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Amercian Idol 12: Charlotte Auditions

The show starts with Ryan "racing" on the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Keep dreamin' Ryan!!!

The producers want us to know that there will be conflict this week between the judges, so we get a little TMZ and contestant "talk" about the "huge fight" that shut down production.

On a better note, Scotty McCreary is on hand for the cattle-call auditions to welcome the contestants.

And we are finally ready for some judging. Let's judge Nicki. She is wearing a very , very short white dress and has pink cotton candy hair today. 

Naomi Morris- 28- Charlotte- clothes designer.  She designed the outfit she's wearing. YUCK!!
Aretha Franklin's "Respect".  And she can't sing either. Bye bye.

Joel Nemoyer- 20- Carlisle, PA
He claims he can sing "with high clarity" by lying on the ground. He saw this on season 5 of Idol when David Foster/ Andrea Bocelli mentored and Foster had Chris Daughtry lie on the ground. this guy is not Daughtry or Bocelli. Bye Bye.

Brian Rittenberry- 27- Jasper, GA
Wife miraculously recovering from stage 4 appendix cancer. Seems like a really nice southern guy.
"Let It Be" with a Country side.  Nice voice but I'm not sure if he is different enough to go very far.
Yes X4 from judges and his wife meets her crush, Keith Urban.

Jimmy Smith- 25- Waynesboro, TN
He says Keith is a huge influence. He auditioned on-line. This is a nice looking guy. "God Bless The Broken Road" is definitely his song. Nicki gives some weird Jive talk review, Keith says voice fits his personality, Mariah says he's incredibly special and unique. Yes X4. Lookout Hollywood.

The judges are getting hungry. Nicki mooches trail mix off of Keith.

Montague of golden tickets.
Sarina-Joi Crowe- 17- Columbia, TN
short clip but sounds good- R&B/Soul  Yes X4

Haley Davis- 26- Charleston, SC-
short clip- definitely country  Yes X4

Na'Chelle Fullins-Lovell- 19- Charlotte
short clip of something really high pitched- Yes X4 but I'm not sure what that was.

Could the next guy be the next Scotty?  Not a chance in my book.
Matthew Muse- 23- Florence, SC
People say he looks like Brad Paisley? What drunk said that? He doesn't look like Brad nor does he sound anything like him while singing this song. Bye Bye.

Time for this week's nominee. Randy heads to a high school in Georgia to surprise a girl.
Isabelle Gonzales- 16- Alpharetta, GA
"Nothing Can Ever Change This Love" Sam Cooke-  this girl is really good. Really nice riffs, not overdone. Yes X4.  She seems confident but we will see what Hollywood can do to that smalltown innocence.

Taisha Bethea- 21- Concord, NC
sings in an alternative rock band. She wants to be a rock singer but Randy questions this when she auditions with Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison" so she does an Alanis Morissette. Lot's of discussion by judges over her not knowing what she wants. Nicki and Keith say yes, Randy and Mariah say no. Keith gets the deciding vote and she is on the way to Hollywood.

After that the judges can't agree on much of anything and the arguing gets worse.
Summer Cunningham- 20- Warner Robbins, GA
"Lean on Me" Nice job but nothing too special. She says she did the country thing and wants to be more soulful. Big argument between the judges about what is country and what's not. She gets at least 3 yes's and is on the way to Hollywood. Nicki argues more with the other judges and walks out. Day one is over.

Day two starts with clips of talk shows and tabloid news reporting about the judges clashing.  Nicki shows up wearing her long blond wig and "police" hat.

Brandy Hamilton- 25- Charlotte- Navy Reservist
She got in trouble for singing all the time while on duty. "All I Could Do Was Cry"- Etta James.  Not bad but definitely not Etta James (even on a bad day.)  Yes X4

Strange, scary chick talking to Everybody at auditions. Nicki nicknames her Blondie since she is black with blond hair (and did I forget to mention the nose ring.)
Ashley Smith- 22- Charlotte (She reminds me of an actress pretending to be a singer or at least pretending to be someone else.) Sings Carrie Underwood "cowboy Casanova" and does a really good job. She is weird but she gets Yes X4 and we will see her in Hollywood.  A little makeover might be in order.

Montage of Nicki's strange nicknames for contestants.

Janelle Arthur- 22- Oliver Springs, TN
She tells the judges she portrayed Dolly Parton as a young girl for a production at an amusement park when she was young. (Dollywood)  No one mentions that Janelle has been on the show in seasons 10 and 11, two years ago- Hollywood, last year -Las Vegas. Randy acts like he's never seen her before. Come on DAWG. She is definitely Country and Keith really likes her music choice, "Where The Blacktop Ends." Yes X4 from the judges.  Ryan knows who she is, even if no one else does. He won't let her out of the room without a golden ticket.

Montage of bad before Keith has to leave again.

Rodney Barber- 27- "the Voice of Charlotte"
Sings on street corners in downtown Charlotte and gives half of the money to the homeless because he was homeless at one time.  "I'll Be" He has a nice voice. Very strong.  Yes X4.

Keith has to go to NY to support his wife in receiving an award.

Candice Glover- 22- St Helena Island, SC
Idol makes a big deal about her back story of making it to Vegas last year. (If I were Janelle Arthur, I'd be offended.) She has a nice soulful voice. She said she is being compared to Joshua Ledet from last year. (I hope not; I didn't like him.)   Yes X3

Ja'Bria Barber- 16- Clover, SC
She likes to go "frog giggin'" so we get a long discussion on eating or not eating frogs. She sings Bonnie Raitt's version of "Pride and Joy." She has a nice voice. She is very joyful and spunky. Yex X3

Freak time!!! Brad Harris- 28- Maiden, NC
Says he hits his head a lot. (I can see that.) Use to rap in Houston under the name "BaKon" so we get a discussion about bacon from the judges. "A Whole New World" is his song choice and, guess what?  He CAN'T sing.  Bye Bye

Seretha Guinn- 26- Charlotte
Seretha wins the "heart breaking" closing spot of the night. Not trying to be mean, just honest. She comes to the audition with her 3 yr old daughter. Her boyfriend almost died last year in an acciden and has had 8 surgeries so far. The daughter is a bi Nicki fan. (poor child)  The song selection is weird- "Fresh Prince of BelAir" but she changes up the lyrics and actually is really clever and good. Second song choice I don't recognize but it is slow and serious. the judges are speechless. Nicki is crying, Randy says she has a Whitney thing going, and Mariah says she has a beautiful voice but she liked the first song because it fit her better. Yes X3.

So Ryan tells us they handed out 37 golden tickets in Charlotte. Next stop, Randy's home town of Baton Rouge, LA.

My favorites of the day: Seretha Guinn, Jimmy Smith.

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