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American Idol 12: Hollywood Week #3

Good news everyone. It's time for another round of Hollywood Week on American Idol. This time the girls have arrived. Time to wake them up and get the drama rolling. 

Ryan tells us that there are more girls than guys this year and that some of these girls are really good. (I'm pretty sure we have been told this in previous seasons also, so we will wait and see if it is true.) Ryan says "some of these girls are standing on the verge of greatness." I'm sure all of them are on the verge of a breakdown. Just wait until they hear that the groups have been picked for them. 

So this will work just like last week: 10 per line, each sings A Capella for a few seconds, contestants chopped after each group.

Mariah Pulice- the girl with the eating disorder- "Gravity"- she is ok- kind of shaky at the end.
Angela Miller- not sure what the song is- she sounds good.
Victoria Acosta- mariachi singer from SA- "Killing Me Softly" - I like it a lot. 
Angela and Victoria advance--- Mariah heads home.

A quick montage of cuts: Ashley Smith (crazy talkative girl), Ann DiFani (razorback nominated by husband), Sarah Restuccio (Superbass girl) , Halie Hilburn (puppet girl).

Next we have two good country girls pitted against each other.
Janelle Arthur- She sounds like Patsy Cline
Rachel Hale- "the happiest contestant"- still smiling 
They both advance.

Candice Glover- the girl back from last season who is getting a little too much promo time, IMO.
Megan Miller- the girl who auditioned on crutches- all healed up now- "Titanium"
Candice advances- Megan heads home.

We see clips of lots of girls we've never seen before now.

Isabelle- from the NY audition- Berkeley School of Music- She is an easy yes and advances.

Kez Ban- the person who doesn't fit in any category of group actually went to Hollywood. She says she is getting a cold and cracks a note but still advances.
Also advancing are Briana Oakley (who was bullied after appearing as a talented kid on Maury Povich show), Melinda Ademi (?) and Ashley Feliciano.

In all there are 76 girls advancing to the group rounds. YIKES!

Time for the drama. Producers pick the groups again. Girls aren't happy about that plan. They have a list of 20 songs to pick from for their performance and many problems arise from this challenge.

There is a lot of DRAMA during the practice time. Kez Ban has to have food and leaves the group to go and eat. Zoanette Johnson is in a group with country singers and is freaking out over the song choice. Haley Davis feels sick and leaves group to get sleep without knowing the song lyrics. Not as much drama as in previous years. No one fainted yet.

Oh, here is a new twist. Suddenly everyone thinks it is fine to write the lyrics on there hands instead of memorize them. How professional.

It's time to judge the groups but Randy is tied up in the studio so the Newbies go it alone for a while.

The Swagettes- Candice Glover, Melinda Ademi, Kamaria Ousley, Denise Jackson
They sound great together. Nice harmonies, know the lyrics. All move on to the next round.

Raisin' Cain- Morgan Leigh Boberg, Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard, and ? 
They are very southern country and Nicki is talking like she is from Georgia or Mars or somewhere. 
All 4 advance.

Almost Famous- Savanah Votion, Lizz Weiss, Daysia Hall, J'Leigh Chauvin
"Somebody That I Used To Know"  or at least that was what they were trying to sing. YUCK!! No lyrics  No harmony.  What? No way!!! Why is Daysia advancing? She was as bad as the others.

The Dramatics- Cristabel Clack, Kriss Mincey, Janel Stinney, Onya (?)
Lots of pre-performance drama with Janel not feeling like she fits in. Poor baby. 
"If I Die Young" used to be such a good song, until this group got a hold of it.  Wait. the judges have lost their minds and all 4 advance. Randy, DAWG, where are you? The kids are going crazy.

Time for a montage of disasters.
A few "shining stars" prevail in the dismal performances. Shuhba Vedula, Sarin-Joi Crowe, Aubrey Cleland all advance to the next round.

Urban Hue- Tenna Torres, Kiara Lanier, Jett Hermano, Seretha Guinn
"American Boy" YUCK X4
Nicki -"That was pain-ful. What was that? Not a good song for you guys." Seretha is sent packing but the other three advance, somehow. 


The PooSnaps- Erin Christine, Zoanette Johnson, Lauren Bettes, Isabelle
Zoanette was freaking out over the song choice until Michael Orland set her straight. 
"Knock on Wood", the Motown version is presented to the judges.It is weird and Lauren is sent home.

Handsome Women- Courtney Calle, Shira Gavrielov, Liz Bills, Alisha Dixon
Group struggled with song. Liz had a melt-down and was missing from the group when they wanted to practice. The performance is a train wreck. Liz is the only one singing in the key the band is playing in. Liz is the only one advancing. Shira is not happy with this decision and challenges the judges. Randy tells her she couldn't sing today, and he is absolutely correct.

For You- Stephanie Schimel, Alex Delaney, Kallie Therinae, Holly Miller
They decided to change their song two hours before their performance. "Somebody That I Used To Know" needs to be retired from the Idol playlist now, because it has been butchered all it can be. Train Wreck would be a compliment for this mess. Holly and Stephanie advance to next round. What?

The Dolly Chicks- Brandy Neelly, Brittnee Kellogg, Kree Harrison, Haley Davis
Haley doesn't feel good and heads to bed at 2:30 while the others stay up all night. Haley is reading the lyrics from her arm as she is singing. Nicki outs Haley on disrespecting the judges by not knowing her lyrics. Haley, Cree, and Brittnee advance. Brandy Neelly is the classy chick of the night saying "When it's your time, it will come together." 

The Misfits- Kez Ban, Janel Arthur, Breanna Steer, Angela Miller
Kez didn't get along with her group. Kez left practice to get food and they headed to bed. When Kez wasn't ready to go to the venue, the group left without her. Despite all their struggles, they are really good. Everyone knows their parts and they sound great together. All 4 are advancing and Kez skips off the stage.

The next show we get the girls solo performances with the Idol band. Ryan says "one singer stuns with a break-out performance. (They show Angela Miller at the piano and the judges giving a standing "O" but we will see if this is true or creative editing.) 

Next show the TOP 20 girls and the TOP 20 guys are revealed. 

I'm not too sure about favorites on the girls yet. There were too many new faces with too little voice time.  

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