Thursday, January 31, 2013

American Idol 12: San Antonio Auditions

Idol moseyed into my hometown of San Antonio, Texas for the first time in six years to see what kind of talent they could Round Up. (Yes, that is a Texas pun. We don't actually say things like that, especially not in San Antonio.)  To totally convince the rest of the world that Texans are all a bunch of crazy, over- the-top people (well, that could be true), Ryan explains that "Everything's Bigger in Texas!" while we are shown a gigantic, dinner-plate sized cinnamon roll that is said to be Keith's breakfast. This is all a lead-in for the Texas-sized talent we are about to be introduced to.

Vincent Powell- 29- Austin, TX (Hey, that's where I live.)- Praise leader
Vincent is introduced as a huge Mariah fan who is also a return auditioner from Season 11.
"Rock Me Baby" is his song of choice. This guy is definitely a gospel singer. Nice job. He made it to the finals of Hollywood week last season but was distracted on last song by Randy drinking his Coke. Really? Lame. I don't remember seeing or hearing anything about this guy before. Well, the judges love him. Yes X4 and he is off to Hollywood again. Maybe Randy should be more considerate of the contestants and give up the Coke.  LOL

Next we have a duo; brothers, I think.
Derek and David Bacerott- 21 & 24- San Antonio, TX
Sadness- they can't sing, especially not together. Of course they argue with the judges. NO- Go away!

Savanah Votion- 24- San Antonio, TX
Sob story numero uno. (That's #1 for all the rest of you out there.) She is the mother of a 5 yr old daughter. Got pregnant at 19. Her clothing choice for Idol audition does not lend well to a serious contestant. She is singing "At Last" and the judges are waiting for the boom to drop. Hey, she is actually good. Nice surprise. She isn't Etta James, but who is. Keith says "You have a lot of 'Life' in your voice. the struggles, the highs, the lows. I can hear them all."  Yes X4. See you in Hollywood. Get a new outfit for the plane or they might not let you on.

Ricky Jo Garcia- 16- Alice, TX
She is rough. The judges tell her to keep working and come back. (The judges are being kinder this year with the young ones who aren't stellar but could improve with time and lessons.)

Cristabel Clack- 29- San Antonio, TX- Worship leader
Well, we are certainly finding a lot of "church people" on the road this season. "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys is a good choice for this contestant.
Mariah is feeling it and so is Keith. Mariah says "I know you, I get you, I love you."
Yes X4.

Randy headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas for an invite for our next nominated contestant. He surprises this one at a U of Arkansas football game.
Ann Difani- 23- Fayetteville, AR
Nominated by her husband. Sings "Stronger" by Faith Hill. Keith says she has a pretty tone. She is definitely a country girl. Yes X4 from the judges. I'm not blown away by this one. I would say NO.

Victoria Acosta- 20- San Antonio, TX- Mariachi singer
She performs on the Riverwalk with a mariachi band but chooses to audition with "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie.  Yucky choice. Ok but not great. Looks like the judges agree with me. Randy asks her to sing something "mariachi" and the judges now love her and I agree with them. Song choice is really important at this point for sure.  Yes X4.

Time for a little montage of weirdos that can't sing before we meet another weirdo in person.

Papa Peachez- 19- Jackson, Mississippi
He said the homeless people he used to work with named him that. He claims to be a "big black woman trapped in a little white boy's body." He is singing an original song that has expletives bleeped out and he sings about being gay. He has an interesting voice. He could be good with the correct material. One of the judges calls him Quirky. Two yes, two no. Randy voted no but as the deciding judge today changes his vote to Yes and Mr Quirky is headed to Hollywood where I do believe he will fit right in.

Sanni M'Mairura- 16- Pearland, TX
Mother is from Tanzania, Father from Kenya. They met in college in the states. This young man can speak Swahili. he is part of a worship outreach group at his church. (See what I mean about "Church People" this season) He wants to be a good role model. Singing MJ's "Who's Loving You" and doing a very nice job.  Randy says "I love that you didn't try to sound like Michael." Yes X4. He seems like a really nice, talented young man. I hope he does well.

Adam Sanders- 19- San Antonio, TX
He is in love with Mariah. He seems like a sweet guy but not one suited for the bluntness of Idol. Likes R&B and Soul. Singing Etta James, "I'd Rather Go Blind." Now this is THE guy with an old black woman trapped inside him. the judges are floored and so am I. Yes X4. I hope he can survive the nastiness of Hollywood week.

And that's all we get from the San Antonio auditions.  Ryan doesn't tell us who many Golden tickets are handed out in SA. 

My favs here are: Cristabel and Sanni

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