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American Idol 12: Hollywood Week #1

Sorry I'm running a little behind with today's recap.  Life got in the way.

So the contestants are chosen and the nightmare known as Hollywood Week has begun. It's time for us to say Hello to some new contestants we did not see at auditions and Good Bye to some who were questionable yeses to begin with. And then there are always those who just can't hack the pressure.

To start the week we have a change from the normal Idol routine: The guys and girls have been separated. I like this idea. Since the contestants are to be narrowed down to 20 guys and 20 girls, might as well start off that way.

First up we have guy vs guy (vs drag queen).  Keith says "this feels a little like The Hunger Games. We'll see who gets to the weapons first."

Round #1 is an a Capella, sudden death, sing-off. Some groups on the stage. Individuals sing one at a time and then everyone gets a yes or a no.
Micah Johnson - Y, Peter ? - Y, Meetheny Treco - Y, Devin ? - Y, Nate Tao - Y, Gabe Brown - Y, The Turbanator (Grupreet) - Y.
Karl Skinner- N, Dustin Watt- N, Dr Calvin Peters- N.
Cortez Shaw- returning from last season- from Dallas- sings "I Will Always Love You" and the judges are mixed. Nicki absolutely hated it. Somehow he gets to continue on.
Curtis finch Jr- Y, Frankie Ford- Y.
Lazaro Arbos- the young man with the studder- sings Robbie Williams "Angel". Nice job, but it's hard to listen to this without thinking of David Archuleta singing it. And no one compares to David singing it.
Lazaro gets a Yes. And he is in tears.
Trevor Blakney- 24- Corinth, MS- US Army Sgt.- Yes, Bryant Tadeo- 23- Hilo, HI- Yes,
Charles Allen- 22- Saginaw, MI- Yes.
Brian Rittenberry- He guy with the wife fighting cancer- get a NO.
Matheus Fernandez- Y, Johnny Keyser- Y, Charlie Askew- Y.

Round #2- the Group round
Another change: The producers have chosen the groups for the first time this year. the will also be performing with the American Idol Band.

Of course, some groups jell right away and some clash. We get to see the clashing. Always a good idea to put two country artists, Trevor Blakney and Lee Pritchard, with the two "divas" of the contest, JDA and Joel Wayman. They name the group Country Queens.  There is also friction and troubles with Lazaro Arbos' group and Charlie Askew's group.

The performances:
The MatHeads- Matheus Fernandez, Meetheny Treco (returning from last season), Nick Boddington (returning from last season), Gabe Brown sing "Somebody to Love" and they are fantastic. Awesome harmonies. All advance.

Normal Hills- Johnny Keyser, Kareem Clark, +two others sing "I'll Be There" and Johnny is off because he had never heard this song before. (Really Johnny?) Kareem is off key. Kareem goes home and Johnny and his friends advance.

Group with Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr, Nick Mathis. As a Christian, I am really disappointed in Curtis. Here he is singing all these Gospel songs and then he is treating Charlie like some second class thing in his way to reaching stardom. I'm glad Nick was able to support Charlie and Charlie pulled himself together in the end. Song of choice: Bruno Mars, "The Lazy Song." All three advance.

The 4 Tones- Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell (From San Antonio auditions), Marvin Calderon, and David Willis- 21- Mount Dora, FL- worship leader. All Advance.

Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw, Zach Birnbaum-15- Cherry Hill, NJ,    Elijah Liu-18- Rowland Heights, CA
All Advance.

A montage of bad performances and forgotten lyrics has two guys advancing: Paul Jolley (we saw him in Baton Rouge) and Will White(Don't know anything about him).

The next group with the Turbanator (Gurpreet Singh Sarin), Peter ?, Mark ?, and another guy, are a total train wreck yet the judges keep all of them.

Last Minute- Dan Wood, Jason Jones Jessie Lawrence and another guy sing a One Direction song that Keith says "went in four directions" and they all go home.

The next group, Ryan Connor Smith, Devan Jones, Devin Velez, and Adrian ?,  decides to sing a Capella, even though there is an awesome band to accompany them. They needed the band. Ryan goes home.

MoFlo- Burnell Taylor, Tony Foster Jr- 25- Oklahoma City, Mario Jose-24- Concord, CA,
Darien Moses- 27- Boynton Beach, FL  Not that great for Burnell but they keep him and send Darien and Mario home.

Super 55- Lazaro, Josh Stevens, Scott Fleenor, Christian Lopez- 17- Martinsburg, WV. Josh (and Scott to some extent) did not click with Lazaro. Negative statements from Josh about working with Lazaro. Sing Beach Boys that Lazaro has never heard before. Lazaro rises to the occasion and so does Christian. Josh and Scott head home.

Country Queens- Trevor forgets the lyrics completely, Lee is off. The Queens part of the group advances. (I'm not sure why). Way too much time spent covering Trevor's melt-down.

DKSK- David Leathers Jr, (who was the last contestant cut in Vegas last season), Kayden Stephenson (the boy with Cystic Fibrosis), Kevin Quinn- 15- Wilmette, IL, and Sanni M'Mairura (fro San Antonio auditions). Kayden struggles with some lyrics (this is all way too much for him to deal with, IMO). David and Sanni advance. Mariah is in tears for Kayden. (I think Mariah just needs to help the boy get a recording contract now and not deal with Idol at all.)

A couple of more good byes to Griffin Peterson and Clifton Duffin.

Last group: Frankie Ford, Papa Peachez, Adam Sanders, Charles Allen. Charles and Frankie are not getting along. The song is a wreck. Frankie says he has been struggling with asthma and he forgets all his lyrics and has a complete meltdown. Nicki lectures the group after a comment about "Big Personalities" and then lectures Papa about taking charge of his own performance. We say good bye to Frankie. 

Tomorrow the guys go from 42 to 20. OUCH!!!!

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