Thursday, July 5, 2012

David Archuleta: 100 Days of Service

As an avid fan of David Archuleta since his appearances on my television set during Season 7 of American Idol, I have written several blog posts trying to describe David. I’ve written poems and stories and articles about this fascinating young man, each time searching for just the right words to paint a picture worthy of carrying his name. This is not an easy task, for this young man is very special and not easily described in a few words. His talent is immense, but his heart is even greater. This was proven when he announced he would put his music career on hold and serve a fulltime mission for the LDS church. While I am not a Mormon, I still appreciate the fact that he feels strongly enough about the importance of serving God and his church that he would give up all the glitz and glamour and money for two years (and maybe more) to spread the word of God. That takes a very special person.

To commemorate the 100th day of David’s two years of service which falls on July 6, 2012, I have made a type of acrostic poem  listing 100 words in the English language that can be used to describe David Archuleta, or should I say Elder Archuleta. Really, these words only scratch the surface when it comes describing to this young man, but at least I tried

David Archuleta in 100 Words

D- disciplined, distinctive, different, dynamic, distinguishable, deliberate

A- amazing, adorable, alluring, angelic

V- virtuous, visionary, vulnerable, virtuoso, vocalist, versatile, vivacious

I- inspiring, incredible, imaginative, influential, indomitable

D- devout, dependable, determined, diligent, dreamer

J- joyful, jolly, jovial, judicious

A- artist, advanced, advocate, aficionado

M- mesmerizing, mysterious, mature, multifaceted, missionary

E- exquisite, exceptional, earnest, enlightened, energetic, enterprising

S- sensitive, self-controlled, sincere, singer, sagacious, scintillating

A- adventurous, adaptable, amiable, altruistic

R- respectful, reliable, resourceful, responsible, radiant, respected

C- captivating, charismatic, caring, compassionate, creative, charming

H- humble, humorous, honest, hopeful, hypnotic

U- unique, unequaled, unbelievable, unassuming, uncommon

L- loving, loyal, laudable, leader, learned, legitimate, levelheaded

E- enthusiastic, exuberant, expressive, extraordinary

T- talented, trustworthy, thrifty, tolerant, truthful, tasteful, tenacious

A- actor, active, addictive, admirable

So, there you have it; 100 words describing a very special young man who has impacted so many lives in his short time on this earth. All of these are very good words, but there is one in particular that sums them all up for me the best and that word is simiply… DAVID.


Violet said...

Thanks for the lovely list and a fitting tribute to his first 100 days!! You've probably heard them but don't miss the preview clips from David's US album BEGIN on his official site. And the davidarchuletavn Vietnam fan site has a list of 100 songs sung by or covered by David, another tribute to his first 100 days of service.

Aynie Archie said...

wow awesome! <3
I post things about David too, come visit my blog :)