Friday, January 25, 2013

American Idol 12: Baton Rouge Auditions

We are visiting the bayou of Louisiana for this show. Bring on the strange people and gators. Baton Rouge also happens to be Randy's home town. Keith says all the good music comes from the South.

Mariah is doing Randy's make-up for today's show. She says she was a beauty school drop-out.

Our first contestant is the current Miss Baton Rouge. She is also on crutches.
Megan Miller- 22- Ethel, LA- Miss Greater Baton Rouge
She was is an accident a few days before the audition and should be in the hospital but had to make the audition (extra camera time assured). heading back for surgery immediately after audition time. wearing her heels while rocking her crutches. "Something's Got A Hold On Me" She is very soulful with a nice voice and sassy attitude. Not working the sympathy angle too much.  Yes X4 from judges.

Charlie Askew- 17- Little Rock, Arkansas
Charlie was a socially awkward child who had a difficult time communicating. He has always been able to communicate through music. Singing the intro to "Breakthrough" by Queen. Interesting. Second song is "Nature Boy" which is totally awesome. Very easy to hear the musicality in his voice with this choice.
Randy says he is a seemingly dark, but cool man. Keith says his voice is not like others, it is his own. Yes X4 and he's on the way to Hollywood.  His mom said that the doctors say he has "Charlie Askew Syndrome" because they can't classify exactly why he is like he is.  Personally, to me he seems to be very high functioning autistic. What ever the case, he has a wonderful voice. I hope he is able to deal with Hollywood, because I want to hear more from Charlie.

Time for Randy to personally invite someone to the auditions.
Maddie Assel- 17- Centreville, VA   Nominated by grandmother.  This girl looks and acts older than 17.  "Oh Darlin'" the Beatles is her song choice. She has an unusual voice. Very Southern I guess. She does a nice job. She's cute, confident, and has her own style.
Yes X4 and on the way to Hollywood.

As Ryan tells us "the tide has turned" we get a montage of horrible auditions.  Thanks for keeping it short producers.

Paul Jolley- 22- Palmersville, TN
Paul says singing is his calling in life. He wants to give back like his recently departed grandfather did.
"I Won't Let Go" by Rascal Flatts is a great song choice for his voice. This guy is very happy and has a nice sparkle in his eyes. He also sounds like he has vocal training.  Yes X4.

Judges are getting tired. Enter the weird dude of the day.
Chris Barthel- 24- Metairie, LA
 He says his alter ego sings. Nicki names his alter ego :Mushroom" and he sings "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert. Yep, that was weird. He is funny though. No go for Hollywood.

Dr Calvin Peters- 27- Ft Worth, TX- Physician
Yes, he is an actual 3rd yr resident at a Vetern's hospital. They call him "The singing doctor." He sings a Maxwell song and the judges are amazed.  Yes X4.

Now for a montage of auditions:
Michelle Montezeri- 19- Orlando, FL   R&B style
Breanna Steer- 18- LaPlace, LA    R&B style
Brandy Hotard- 26- Port Allen, LA (Nurse)  Country - sang "Hell On Heels"
Yes X4  X3.  Now we have a doctor and a nurse in Hollywood. Maybe everyone can stay healthy.

Dustin Watts- 27- Albany, LA- Fireman in Baton Rouge.
Dustin is a big ol' boy. Nicki is ready to be saved.
He sings "She's Every Woman" by Garth Brooks and sounds great.  Perfect country voice. You can tell he is the happiest with Keith's comments.  Yes X4 and we get to go along as he tell the guys at the station that he's going to Hollywood.

Our extra sad back story of the night belongs to :
Burnell Taylor- 19- New Orleans, LA
Family road-out and survived Katrina. They lost everything but not each other. Moved to Baton Rouge. His grandfather was the leader of a band and played several instruments. His mom is a singer. He doesn't play any instruments but wants to learn.
"I'm Here" from The Color Purple is his song choice. Keith is ecstatic, can barely contain himself and is the first on his feet. Mariah is crying. Nicki is stunned.
Randy- "amazing voice." Keith- "You could turn an atheist. Somewhere there is a spotlight waiting for you to walk into it."
Yes X4 and Ryan tells him "you changed that panel forever. They just experienced something they hadn't experienced while they've been out on the road."

So we get 35 Golden Tickets to Hollywood in Baton Rouge.

My favorites : Burnell and Charlie.

Next week Idol takes on my home town of San Antonio.

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