Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BEGIN. The Release

August 7, 2012.  I have been anxiously awaiting this day since the moment I heard David Archuleta was going to release an album of covers. Several of my all-time favorite songs have been mentioned by David in the past as being some of his favorites also and since David is my all-time favorite artist, this has to be a win-win.  I was totally excited when the track list for the album was released. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Angel, True Colors, Be Still My Soul; the heavens were smiling down on me when David decided on these songs. This album will be amazing.

With great anticipation, I pre-ordered the album the day it went up on Deseret books web site. I happily downloaded David's original song, Broken, last week from iTunes because I didn't want to wait another week for the album to get here.  I love Broken. The music is insanely moving. It just plays over and over in my mind. Thank you David.

Since I have not received my cherished physical album yet (Deseret?), I broke down this morning and went to iTunes again. Only for David would I actually buy both a physical and a mp3 of the same album. So here I sit, writing down a few thoughts as I BEGIN to listen to what is sure to be a piece of pure heaven.

I have now listened all the way through once and my initial response is WOW!!  Now I have to admit I was not completely familiar with all of the choices. Beautiful, Somewhere Only We Know, and Don't Give Up were actually foreign to me. I like what I heard but then it is really hard for me not to like a song sung by David.  My favorites right now are Bridge Over Troubled Water, Angel, and Broken with BOTW leading the pack. His voice and this song just melt my heart. It is even better than I had imagined it would be.  Even after multiple times listening to Broken, my heart still aches. Since I had actually heard some not so great recordings of a couple of live performances of Be Still My Soul I knew this would be a very moving selection, and it did not fail. The meaning of this song and its importance to David is quite evident. It is the perfect end to a perfect album.

I'm sure I will have more to say about this very special album in the days to come as I spend more time reflecting on each of these selections. Right now I feel like I have been healed of the woes of this insane world we all live in. Thank you David. Your timing and choices are impeccable, as always.

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