Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 4 Results

After this show the Top 4 become 3 and prepare for their epic Hometown visits this weekend. But before I get to what happened on this results show, I have a couple of updates to take care of. 

1) Phillip told reports after the performances that he will be having major surgery before the summer tour to take care of his kidney stone problem. Poor guy has persevered week after week in total pain. He is amazing. Most people would have folded long ago. He will be rewarded for his effort, I'm sure. 

2) The "6" lapel pins that they guys are wearing are in support of disabled vets. It's to show that they have not been forgotten.  The group is

Ok, on with the show.

First we get a mini collection of past top 3 homecomings. Sadly we don't see David Archulea's this year, but we do see glimpses of Carrie Underwood, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and of course,Scotty and Alaina from last year.

We get a red carpet intro for the judges and Ryan and then the top 4 also.
The guest performers this week are David Cook and Jennifer Lopez.
Ryan tells us that summer tour tickets go on sale Friday and Idol is giving a free ticket to every audience member at this show.

We have another performance from the top 4. This time they sing the song they should have done on performance night, The Mamas and The Papas "California Dreaming." 

Lots of extra time tonight so we have a lengthy behind the scenes tour of the making of the Ford video for this week.  Joshua is excited to be the first to drive the first Ford electric car in a commercial. I am sad because once again Phillip is not participating in the commercial video. The song is "Feeling So Good" and the setting features environmentally friendly magical flowering gardens. 

Ok , time for some results. Ryan usually doesn't do a couches or chairs deal for the final 4, so we will see what happens this year.  70 million votes this week.
Once again I will just give a synopsis of Jimmy's comments here.

Jimmy says Phillip is at the beginning of coming into his own. On the first song he finds his true identity and voice by deviating from the original song instrumentation and making it his. On the second song, Phillip sang it like he wrote it. Everything about the song performance came together. If he would have heard this at a club, he would have signed Phillip on the spot. (Pretty high praise from Jimmy, since he is already figuring out how to spend the money he will make on Jessica and Joshua.)

Jimmy says he purposely did not mentor on song choice for any contestant this week. The first song worked for her, even though it went against everything he has told her not to do. The second song did not work.

DAVID COOK is back to perform his new single "The Last Song I'll Write For You."  I like it. Definitely the signature Cookie sound. Very Nice.  Rumor has it David left his label, RCA. Since he has not completed his three record deal, I wonder how that happened.  It will be alright Cookie, Archuleta has proven the world continues to turn even without the big-wigs in your corner. Hey, maybe the two of you can start your own label when he gets back. You can call it D-Squared. Later, when the Idol contract is fulfilled, Phillip could join y'all and you would have P2D2. Just an idea.

Joshua- Jimmy says Joshua sang the wrong song for his California song when he did "You Raise Me Up." He says gospel is fine but not all the time. He would talk him out of recording songs like this. On 'Man's World" James Brown and Joshua Ledet came together and created a piece of magic rarely seen on Idol. He said Joshua sounded like he was speaking in tongues at one point.

Jimmy said Jessica did a great job on Etta James' "Steal Away" but is impersonating a great older jazz-blues singer a good idea for a 16 yr old, NO. And the growling trick gets old. She needs to be discouraged from doing that. On "And I'm Telling You" she brought all her artillery in the right proportions. She murdered it.

Jimmy says last year he knew Scotty would win, but this year he has no idea who will be in the finals.

Time for Jennifer Lopez's performance. A little promo from the guys for Jennifer's summer tour. Time for "Dance Again."  Lots of lights and male dancers and some drums too.  I like the beat. I can understand the lyrics and they're not profane. Even the auto-tune isn't overdone and annoying. Jennifer's outfit is sexy without being vulgar. I say this is a WIN performance and i don't normally like this type of music.

Ryan brings out the remaining 4 and asks he judges how each contestant has changed over the duration of the competition.
ST- "How has Phillip changed?"  Phillip went from "I don't care" to finding who he is and he still doesn't care, but that's what we love about him.
J- "Hollie?" She went from the shy, unsure of herself, crying girl with the big voice in Austin at the Season 10 auditions to the calm, collected performer of the first song this week.
R- "Joshua?" I thought he had mad potential at the season 10 audition but I'm so glad we told him to come back this year. he has really grown.
J- Do you agree with Jimmy about not using her trick as much?"  I wish I could use that great "trick."

Jessica is going to Homecoming.
Joshua is going to Homecoming.

We go to commercial and leave Phillip and Hollie hanging. BOOOOOO

Phillip is going to Homecoming.

Hollie is a very classy young woman and doesn't cry. She sings "The Climb" and makes the other contestants cry and Jennifer too.

Now Hollie has time for a fun media jaunt through the talk shows before getting ready for the finale.

I can't wait for next week. P2 FTW.

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