Thursday, May 3, 2012

American Idol 11: Top 5 Results

There's only five left and three of them I like a lot so I will probably be sad after the results are announced.

Tonight's guests are Coldplay and Carrie Underwood.

We immediately go to some results.
Joshua: Jimmy says his performance is tough to beat. His first song was very good. His second song, "To Love Somebody," the sky opened. It was the best performance this year. Of course, he's safe tonight.
Ryan asks Joshua what kind of music he wants to record: Music with a message that speaks to people.
Jimmy is correct. Joshua is safe.

Ford Music Video- depicting a fairy tale: "Dream Life"

Coldplay- "Paradise"  Interesting stage decor with neon glow in the dark graffiti look to everything. It was okay. (It was recorded, for sure. Wouldn't want to make a mistake on live TV or have a less complicated setup.)

Hollie and Phillip:
Hollie: Jimmy says this was a critical week for Hollie. She pulled off the first song. "River Deep, Mountain High" was the most believable he's seen her. The second song was competent. She killed the first song. She is safe.
Phillip: Jimmy says first, Phillip should be commended because the way he is feeling, most people would have quit. He is strong. That said, he had two really bland songs this week. He has a lot of backing in the competition but he should be in the bottom 2 this week.
Wrong Jimmy: Hollie in Bottom 2, Phillip is safe.

Carrie Underwood- single off her new album "Blown Away"
Yep, just like it sounds, there's a storm playing on the screen behind her. The wind machine is about to blow her dress to places it should not go. And now we have debris flying around the stage like we are in a tornado. I don't know any of the song lyrics, but I don't know if this will set well with all of the people that have been hit with tornadoes lately.

Skylar and Jessica:
Skylar: Jimmy says she's a fighter. She suits up and shows up every night.  Her first song was exciting. The second song was strange. Too much weird stuff going on up on stage and the country vibe didn't work. He wasn't thrilled with the performance but she doesn't deserve to go either.
Jessica: Jimmy says Jessica singing "You Are So Beautiful" was just that, so beautiful.  It took you on a journey. She is the best singer in the competition but "Proud Mary" was a travesty. Her dress was way too mature for her. Somebody is trying to do her in. Middle America will not appreciate this style. Steven VZ wanted to talk her out of that song but Jimmy didn't back him and he should have. This performance will hurt her.
Jessica is safe. Skylar is in the bottom 2.

So the bottom 2 are Roomies, Hollie and Skylar.

Before we get the results, we get to see another recorded performance by Coldplay. This time the lead singer is holding his crotch while singing. Lovely, NOT.

Okay, Ryan has the results for us. I knew I wouldn't be happy tonight. These two are my favorites left in the competition. 
After nearly 60 million votes:  Skylar is leaving the show tonight.

After an emotional hug from Hollie, Skylar watches her exit package with Ryan and sings along to Scotty's song. Nice touch there girl. For her encore performance Skylar sings "Gunpowder and Lead" and totally rocks the stage. Funny, the only total-package performer who knows how to use the whole stage has just been voted off.  The good news, Skylar will be fine. Country music knows that you don't have to win the competition to win America's heart. Just ask Kellie Pickler, Lauren Alaina., Casey James, and many other former Idol contestants. Skylar Laine will be a star.

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