Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Idol 12: Semi-Finals: Vegas, Guys #2

Ryan reminds us that this is "Sudden Death" and 5 guys will be going home at the end of the show.

Paul Jolley- Song: Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry"  Not bad for the first one up. He sounds a little tired or nervous.  Keith - is honored that Paul has chosen to sing his song. Nicki- says that his voice sounds stressed. Randy applauds the possibilities of crossing genres with country. Mariah - says he started out very intimate and grew.

Johnny Keyser- Song: "I Won't Give Up" Nice job. No vocal gymnastics but good. Keith- that was good, but you sounded a little nervous. Nicki- I didn't see nerves. It wasn't your greatest vocals but you were sexy. Randy- Just an ok performance. Mariah- I love your commitment to music.

JDA- This guy makes Adam Lambert look normal.
Song: "Rumor Has It"  This is a very strange performance, in my book. Not my cup of tea. Keith- I applaud your originality, but your movements were too scripted for me. Nicki- "Work it girl." Your vocal wasn't good today. Randy- The vocals were off because of the performance. Mariah- I thought you were confident.

Kevin Harris- 28- Montgomery, Alabama (first time we've been introduced to him)
Song: "Everything I do, I Do It For You" His voice is pretty high. He seems to be a little off from the backup singers. No that good. Keith- I love that song- It was good for you. Nicki- Great song for you . I loved everything you did. Randy- I was bored. I didn't love it. Mariah- I love that song, but I wish you had done something else.

Chris Watson- 25- Delaware- (A little more bio than we have had before.)
Song: "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay"  Chris' outfit has been bedazzled including his head wrap/scarf. He is bouncing around a lot and it is affecting his vocals. Flat at the end. Keith- Your voice was not the best. This was not the song for you. Nicki- You are the prettiest man I have ever seen in my life. That was not the best song, but I love you.  Randy- I love you and your look, but not the song. I was bored.  Mariah- I was surprised by the song choice. Not your best vocals.

Devin Velez- 18- Chicago- high school student
Song: "Listen"  Sounds kind of too low at the beginning but I really have never heard this song before. Singing part in Spanish, that will get him Brownie Points with the judges. Keith- You made a connection with me with those vocals. Nicki- Good plan to sing in Spanish. Randy- I thought it was amazing.(Really Randy?) Mariah- Don't over judge yourself. Nice job singing in Spanish.

Elijah Liu- background- half Chinese, half Mexican. OK
Song: "Talking To The Moon"  He sounds nervous. Very high voice. I personally don't like it. Keith- Perfect song choice, but not great vocals. You have a pop star look though. Nicki- "I don't care about that song, I want to have your baby." Randy- I love you, but that was not a great vocal. Mariah- I thought you had a couple of great moments.

Charlie Askew- Charlie tells us he got fashion advice from JDA and bought at a Hollywood vintage shop.
Song: :"Rocket Man"  And we thought Elton was theatrical. Charlie was shaking but for some odd reason, I loved it. Charlie has been unleashed on the world. Keith- "It's like Freddy Mercury had a love child out of Woodstock" I loved your originality. Nicki- The most interesting song choice of the night.  Randy- "I don't know what's going on right now." Mariah- I love the song choice. You've had better vocals, but this was fantastic.

Jimmy Smith- Still smiling. Looks like a country star.
"Raining on Sunday" Another Keith song. this guy is country through and through. He is ok but the song just doesn't have any big "wow" moments. Keith- It's hard to critique someone singing your song. Good job. Nicki- Good vocals, but kind of boring. Randy- Not great tonight, boring.  Mariah- Not the best vocals, but there's still something about you that America will see.

Curtis Finch Jr- He is from a gospel singing family
Song: "Don't You Remember"  Sounds like he is over singing the beginning to me. He has some strange gestures and facial expressions that are distracting to me.  Keith- Preach on Brother Curtis. I feel thoroughly cleansed of my sins. Well maybe not thoroughly. It was really beautiful but some parts were over performed. Nicki- You raise the bar every time. Nice to hear your lower register. Randy- You can sing anything, but keep it younger. Mariah- You always move me to tears, but relax a little.

My picks to move on: Curtis (although I don't like him, the judges do), Charlie, Johnny  (I really don't have a clue besides Curtis. Several were boring. All had some big flaw.

Curtis- Going On
Jimmy- Home
Kevin- Home
Elijah- Going On
JDA- Home
Paul- Going On (Jimmy Iovine saved him)
Chris- Home
Charlie- Going On
Johnny- Home
Devin- Going On

I can't say I agree with this outcome.  I would have kept Johnny and said good bye to Elijah or Paul, but no one asked me.

See y'all next week.

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