
J- Steven said we picked the song for the melody, but you can't help it. You had to mess with it. It was great.
ST- I hope you write your own songs because you could be a new-age "Boss," Springfield.
R- We were just at the Phil Phillips concert right there, y'all. That was another incredible performance by you.

Ryan asks "who won that round?": R- Joshua, J- Phillip, ST- on the fence.

Round #2: contestant's choice and hometown visit

Joshua- Westlake, LA (outside of Lake Charles)
"They are really acting like I'm Barack Obama."
Song: "Imagine"- John Lennon
(Poor Josh doesn't know that long-time Idol viewers won't like this because David Archuleta sang this season 7 and owns it now. Also the Claymates won't like it since he sang this season 2.)
It's ok, I just have a hard time not hearing David's voice in my mind. Oops, he screeched. Not good.
ST- Beautiful. Another Thank You God moment.
J- It was pulled back and controlled. Beautiful.
R- "Why that song?" Josh- I didn't know what to sing and on the way to rehearsal I heard this on the radio and it had a strong message and that's what I wanted." R- Another stellar performance.

Jessica- Chula Vista, CA (San Diego)
Jessica says she was home schooled and didn't have many friends and was surprised to see guys chasing her car at home. They flew her to SD on a helicopter. She performed at the USS Midway Museum with her dad there. Dad is in the Navy Reserves. (I thought he was supposed to ship out a couple of weeks ago? hmmmmm)
Song: "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" - Aerosmith
I don't like the ugly brown jumpsuit she has on.
Well, Steven Tyler she is not. Sounds off on that last power note- cracked it too. There were way too many violins on the stage for this song.
ST- You took a great song and made it greater. Beautiful
J- That was amazing. That note at the end sent everyone into the heavens. (Really?)
R- You've chosen really tough hills to climb tonight with these two songs (but she didn't chose the first one) but you delivered.

Phillip- Leesburg, GA (Albany, GA)
Phil visits his dad's pawn shop and dad is packing a pistol on his hip. Don't mess with the Phillips boys.
Song: "Disease"- MatchBox 20
Nice easy jam. Phil is seated on trunks with his guitar and a bongo player and the blond girl on sax. I really like this It's kind of mellow but that is who Phillip is. Really good performance. No screaming except from the audience.
J- That was easy from you but not the wow performance we needed right now. It was good.
ST- I feel the same way. You were Phillip Phillips but I didn't love it.
R- I didn't like it either. it was such a subdued moment, you could do that in your sleep. I wanted a bigger moment. i was just ok.

Round #3: Jimmy's choice
Joshua-"No More Drama" - Mary J. Blige
Jimmy says that during Mary's performance of this on the Grammy's she took them to church and she combines R&B with the magic of church, just like Joshua can.
Joshua sounds like he's straining to reach some of those upper notes. His bouncing on the stage seems to be double time to the sway of the backup singers. It's very distracting to me. Scream Josh, Scream.
R- At this point, it doesn't matter what you sing (that is not what you just told Phillip). You have laid everything out on that stage. People should just stand up and vote for you anyway.You have true star potential. (Does that mean he doesn't like this performance but people need to vote for Joshua because he is Joshua and the anointed one? Are TPTB going to make sure he is in the finale? I'm confused. How about you?)
J- You're spontaneous. Out of this world. (she actually said a lot more about taking off his jacket and loosing his in ears, and stuff)
ST- That was beautiful. it was over the top. (He says that a lot.)

Jessica-"I'll Be There"- Jackson 5
Jimmy wanted something to appeal to the older audience yet fit Jessica's age. (So He chose something from my childhood?)
Beginning is ok. She sounds awful on the key change on the bridge. Way too low for her. it was ok after that. Judges Not standing, barely clapping.
ST- That song reminds us of don't bore us, get to the chorus. (?) You nailed it.
J- That was a good choice from Jimmy. Good tone but you needed Jermaine for that one part. But you came back and killed it at the end.
R- I liked it ok. I didn't love it. Never had a moment, moment. I would have preferred Mariah's version instead.

Phillip- "We've Got Tonight" - Bob Seger
Jimmy says he wanted to find a song that addressed his fans both female and male. This song is emotional and romantic but with a dark edge. Also the melody is so good, maybe Phil will want to stick to it.
Phillip is seated on a stool, no guitar. Starts with just Ray Chew on piano but they are joined by a string section later.  Nice job. Phillip is holding to the melody. Phillip kind of looks nervous. Might be that the cameras are zooming in on him so much. We finally get a little smile right before the end.  Nice job.  Standing O from the judges? Wow!
R- Jimmy this was the perfect song at the perfect time. and Phillip, your best performance ever. (Really?)
Finally, you had a giant moment. You showed you can sing the melody. This boy right here is in it to win it and he's ready. (Poor Phil just stands there with his hands in his pockets, smiling.)
J- There's 20 million girls out there who are wishing you were singing that song to them. It was really, really sweet. Just like a lullaby.
ST- That was beautiful. You just showed you've got all that passion wrapped up inside of you. that was over the top with passion.

And there we have it. The Top 3 performances are a wrap.  I have no idea who will be in the finale. I hope one of them is Phillip, but at this point anything is possible. Jessica should have been gone weeks ago, if America had its say. Phillip was never in the bottom 3, but neither was Colton until he was eliminated.

I will be delayed learning about the results as I am attending  Martina McBride's concert here in Austin tonight. Be nice to each other and I'll have my recap of the results show up mid-afternoon on Friday.

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Well, I guess America had its say about Jessica tonight, and they voted her into the top two!