Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 3 results

I'm finally have the time to get this post together. Silly real life has to get in the way.

The show started with a nice surprise; a montage of video clips from homecoming this past weekend set to Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound."  I've always loved that song.

This week's guest performaers are: Season 8 runnerup, Adam Lambert and The King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

We get rolling with a performance by the Top 3 of "Got To Get You Into My Life."  (It' was, as Randy would say, just ok. Phillip looked a little like a "third wheel" singing with Joshua and Jessica.)

The Ford video is partialy in black and white with an old Keystone Cops theme. The music is "Cinema." Just Jessica and Joshua. I hope Phillip can participate this week. He hasn't been in several of them. I'm sure Sunday when they shoot the commercial is his "rest so he doesn't collapse from the pain of the kidney stones" day.

Results will be distributed throughout the show.  Well, the recap of what the judges said with Jimmy's opinion will be.

First up, Joshua-
Jimmy says Joshua had a good not, but not his best. The judges were very generous on "I'd Rather Be Blind" because it was not Standing O material. "Imagine" didn't work for him because it was an overemotional performance of a subdued song. That was not the right song for him to sing. "No More Drama" ad something missing in the performance. He gave Joshua a song without enough melody. Even though he was not perfect, Joshua belongs in the finale.

Next we have a stupid skit showing Jennifer talking to critters from "Ice Age- Continental Drift" that JLo does one of the characters for and the Top 4 are shown visiting the studio where the sound track is being recorded.

Next we hear from "Music Royalty" (Her dad was Elvis) Lisa Marie Presley. She has a new album coming out (I didn't know she had an old album or could even sing) and she sings (if that's what you want to call it) "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" (ain't that the truth). As my daughter so astutely noted, "she looks stoned or something." And her voice is not great. In fact the only part of the performance I liked was the band's outfits. They looked like they were dressed by The Mad Hatter or Johnny Depp or something. Nice top hats boys.

Jimmy says - "My All" didn't come together and wasn't enough to win no matter what Steven says. The Aerosmith song didn't really work for her either. "I'll Be There" wasn't the right choice either. Even though her voice reminds Jimmy of MJ the song didn't work in the two minutes she had to perform it in because she had to sing a part intended for a lower voice. He picked the wrong song . he still believes that she is worthy of singing at the Grammy's/ (I'm not so sure that is a good thing. Has he heard some of the junk being sung at the Grammy's? Oh, I guess he has since a lot of that junk is signed to his label.)

Ryan gives us a very short tribute to Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, who passed away on Thursday from cancer.  he talks to Carol Bayer Sager, songwriter, who was friends with Ms. Summer and Jimmy.

Now for Adam Lambert.  Adam was the runner-up to Kris Allen in Season 7. I have never been a big Lambert fan but he does a good job on his new single "Never Close Our Eyes." 

Jimmy says- On the judges choice "Beggin" Phillip does a great job. His sound is becoming more and more original.  On Phil's choice of "Disease" by MatchBox 20 he applauds phil as a risk taker but says this song was a snooze-fest. (I thought it was a very nice performance.) On his performance of "We've Got Tonight" Phil won the night.  This was the best performance of the night and possibly his best performance of the season. Phillip hits notes Jimmy didn't expect him to hit (did Jimmy want him to crash and burn on the song if h didn't think he could hit the notes?). Phillip brought all of the emotions from the homecoming trip to the stage for that performance.

Judges say:
R- Good luck. They all have big careers in front of them
J- We love all of you. I'm so connected to each one of you. It's a toss up.
ST- "I love you guys so much because you have the courage to have a dream, and if you don't have a dream, then there's no way for one to come true."  (Remember, Steven is in songwriting, lyrics mode right now.)

So, we finally each the results. Ryan tells us that after nearly 90 million votes...

JESSICA AND PHILLIP will be in the finale next week.

Joshua sings us out with "This is a Man's World" and goes into the audience to bring Mom on the stage for the end of the performance. 

Well, there you have it. One of my favorites has made it to the finale.  YEAH PHILLIP!!!!!

Next week Idol tries to sabotage itself and moves everything up one night.  Performances are Tuesday night and the Season 11 Finale Results Spectacular will be on Wednesday night. (Idol performances on the night of the crowning of the Dancing With the Stars Champion. This is why DVR's were made. Right?)

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I am glad that you told me that the days have been changed next week. I also watch Dancing with the Stars.