Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 22, 2008- A Day That Will Live In Our Hearts Forever

January 22 marks the five year anniversary of David Archuleta's first appearance on our televisions during Season 7 of American Idol. It also marks 300 days of service for David in the mission field for the LDS church. So much has happened in the five years. So many fans have been gained. So many songs have been sung.

I wanted to write something using song titles to commemorate this day, but as I gazed at the almost endless number of choices, my brain began to ache. Then I thought, just use songs performed on Idol. The listed shortened some. I wanted to make sure I had a complete listing of all the songs David performed, either as a solo or in group performances, so off to some trusted fans sites for a little research. My list was not complete. I had previously noted live group performances, but I totally forgot about the Ford videos. Add 12 more songs to the list. Now, I believe I have a complete listing. Maybe. 

I tried, but I was not able to include all of the 63 songs David was a part of on Idol that year. Some were just too difficult to work into this acrostic. I hope you like it.

ONE SWEET DAY, five years ago, January 22, 2008 to be precise, an amazing yet
Unlikely HERO was thrust into our lives and the ANGELS in HEAVEN
Rejoiced and declared AMERICA and the world were no LONGER in darkness.

American Idol Season 7 auditions were on our televisions and, IN THIS
MOMENT, as we sat watching and WAITING ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE,
Excited viewers heard a CRAZY story told to Ryan Seacrest by a humble young man
Recovering from vocal cord paralysis. Ryan couldn’t IMAGINE this but the man said
I FEEL FINE now since THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD to healing has been
Conquered. As I watched this audition, my heart proclaimed "YOU’RE THE VOICE"
And the light. I don’t need to SHOP AROUND any more for a cure for my sadness.
Now, since I SAW THE LIGHT, I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE life to the fullest.

I was excited to turn on my television each week to experience yet ANOTHER
Or it might be THE END of me. Then I found other fans also saying "DON”T

Day after day, week after week, his fans said WE CAN WORK IT OUT so this
Amazing young singer, who has touched our hearts, can continue on to victory. The
Very idea of him not going THE DISTANCE and being crowned the champ was
Idiotic. Again and again each week we sat by our televisions on NEEDLES AND PINS
Desperately waiting for his name to be called and our hearts to be lifted again.

AIN’T NO STOPPING US NOW was more than a song; it was the fandom’s anthem.
Riveted to our sets, and voting like CRAZY, we told this young man “We’ll be
Climbing every mountain WITH YOU.” When he sang STAND BY ME, we didn’t
Hesitate to do just that. No true fan said “SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO.”
Unbeknownst to the young man, a powerful force had been unleashed on the world;
Loyal followers were created. WHEN YOU BELIEVE in SOMEBODY you will do
Everything you can for them, even if IT’S TRICKY like trying to CATCH THE WIND.
THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE might surprise some, but we will not APOLOGIZE.
AND SO IT GOES…on that special day, our fascination with David Archuleta began.


heidijoy said...

Beautiful Tribute :)

It has been a wonderful five years.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.