Thursday, September 13, 2012

BEGIN: My New Addiction and Cure

********In case people were beginning to think I have given up on writing my blog:  I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!
I put my writing on hold for a while as I spent time with my son before he left home for the Navy. So, as of very early this morning (1:00AM central time to be exact), he is now at boot camp. I can't say my life will go back to normal, because there is no such thing as that now, but my life will move on to a new phase. I am going to jump into overdrive on my writing and find a way to get my novel published. I am going to find other things to write about here besides David Archuleta, since he is in Chile for another 18 or so months. I'm going to look into a job outside of all of this. I'm exercising, well at least walking for exercise, to try and get in better shape. I feel like I need to makes changes in all phases of my life and now is the time. 

I started this entry a couple of weeks ago. It's now time to get it up and get going with more adventures in life. Be on the lookout for new things in the next week or so.*********

credit to FB's Earthen Visions of Vivid Colors
 "Music is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite." Thomas Carlyle

From the first time I saw it , I knew this graphic accompanied by this quote had to be a part of my next blog entry and this post had to talk about my latest addiction. Of course, anyone who has read this blog before knows what I am talking about: David Archuleta and his latest album, BEGIN.

The moment I saw the track list for BEGIN., I knew this incredible young man had Divine help in choosing these songs. How else could one so young understand this world so well? How could he know ahead of time exactly what we will need to hear to get us through the challenges of life for the two years he will be away? Obviously, David used his heavenly connections to ascertain the quintessential inspirational compositions to include on this album.

I have now spent a couple weeks listening to these amazing songs, trying to decide how to put into words what I feel, how this album has affected me. I have listened to each song multiple times, during several different situations, trying to figure out why David chose each one. I have it downloaded on my iPhone for easy access at all times. I keep the music selector on scramble so I don't know in which order the songs will come up. I like it that way, unpredictable is good. I mean, I like all the songs so the order doesn't really matter. I have listened while walking, driving, working around the house, and, yes, even when everyone else in the house was fast asleep, laying on the couch in total darkness, with just my headphones, so as not to be distracted by anything else in the world. I've tried to decide which song I like the best, but each time I've listened a different song has hit me and for a different reason. Each song tells about a challenge in our everyday lives. But each song also tells us to hold on, hang in there, keep the faith, don't give up, don't listen to the naysayers, don't let words bring you down, don't be afraid to be you. Basically, I think David is telling us no matter what problems we might face, if we stay positive and help each other out, we will get through it. And in my opinion, the last song "Be Still, My Soul," tells us exactly why we can get through all of these challenges. "The Lord is on Thy side." The Lord is there for us. We just need to believe in Him and ask for His help.

Since I have been in possession of this incredible album I have already had some very, let's say, interesting things happen to me. Like when I was walking in the park one day after a few harsh words with my husband about something dumb I can't even remember now and "Beautiful" comes on my iPhone. And there is David singing "You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down." and of course the tears had to fall. Thanks David. I needed to hear that right then.

Another day I was in the park and decided to walk around the baseball fields before I started down my regular trails. Unfortunately, some unthinking parents decided to send their way-to-small children to the park to play, in the wooded area, by a creek, alone, except for the company of an unleashed German Shepard. I love dogs but do not like to be confronted by uncontrolled animals that weigh almost as much as me, especially if they are in protect mode. I really thought I was having a heart attack for a while. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to walk back to my house, much less the rest of my trek, since I was so breathless and panicked. During my unfortunate encounter I had one ear bud in and one ear free, as per my norm, so I could hear what was happening around me. I distinctly remember "Bridge Over Troubled Water" coming on right before meeting the dog but then I can't remember anything for several minutes except for the dog coming towards me, me telling the dog to go away, the kids yelling for the dog to "come back here," and the sound of my heart about to pound out of my chest. I tried not to panic and altered my course, hoping the dog would realize I was moving away from the kids, all the while looking over my shoulder to see if the dog was following me. He wasn't. When I got to the middle of the field, I made a wide left turn and headed for a picnic table at the entrance to the park, to sit and regroup. As I sat there, heart pounding, hands shaking, trying to take a full breath of air and thinking about calling my daughter to just come pick me up, "Be Still, My Soul" came on. Yeah, I know. It sounds like something you make up to give the story more "Wow factor" but it's true. The top song that I immediately hoped for when David said he was making an album of his favorite songs. The song that makes me feel as though God's hand is on my shoulder every time I am in pain or stress. The song that has saved me several times since I first heard that not so great recording from the fireside back when David first left AI. Now, this perfect, angelic, ethereal song, with David's perfect angelic voice, was wrapping itself around me in my latest moment of anxiety. I just sat there on the table, my eyes closed, as David's voice traveled through my body, to my heart, calming all the fears. My mind traveled back to 2008 when David first calmed my panicked mind as I watched him on AI. Now four years and countless numbers of interventions later, the voice of an angel was saving me again. I made it back home on my own. Well, that's not exactly true. An angel was with me as I took each labored step. He told me "Don't Give Up," I'm in the arms of the "Angel."

I thought life couldn't get any weirder but that isn't true for me. I was anxious to see the video for David's version of "Everybody Hurts." Several times on my walks those first few weeks when I was struggling, this song would pop on and I would smile and keep going. I viewed the original video by REM for this song and wondered how David would choice to interpret it. When it was finally posted, it hit me hard.
The father struggling with feelings about is daughter growing up - that hit home. Our daughter might not be getting married right now, but she is twenty and trying to be independent and my husband is struggling over it. The young couple separating- hit home again. My son went and fell in love with a girl a year younger than him and is leaving her behind in high school as he heads to the Navy. And then there is the soldier mom missing her son. Yep- that hit home too, except I will be the mom at home missing her sailor son. So "Everybody Hurts is very true, but if we hold on and keep going on through it, everything works out just fine in the end.  Once again, art seems to imitate life and David knows just what is causing our pain and how to fix it?

He has to have Divine help. How else could a mere mortal be so wise?

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heidijoy said...

Thanks Margy for sharing your spiritual experiences. Love the songs on BEGIN. The depth and Insight David has is so inspirational. I appreciate his gifts and messages that he carefully selects for us.