Friday, February 8, 2013

American Idol 12: Hollywood Week #2

We're back for a second night of the guys. Tonight we get one more solo performance. This time they can perform with the band or accompany themselves on an instrument. tonight, half of the remaining 43 will be cut.

Paul Jolley- Nerves are getting to him so he is freaking out back stage. It's not good when you come out and start crying in front of the judges. Singing Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" and doing a good job, but you can still see how tense his face is. He has a big voice. Just needs to not be so nervous. He is lectured by Nicki on letting the nerves get to him. He needs to be more professional. (Easy for her to say when she is already famous.) 

Ryan tells us we will here cuts after every 8 performances.

Lazaro Arbos- He is singing Gaga's "Edge of Glory" and I really like it (which is surprising since I don't like Gaga stuff.) Lazaro seems so confident out there this time. It's nice that the producers did not show him struggling to speak this time. Let his singing speak for him.

Curtis Finch Jr- He is introduced as an early front runner. I like his voice but not his cocky attitude. He lost me as a fan yesterday the way he talked about Charlie. Curtis sings "Jar of Hearts." Mariah says he was "absolutely beautiful."

First Results: Yes for Paul, Lazaro and Curtis. e don't know who was booted this round.

Devin Velez- 18- Chicago. Nice to get a little info on this guy finally.  Devin says he sang Bocelli for this first solo and received a standing "O" from the judges (too bad we didn't get to see that.) While others are freaking out back stage, Devin is totally calm. Singing "Wonderful World" and doing a nice job. Very soulful. Good techniques. Keith says "You are born to sing." 

Gurpreet Singh Sarin- Accompanying himself on guitar- "Georgia" sounds great. You can hear this little bit of an accent when he sings but it is good. He does a little scatting at the end. Nice job.

Cortez Shaw- Very short clip of "Sunny". Sounds good.

Matheus Fernandez- He is nervous and it shows. This is his first time to sing live with a band. He sings "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson. Not a great choice. Nicki says he has a great voice but needs to get past the "pity party" and just rely on his voice.  I agree with Nicki. (That is a scary thought.)

Second round of Results: Matheus gets a NO and is headed home.  Continuing on are Devin, Gurpreet, Cortez, and Adam Sanders (who we did not see perform this time.)

Nicholas Mathis- 23- Chicago- He wants to provide a better life for his kids (don't we all.) Seems like a nice guy. He is not singing in the same key as the band. Just a little off. Keith gets to talk to him about getting past the nerves.

Papa  Peachez- What in the world is he singing, it is awful. So not the right song for him. Nicki is really disappointed. She says "The flame is now completely burned out."

Jimmy Smith- He needs to pull it together and have a good performance. Singing "Landslide" and he sounds really good.

Third round of Results:  Nicki opens telling the guys "this was one time to fight for your life, and if you didn't, you should be upset at yourself."
No to Nicholas and Papa.  Moving on Jimmy, Johnny Keyser, Vincent Powell (didn't hear him) and someone else unnamed.

Nick Boddington- Nick is taking a chance and accompanying himself on keyboard. Singing "Stars" by Grace Potter. He sound good. Keith tells him "You nailed it."

Charlie Askew- Charlie is doing jumping jacks back stage to get pumped up for his turn. Charlie gives a little monologue as an intro to the song. Singing  "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye. Really nice job. He is so confident out there for this performance. Nicki says "Today you became an artist in my eyes."

Results: Nick B., JDA (didn't hear), Meetheny (didn't hear) and Charlie are all moving on. We aren't told who went home this round.

Burnell Taylor- sings "Jar of Hearts" and it is OK

Marvin Calderon- also sings "Jar of Hearts" and he is OK too.

Both Burnell and Marvin are moving on.

Micah Johnson- singing "I Told You So" by Randy Travis. He does an OK job, but is a little off at the end. Mariah says she was surprised by the song choice. "I like to see you do more with your voice."
Micah gets a NO for this season, but leaves like a true sailor, with his head held high. "I've been through a lot worse."

We also say good bye to some of my favorites: Sanni, Gabe Brown, and Nate Tao.

Ryan tells us this my be a short-lived victory for some of those passed through. Nest week, the girls perform and then on Thursday, 8 more guys will be cut.  OUCH!!!

Idol Drama For The Win!!!!!

My favorite guys: Lazaro (not just because of his story; he has a great voice), Jimmy Smith, Charlie Askew (an interesting character with a good voice). I want to see more of Devin Velez before I pass judgement on him, but  he sounded good on this performance. I like Paul Jolley's voice, but he needs to pull it together, soon.

Next week, the girls hit the stage. Does anyone remember the girls? I don't!!!

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