Monday, May 28, 2012

Thoughts on Memorial Day

Thoughts On Memorial Day
by Margy Moore

Today I wish to honor those
Who’ve laid down their lives for me.
The brave men and women, the Heroes,
Who died to keep me free.

They swore to protect and defend our land,
To keep us all safe and sound.
They died with honor, for they took a stand,
Which to me was quite profound.

They were sons and daughters, husbands and wives,
And they came from all over the states.
Dedicated to ensure our land survives,
But an enemy controlled their fates.

They gave up all so others might
Return safely to friendly ground.
These defenders of everything good and right
Even helped keep my family sound.

The men of my family honor the tradition
Of serving the land that they love.
They’ve always been willing to follow the mission
And defend the country they’re proud of.

My Grandpa served in World War I,
On a ship, in the waters near France.
He cooked the meals, not fired a gun,
While heroes gave our family a chance.

My Father served in World War II,
He fought Hitler’s troops and won.
He made some friends and lost a few
But returned to his home when done.

My Uncles served their country proud,
In Korea and the South Pacific.
They were blessed by God to be allowed
Safe returns from wars horrific.

And now my Son will take his turn,
For in the Navy he soon will serve.
I pray to God for his safe return,
As America he strives to preserve.

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